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April 13, 2005


It's not just you; it really is talking.

(Thanks to John Pike)


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"We hope that the project won't be seen as another authoritative figure preaching the rights and wrongs of social drinking and party-going, but rather to engage the party population from their perspective on how to handle a night of partying"

Really - We're not trying to be Big Brother. Really

Isn't the Amityville Horror based on a story like this one?

"Dude, I just tp'd Homie!!"

Mmmm, Duff. Can't get enough of that wunnerful stuff!

I'm afraid I can't let you drink that, Dave.

You've been very very naughty!

*to classmate* "Yo, homie, pass me a Bud, would ya?"
"This is Homie. Should you be drinking that?"
"ARGGHHHHH! Damn, the voices are back!"
Classmate: "See, dude, I told you! How many have you had?"
"Just six or seven, dude."
"This is Homie. Leave the keys on the kitchen counter, I'm dialing 911."
"EEAAWWWARRRGHH!!! Run, dude, run!"

Homie talks?

And isn't that going to make guys drink more?

If your booze-mates think you are mental
Because Homie's a touch tempermental
Trash him to applause ,it
might cost your deposit
But screw it, Homie's a rental!

Yo, those hip-hopin' academics at UM are really down wit' the youth of today, yo...

Like Art Linkletter warning 60's teens about hippies & drugs.

Homie...good Lord.

It'll take all of 5 minutes before some drunk frat boy decides to make out with it.

*crashes car into Homie*

*has another beer*

Now that deserves an Ann Arbor Mist.

Hey Dude, lets get lit and go mess with Homie!

(Would have been my line of thinking at FSU)

Homie don't play dat!

we have one of those here at the college of charleston, only we like to call it a drunk guy sitting in a port-a-pottie, not homie.

Homie: Sam, I couldn't help but notice that you're drinking your seventh Budweiser? You know, I recall the time when 2711 DeanMartin Avenue and I were knocking back a few Rathskellars..... and smoking rock... We dropped the crackpipe and set outselves on fire.... Not a good time dude!

Sam: STFU!

Elle: LOL!!

who wants to talk to a house, and not just any house...a house with emotional baggage

I'm sure the basement's safe.

The basement is always safe.

*goes to check*

In Ann Arbor?

Dude, I am so going over to see that.

I'll have to remember to wear my OSU Buckeyes gear though.

It'll help me fit in...........won't it?

And then Version 2.1 vaporizes drunken frat boys and stuck up sorority sisters with a fifty megaton lazer.

In a totally nonjudgementall way.

*jumps on Graz*
*smothers him with a hug*

what?...it's um, an ancient Asian way greeting a hot...an old friend

"yes, it's latin."
"oh. I knew that."

Hoo, boy....a Bangi hug!

How is the sizzling Bangi doin'?

Man, did you see that man?
The walls and the windows were moving.
Then the mirror tried to TALK to me.
I'm scared man.


*whispers to Graz*

she's still smokin.

Oh, wait that could just be my Hoky Poky. ;)

*picks up Graz, dusts him off*
jus fine :)
how u doin?
staying long?
*ties Graz to blog*


When I'm drunk, the house doesn't talk to me at all. It spins around, though, in an annoying way.

That reminds me, i need to get a beer.

Robert's inner voice : I TOLD u not to stay out thr in the snow, drinking! and on the longest winter of the year...

*gets hit by a sock full of nickels*

Also, 2 things seemed unclear to me.
1) Where do they put homie?
2) Can homie see you?



I'm staying as long as I can........I'm werking.....

No, really...I am.......

Homie: Hey Nick, what are you doing with that skull?
Nick: Huh, huh-huh-huh.
Homie: Nick, weed is bad for you.
Uh...Nick...ya just lost an eyeball, pal.


Next thing they will come up with a Homie to prevent wild, careless sex in campus!...what's the world coming to???...FASCISTS!


Como esta?

Donde estaba??

I've missed you!

Graz: We have been teaching them up north how to play football for years, now it seems that we have to teach them how to party, too.

Road trip!

Absolutely, mud........

And since I live and work right outside of Ann Arbor...It's great fun razzing these MSU fans.......especially after the National Championship......

Last thought on this.......stupid Bo Schembechler.......

A talking house riding the vomit comet after a night of binge drinking? The mind bends high and to the right...

And I so do not want to hear all about Homie's experience with roofies and date rape. Somethings are better left unsaid.

Anyhow, I know they're well meaning and all - but by day 6 I expect the undergrads running Homie are going to be deep in their own cups just to keep up with the surreality of being a talking house with a drinking problem.

"House Confessions: Vinyl Tidings Bring Good Sidings," featuring Homie the Talking House...

Shouldn't it be "Vinyl Sidings Bring Good Tidings? Or was this written during a big j-school party?

Of course, here at The Ohio State University, the student newspaper has pretty much dispensed with commas and other traditional punctuation. I guess it just slows down the readers. Or is an instrument of opression.

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