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April 14, 2005


That is all, but here is a hilarious line to lessen the aggravation.

(Thanks to many people, including Ol' Chumbucket [talklikeapirate.com] and originally, Justin Barber)


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Nice eye patch?

I meant, Nice eye patch. First?

His opponent, Will Quick, sounds like a pirate, too.

It's good to know that my four year old cousin, who goes around closing one eye and standing on one leg saying 'Arrrr I'm a pirate!' has a bright future.

Apparantly the campaign was over Will Quick, too.


And I sound like Elmer Fudd when I say Will Quick aloud. My coworkers are not amused.

ha. mine werent either lou. too bad. i'm still giggling. but like a pirate.

Whil Piavis = I Whip Vials.

He'll get elected, for sure.

My coworkers are used to the occassional ARRRRR emitted from my cube, er I mean ship - me pirate ship.

I never thought to wear me mop (for swabbing the deck) on my head. Matey there has an idea.

"We're glad you won and all, Captain, but why is it always Shiver me timber day?"

"Arrrrr. Shut up and shiver me timber, lassie!"

A true pirate would have raped and pilaged, then commandeered the SGA, then taken off with the bountiful booty.

Finally, someone who will bring honesty, integrity and scurvy back into politics.

"deck swabbing" = "snag webb dick"

I don't know why I said that.

me neither, but anything u say is fine with me.
i was in a mudstuffin poem...


I recommend he moves to RI and attends Brown University. He can be captain of ARRR!!!

At last, a politician who can be trusted to embezzle with Style.


Or how about U ARRRRRRR! I?

He's very cute too - don't you think so, judi?

*adds picture to Hunk folder*

Jenny from the Hub,

My guess is ARRR!!! (Brown University Pirates) could easily commandeer U Arrrr! I's sailing team. But, that's just a guess; I'm not actually from RI.

Pirate update.

I don't even think U ARRRRR I has a sailing team, but the name seemed appropriate.

*can't think of anything that would work with Massachusetts.*

Yarg! I hear ye have tasty soup up North. Go fetch me a swig of Clam ChowdARRRRR! Smartly, me lass!

* Carrying mug of chowdarrrrrrr to Lou *

Thank you for dining at Chowdarrrrr Wench. Would you like some Scurvy Snackers on the side with that?

It's a wig!
A real pirate DOES NOT WEAR A WIG!

The student's code (or 'guidelines'):

Freshman (henceforward known as 'swabbies') will
first see the registrarrrrr, then take their doubloons to the bursarrrr.

Sophomores(a/k/a 'midshipmen') will first see their arrrrR. A. before leaving their dorm rooms (or cabins)

Juniors and Seniors ( 'cutthroats', 'buccaneers') will take special seminarrrrrs on how to talk like a pirate.

Poxy lily-livered scab lickers ('faculty') shall make themselves scarce after sundown, or they'll be next month's cafeteria chili !

Ok, I withdraw that and amend my comment to state that: real DUDE pirates DO NOT WEAR WIGS. Lady pirates such as the ones mark linked to are HOT and can wear what they want or nothing.

"He even has a platform or "plank." It includes "expanding the bus lines to haul thar peopled cargo to and fro from ACC bouts at the yonder RBC Center." Also, "holding meetin's open to all yae landlubbers."
Living in the Raleigh Area, I have followed this story on the news. I think he should maintain his pirate personna, and run for national office asap.

A quick willie and a pirate: guess whoich one got all the chick votes?

A quick willie and a pirate: guess which one got all the chick votes?

Will Quick. Lock Whiteside. Will Longley. Whil Piavis.
Reads more like the cast of Robin Hood than Treasure Island.

ChowderrrrWench Special of the Day:
A big cod piece with crabs on the side...

Dave could be in trouble in '08 if this guy makes a bid for the Presidency. The only way to counter it is if Dave runs with Ol' Chumbucket for VP. ARRRRRR!

Yarg! Much thanks and a shiney gold coin to ya Jenny from the Hub.

Scupper me Timbers ... arrr ... Swash me Neeners ... arr ...

I like the Auburn (wysi)wyg ... but I did not know (not knot no) that Auburn had a sailing team ... would I hafta move to Alabama?

Arrrrrr ... what a Tiger!

I know this is old news, but I go to NCSU and we did elect The Pirate Captain. The other guy's campaign turned into "I hate Pirates" and he was also involved in stealing ticket vouchers from the student body, which turned a lot of students off to him. Arrr! Go TPC!

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