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March 17, 2005


The LepreCam!


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drinking so early in the day?

drinking so early in the day?

I think I am drinking, sorry for the double post!

I saw my spirit animal!

Unfortunately, it's a slug.

Leper cam? Why would I want to see that?


i think my spirit animal is a liger

It's a long way to Tipperary ...


(using her new found italicizing skillz ... it's gonna be a good day)

a leopard cam? sounds exciting !

Tis' a foine thing it tis'! Top o' the mornin' to ye! Faith and begorrah! Moove along now, nothing to see here . . .

O.E. Top of the morning to you!

Hey -ins 'o' mniac - how about a St. Pats limerick - this is the perfect thread for it!

I asked an Irish friend what she missed about Ireland, and she told me "Oh, I miss the craic most." (She had to 'splain that one to me . . . )

an' a good mornin' to you ms. el! how are ya this glorious day?

i second that request for the st. paddy's day limerick!

I used to live near West Hollywood.. the local Starbucks has a webcam inside where you can watch the west coast fairies gather every morning.

You have to watch out, if you blink you will miss him . . .

You have to watch out, if you blink you will miss him . . .

There once was a man in a canoe
Whose ate pu#$y all day til through
one day after smoking a bowl
he ate the wrong hole
and choked on a mouth full of poo:}

Always better than the LeperCam.



Pee Jay ...

Limer - ICK!

After bugging the old trees of Erin
It's sure that the wee folk we're scarin'
So if you happen upon
A shy leprechaun
Spend time with your web-cam preparin'

I ordered up the Fish n Chips
But first,the Guiness must touch my lips
I couldn't help standing up to shout
Damn this is some mighty stout stout!
To my surprise, the waitress showed me her Nips

Or an even worse Haiku

A ton of Green beer
Drank by the pints until two
Makes one green his shoes

*applauds wildly for all rhymes*

Keep it up, both of you - so to speak!


what? what did i do????

me too :(

Stepped right up to the Bar
Grabbed a pint, put my tip in the jar
Slammed that mother back
In doing so my face bumped into Jack
And to prove it, I can show you the scar

or how's about

As to how many I'd drank, let's say ten
On the stool to my right was Sean Penn
stories I was told
of pots full of gold
guarded by green little men

What's going on? I was able to access the site earlier, now I'm forbidden.

Sly- I always think of you as the Forbidden Fruit. ;)

All I see is a grey box showing Irish time. Perhaps it's too dark already?

(munching on leftover Nach-O's)

judi, slyeyes, and kim... me too. :(

I want to see the LepreCam! *pouts*

I'm forbidden now too - but I saw it earlier!


But it was just a valley - no leprechans were visible -

I'm forbidden now too - but I saw it earlier!


But it was just a valley - no leprechans were visible -

*zips iin*

*double neener*



*zips out*

Okay, judi, slyeyes, kim, witchie O'Coo, neo'phyte and all those who did not get to see the Leper-Cam, here is what you've been missing.

Oops, wrong one. Now it's fixed.

Thanks Christobol :)

Actually the first major St. Patricks Day event took place in New York City, following the Civil War. The Irish had been starved out of their homeland, 'served' (conscripted) in the Union Army, and to top it off were severely discriminated against in eastern cities where they settled. They reached a point where they were fed up with unemployment, hostility and gang warfare, and decided to show just how many Sons and Daughters of Eire were present. St. Patrick's Day was chosen for this display of unity, and thousands of Irish marched through New York City. After that people didn't screw with them as much, and the parade was so much fun they decided to have it every year.

O'Oh O'what O'did O'I O'do O'to O'be O'forbidden?

An Irishman name of O'Shaunessy
Tried to capture a Leprechaun as he
Ogled the lasses
When they filled his beer glasses
And jiggled those ramparts you wanna see.

Come, listen, I'll tell you of Corrigan
Who traveld wide and far even more again -
He'd talk the wrong way
All night and all day
In every place that he'd tour again.

I'll tell you of Mr. Pat Boyle.
I married his eldest, the goil --
She cooks up a storm
and keeps my bed warm
and treats me as if I was Royal.

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