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March 14, 2005


You'll have plenty of time for shooting the sheep.

(Thanks to cydstep)


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ooh! 1st??

ooh! 1st??

ooh! 1st??

Oh my. My over-zealousness got the better of me--apologies for the double (triple?) posts.

now, what is this story about?

I am fated to be a Bobbing Bobcat - six times in a row. Baaaaaad.

Yay Kim! You did it!!!

3 times.

Too much sheep clicking?

We are missing the news:
A baby buggy was pushed from its curbside spot. A large truck driver named Lorry was driving and pushing the buggy. "The schoolboy saw what was happening and gesticulated wildly at the lorry until the driver stopped about 100 metres down the road, where the pram crashed to the floor."

yes. we've all gesticulate wildly.

Fated to be an amblin' armadillo. Ohhh, the shame of it all.

WOW, she was FIRST! three times. Isn't that a record or something?

YESSS!! Made it to Rocketing Rabbit. 'Nuf productivity for one day -- I'm goin' home. (I gotta get a life.)

I want one of those tranquilizer darts.

judi, is "shooting the sheep" a euphemism for "slapping the salami" by any chance?

Or perhaps "having a bit of a Wilsford"?

Hmm, "shooting the sheep" and "slapping the salami"... Depends which end of the robot snake you wanna be, I guess.

Oh, I thought it was a play on "shooting the sh!t," illustrating how 24 is a waste of time.

Geez, the one time I get my mind outta the gutter...

I too thought of "shake the snake" or "frisk the frank" maybe even "pull the pundit" or "yank the yam" but not "whack the weasel" or "wring the wren".

definitely not.

It took an hour, but I made it up to "Drunken Dungbeetle"

It's there. You just have to scroll down a little.

I'm a bobbing Bobcat and do not aspire to be anything more ...

Except, you know, maybe someone with more of a life then sitting here aimlessly hitting those running sheep with darts and wondering why I hate life.

And maybe "shooping the sheep" is like "twidle your thumbs" or am I being WAY too Cliche?

alex: yeah.

Made Bobcat

armadillo. after only 5 cups of coffee. i must be doing something wrong.

wow. is the carpet for prayers after the shooting is done?

Yikes, and yuck. I feel for that guy and concur that violence against gays is a hate crime.


hello. Is this thing on?

Let me try this.

Made it to rabbit... 0.1748!

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