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March 20, 2005


Today I am in (Why not?) Rochester, N.Y. One of the major attractions here -- I am not making this up -- is Wegmans, which is a supermarket. One of the first things I was told when I got here is that when Cher came to Rochester, she visited Wegmans. Apparently this is true.


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First, thanks Dave!

Which just proves that Cher will sing anywhere... your living room, Wegman's produce department, you name it.

Hahaha! First Wegmans now Dave Barry... what's next for Rochester? Do you know what I'm thinking Pinky?

(Cher left out intentionally)

Well, if Cher went there, it must be really, really good.

Or not.

It probably is, though.

Seriously, I went to a Wegmans that my cousin works at, and there was a Chinese food buffet there. I ate some of the Chinese food, and the next day I was seriously sick. So, really, if you go to Wegmans, DO NOT try the Chinese food.

Sounds as if Wegman's is a decent place for stock clerks and teenagers to work, unlike most other places in the country ...

sorry, this is not funny ... but it is refreshing to learn that some employers care about their staffs ...

I had awful, awful heartburn after the Chinese food buffet at Wegmans. But probably because I ate too much.

Wegmans is a nightmare. So many people flock there that they have people directing traffic in the parking lot... which we found does not actually have an exit.

The quick dinner is the only good reason to go there, if you can stomach the buffet. Otherwise, their groceries are expensive.

Not to sound snide, honestly Leetie, but it only makes business sense to expect that if they pay their employees a decent recompense, then their operating costs are higher, and their inventory will need to have a higher price ...

Sounds mebbe like it could (possibly) be better working at Wegman's than at Waldo's ... I guess if I knew this to be the case, I might shop there too, but they don't have any stores where I am ...

Besides which, any grocery store/deli food I've tried ranks only slightly higher on the food chain than your average gut-bomb burger doodle ...

I think so Brain but where are we going to find an open tattoo parlor at this time of night?

i heard they were great. what do i know - we dont have rhem here in albany - hey, did you fly right over my house?

U.O.: My cousin really enjoys working at Wegmans. It seems like a good place to work, according to her. I just advise everyone to stay away from the Chinese food.

that should have been "them" .... i gotta find my glasses.


I used to live in Ithaca, N.Y., a place not too far from idyllic Rochester. One of the major attractions there, at least in winter, was the Wegmans. I know of people who went on DATES to Wegmans for lack of something else to do, mostly because they were under the drinking age. The subs are delicious, as is the organic mac-n-cheese.

It's Rochester. There's 6 feet of snow on the ground for at least half the year. What else is there to do? Most of us can't subsist entirely on alcohol and the local bar scene. Altho quite a number of us have tried.

*happy dance cause I'm going to see Dave in ohhhh.. 2 hours*

*packs pirate hat and eye patch and Starcatchers that I will get signed into purse and prepares to stalk His Royal Daveness*

*sinks into shadows behind snowbank*

Wolfie, my personal hitmen will be at your house soon. All who meet the Daveness shall feel my wrath, because I know I'll probably never meet him.

*enters self-pity zone*

I have felt the same since the book came out Sam. But at long last, His Daveness (Humor upon his sacred person) has broken his snubbing of upstate NY.
Now I just have to hope I don't burst into flames when I try and step foot inside a temple.

Gee Dave, this is an odd time to be in Rochester. Most Rochesterians are in Florida watching spring training baseball.

Yes, but how would a lowly 15 yr old in Lancaster, PA come in contact with him?

*shrugs* dunno for sure Sam. I had to wait till a temple wanted him as a fund raiser. And considering the price of these tickets, they are making a freeking fortune on it.

What the heck is a DEMI glace, anyway?

It's a sauce.. the essence basically of some flavor cooked down to be veryyy strong.. if ya cook down like beef stock for a million hours you are left with a demi glace. a reduced sauce to intensify its flavor.

Re Wegman's: Years ago they sold a cola product called President's Choice which was so good it scared the pants off executives at a giant global soft drink company. I had to read much material on the subject, almost all of which I've forgotten, but I do recall being impressed with Wegman's and the President's Choice label. Secretly, I was rooting for them. I must go dark now.

Wolfie, thanks. Being a vegetarian I can see why I did not know this.

Sounds as if Wegmans might be an okay place to shop ... decent subs are not always easy to find ...

Doubt that I'll ever see one tho ... unless flying @ 36,000 feet counts ... don't s'pose they'd wanna stop and let me pick up a couple of supplements to airline food, would'ja?

Speaking of which, it's interesting to notice that once the "toasted" version @ Quizno's (TM) took off, now Subway (TM) and some of them others are jumping on the meat wagon ... offering "toasted" their ownselfs ...

Goes to show ya ... if you've got people imitating your (marketable entity) ... you must be doing something right ...

Yes, u.o. it does make sense for them to charge more in order to pay their employees well. I wasn't trying to start a stir... I just don't like paying more to go to a place where I have to fight-off crowds to get the same stuff I get elsewhere. The food court is what sets the store apart from others.

Leetie --

Wasn't trineta criticize, just observing ...

Yeah, I agree with your thots on the crowds ... that's what bugs me about Waldo's out here in SoCal ... they've got 24 checkouts, and even if the carts are 17 deep at every one, they only have about nine of them working ... no matter what time of day, they've always got long checkout lines ... I've noticed this quite regularly in SoCal, and to a lesser extent in AZ and NM ... back home in Nodak/Sodak, the managers have been trained to open more checkout lines when there are more customers ... and it shows

HOWever, with the recent pecadilloes of Waldo & Company in the news, mebbe it's also understandable why they can't get enuf people who want to work there, so that they CAN open more checkouts ...

Food court sounds good ... sorry I'll most likely never see one ...

And yes, if you can shop more pleasantly and get lower prices at the same time, by all means do so, with my blessing ...

"Go child Leetie, and spend."

how cozy!!

Just saw Dave Barry here in Rochester. Hilariously funny, of course. He invited the entire audience (1000+ people) to go with him to Wegmans after the talk.

Wegman's is the best supermarket I've ever been in in my entire life, and I swear I don't work for them.

We used to live by Wilkes-Barre PA and they had a Wegman's there and it was unbelievable. It was like a little town inside a big building with all these different food vendors. They also had their own name brands which were just as good as the expensive kinds.

Sometimes we ate there at the buffet on Saturday night and it wasn't bad. They had a player piano that played in the background, which gave it some atmosphere. Never got sick on the Chinese as far as I can remember.

I want a Wegman's in my new town!

I was game to go Kathryn.. but everyone wanting stuff signed.. he will be at the temple all night. I figure if I show up tomorrow around 6, he will just be getting to Wegies
Might have helped if I hadnt stood in the line.. or possibly tripped and trampled all those others to get to the head of it. But he made me laugh sooo hard I couldn't wait in that long of a line without exploding.

Dave play by play:

Entered room with grace and charm
Engaging smile :)
Firm handshake (softhands)
Great smile
Friendly and down to earth - looks you in the eye
Not distracted
Signed book
Allowed photo
Funny Talk!
Jewbans? (Life is stranger than fiction)
Told the whale story - TOTAL CLASSIC -
Oh, did I mention he has a great smile?
Very sincere and looks like he's about 35 in person.

And I'm not making that up... really way cooler than even I expected.

Morgana -

Very sincere and looks like he's about 35 in person.

It's gotta be all that clean living, right?

If so, then, what happened to me?

still in a blue funk snit of frustration at not being in Rochester ...

Uh er,

maybe Dave will give you a referral to his plastic surgeon?

Just Kidding, I think it's spelled sturgeon...

Uncle Omar,

at least you're in the same country as his Daveness, I live in Australia... where He will probably never show up... But Bill Bryson did, so who knows...

Dave, if you read this, Oz is calling....


Morgana - LOL @ the Plastic Sturgeon ...

gotta go SBSA is on and I'm missing all the ... er ... fish pictures ...


Australia and all things Australian seem a perfect match for Dave. I've never met an Aussie who wasn't a hoot. Never pull any punches. Sorry for the positive stereotype but there seems to be a common thread of intelligence, humor, hardwork and loyal camraderie.

Sam G. There were a lot of kids your age at Dave's party tonight. Have you ever seen the whale story and the video? Highly recommended.

UO - With age comes beauty...

Of course, it's all about Wegmans... that's the only thing still open and operating in Rochester. If you're gonna visit New York, at least visit the non-dead parts. :)

Wegmans is wonderful. Great food (including the Chinese buffet). Great selections and wonderful service. The prices are competitive, too, for what you get. If your idea of haute cuisine is buying instant macaroni and cheese that comes with a little can of cheese, you probably won't be impressed (although they probably have that, too - it's a huge store). For us "foodies", it's a Mecca. They just expanded to here in the DC area in the last 2 years, and we are all members of the cult now. I gladly drive by at least 10 Safeways and Giants (and a Harris Teeter) to get there.

Never mind Cher, can this woman sing? Never mind, doesn't really matter . . .

I wish I would have known Dave was coming to Rochester. I am in Ithaca, NY and I was up toward Rochester YESTERDAY! I would have so been there. Wegmans is the shit! I was there two days ago and I had the chinese food but it was pretty good. Tasted a little on the funny side however. Anyway, Wegmans subs RULE!

Not true that Wegmans is the only thing still operating in Rochester and that the area is "dead."

Yes, like many other parts of the country, this entire region of the state has had challenging economic times. However, anyone who visits here will tell you that there's a lot of vitality in this community: economically with new industries taking root (biotech, etc.), culturally, the Finger Lakes and wineries, sports, and so on.

Doesn't it demonstrate some degree of vibrancy to have 1000+ people show up for a sold out appearance by Dave Barry on a Sunday night?

Doesn't it say something that the NY Times travel department did a "36 hours in Rochester" feature just last year. The purpose of those pieces is to demonstrate what about a particular area is worth visiting. They didn't have to dig very deep to find cool stuff in Rochester, even beyond Wegmans.

Yeah, but it probably helped that they spent the first 12 hours in Wegmans.

Dave Barry NOW reduced to personal apperances at supermarkets, and it isn't even their GRAND OPENING. Sad, truly, truly sad!

The Wegman's attractive powers are very real.

We have two (2!) in my area and it is the first place to take friends and relatives when they visit (forget about the Washington Monument and National Archives). The event is then recalled during family gatherings such as Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas morning to make those who were not present feel as left-out as possible.

When we were kids, I had a cousin that lived in Rochester. His dad raised beagles. My cousin used to eat the dog food. good times. The beagle lots weren't as crowded as Wegman's seems to be.

They were lost in the produce section Marvin. :-P
I mean, it's kinda sad to get excited about the store (since I have personal objections to it driving out indy shops anywhere near it) but it is cool to be able to buy fresh mangoes in the middle of winter. Yes, it's sad that fresh produce can get me all excited during the 27 months per year of winter here.
Wegmans aside, I'd still rather be elsewhere. Without snow.

heh heh, I'm only 20 minutes away from wolfie and her mangoes! I could use a healthy pick-me-up as well.

*drinks soda and eats Homemade Christmas Cookies*

*waves pumpkin chocolate chip cookie in Marvins general direction*
Hey.. pumpkin is healthy right?

Since moving to Colorado from the Great White North of Central New York (Syracuse, specifically) about 6 years ago, I have missed Wegmans incredibly. Danny (Wegman) has managed to build a huge chain, yet keep that friendly, let-me-be-your-neighbor feeling. The addition a few years ago of the food court extravaganza was genius. I often slip and refer not the "grocery store" but to "Wegmans", whereupon I get puzzled looks or rolling eyes from those that have heard me trip on that Freudian slip before.
If there was ever a gocery to be excited about, it is Wegmans. They would certainly give stores out here a run for their money.

You slip Freudianally, Allicat? So does that mean you want to seduce your mother in a Wegmans (as opposed to a 'grocery store')?

I went to a Wegman's on Saturday, and didn't feel nearly as much love as you people are expressing towards it. But I really feel like going there again, for lovi...erm, grocery purchases.

I, too, live in Rochester (apprently under a rock, since I wasn't even aware that his Daveness was here). Wegman's rocks and that's all there is to it. A great place to shop and to work, by all accounts.

(As an example, I e-mailed them about the fact that they didn't participate in the Upromise college savings plan and received a response intially explaining why they didn;t and then received another e-mail nearly *7 months* later advising that they'd decided to participate after all, due to the number of complaints that they'd received. Talk about customer service! I couldn't believe that they'd kept track of all the e-mail addresses and replied to all of us!)

And, Rochester's not all that bad. I actually chose to live here. But, then again, I hail from Syracuse. It's not hard to beat!

Hey, you can't beat Syracuse! We have the Orangeme...er, nevermind...Um, snow, wait, no you have that, too...Ha! The Dinosaur BBQ! Yes!

So do we Marvin. And I hear ours is nicer.

OMG, I cannot believe how much Wegmans has brainwashed people from Upstate NY! I grew up in Rochester and couldn't leave fast enough when I went to college in NJ and then moved to Philadelphia. My husband and I swear that the reason no one leaves Rochester is that Wegmans is spiking the food with Prozac. Why else would you put up with such miserable weather? When it isn't snowing, it is rainy or cloudy. Rochester is second only to Seattle in their lack of sunshine. Wegmans doesn't have a lock on good supermarkets by any means but you should hear my mother b*tch when she visits. Give me a break!

BTW, in Philly we call them hoagies, not subs and they are a darned site better than what passes up there for a sandwich (bites into her Philly Italian hoagie made on a real Amoroso's roll)Mmmmm!

Yo Webmom. My husband and I have been to Philly many-a-time. My best friend lives there. We just don't like it, although we can't put our finger on the exact reason for our dislike. But, hey, to each his/her own, right?

And, one reason I like Rochester is that my family is nearby (Syracuse), but not too close. And, there's a lot going on here, whatever your stage in life.

Rochester is a great place to raise a family. The school's are far better than the public schools in Philly and the surrounding suburbs, and you get waaaaay more for your money in terms of real estate. And I mean way more. For the price of our 4 bedroom, 2 full bath, 2 half bath home, with a finished walk out basement in Pittsford, we'd have been able to buy a 3 bedroom 1.5 bath home in West Chester--no updates--if we were lucky. 'Nuff said.

By the way, it's Syracuse that's the 2d cloudiest city in the US, not Rochester. Rochester fares slightly better in that department, although I wouldn't dare to brag about it!

Ahhhhh, Wegman's. I went to college in Rochacha and you must be made aware that not all Wegman's are created equal. There is a very distinct caste system ranging all the way from Ghetto-Wegs where even the beer (Genny Light) is sketchy to Mega-Wegs in Greece.

Be very careful where you shop! But if you're still there, look up Dibella's - the best sub shop I have ever been to.

Allicat, welcome to Colorado (six years late).

I'd like to say that Boulder-born Wild Oats is our closest shopping experience to this Wegman's I'm reading about. I'd like to, but it would be a lie -- Whole Foods actually beats the pants off of Wild Oats, sad to say. I try to forget that it's actually a Texas chain...

Really, wolfie? I forgot about that one! I thought it was just Syracuse and recently Harlem.
Yeah, now I remember my dad offering to take me to the Dinosaur in Rochester one of these days...
Darn, I guess that means Syracuse and Rochester aren't that different. But I don't live in Syracuse (close, but not quite) OR Rochester, so I don't care! Neener!

Hmmm... and here I was gonna offer to show you the one here.
I'll see your neener.. and raise you a neener!!

What? You'll see my neener? *covers neener*

I wouldn't mind getting a peek at your neeners, though. Erm...I mean...um.

So! Have you gone to the Dinosaur a lot? Have a favorite meal? Mine's the pulled pork Bar-B-San (w/cheese) platter with two potato sides (fries and/or mashed potatoes and/or cajun salt potatoes [Saturday's special]). Their Key Lime pie is awesome as well. Then again, there's not really anything about the Dino I don't like.

Nice neener in fact *giggles*
Big *ss pork platter with beans n mashed. Or mashed n cajun corn. Or pretty much anything they put in front of me actually.
How often am I there? ummm.. well, I manage to autograph a wall in the ladies every time they repaint. Do they do that at the other one too?
*makes note to check men's room.. haven't since last repainting*
And I haven't had the key lime pie. They used to make a kick *ss yummy tres leches cake.
Can stay for hours when the musics good. And the beer flows freely.
*flashes you my neeners*

I did see all of them but thank you for showin me um again. And the pic from channel 13 reallyyy could have been better. It was a still from the interview they did. I would have posted them, but my html link badge is... well.. tarnished to say the least. Also wasnt sure who would be interested.
And can anything about a neener really be too long?
*realizes how bad that sounds*
*hits post anyway n vanishes off to den for sleep* see you tomorrow Marvin
*tickles your diodes n pats a circuit or two*

Ever leave any witty comments, besides just signing? I've only signed it once, and they did repaint it at least once that I know of (don't know if that was before or after I wrote my line). I wasn't feeling very witty, but had to come up with something, so:
"Wit is for people who can't hit you"
I was drudging my brain for anything, because, of course, on the way there my dad was commenting on how witty I was and how I should write something funny on the wall.

I can't figure out why I'm using the word 'witty' so much now.

We've also got the Dinosaur Cookbook, which has not only recipes, but some of the better bathroom quips.

"Never play leapfrog with a unicorn"

*notices a one-minute-between-posts-gap trend*

Darn, if only I hadn't proofread, or italicized a word! Would have been nice, simulposting while talking about food and neeners and tarnished reputations.

Food! Food! Food!

Is that all you guys can talk about?


MKJ - I can tell from that pix of Mariah Carey that she's got a great pair of ... um ... vocal cords!

M/PA - I wonder why those pix of Dave din't show up with the stories?

It's hard to think of another wholesome topic to talk about at such lengths besides food, UO.

Unrelated side note: Whenever I read your name, "U.O." always appears to me like a winking face. The rightmost period throws it off a little, but still works.

*stops mentally inserting F into U.O.'s name*
Sorry U.O. I just can't help myself. Free word association always made my mind run amuck. Feel free to reprimand me as you see fit. It won't help any, but it might be fun.

Marvin ~ I think the most witty I ever got on the walls was a bad old joke about the difference between a hoover and a Harley rider. Did I mention the free flowing alcohol when I'm usually there? I know what I'm having for lunch. I can already smell it
Also, I think I might have passed out with pleasure had we simulposted. Or at least required a smoke.
And now.. off to *shudder* werk. Ick.


Is that better M/PA? (I'd put that little up-arrow atop the #6 key in for a nose, except I can't do that fancy stuff here in the blog ... Unless someone teaches me how ...

Wolfie - I've been called worse ... sometimes (long ago, in my much younger days) I even got called wurst ... U.O -- U.O

BTW -- I had nice chuckles from both your posts ... tnx

U.O. I'd add a chest bump, but that may not be terribly feminine.

I've never been there at night. Well, once when I was a wee lad and we just recently moved to the area. We spied an open table and sat down, ignoring the two dozen people waiting. From what I remember, we were calmly and politely informed that the people were not milling around for the fun of it. And we left. Not the best first impression (but the service is awesome, no matter what they are doing)

Calmy and politely huh? I'm impressed. Usually they go more for loud and embarassing. I got a lovely waitron unit of the female purrrrsuation in my lap once. I think she thought it would embarass me, but it didn't. I got her number for one of the guys who was with me tho.
You ought to try it some evenin. A slightly ermmm.. different atmosphere. Not scarey or anything.. just.. louder. Foods still good. And they do wings at night. *drools*

Well, from what I remember they were nice about it. Do remember Dad being a little miffed, but he hid it by saying he didn't want to eat there anyway (too loud & smokey). I was a bit claustrophobic and possibly ill as well. The memory's vague, but there.

Still loud. Not so smokey anymore. Come on up and make some new memories.
*realizes that sounds a wee bit pervie but hits post anyway*

It sounded more like the RyanHomes.com banner link at the top of the page...You wouldn't try to sell me real-estate, would you? Although I am looking for a nice out-of-the-way spot on the moon, preferably near a crater with little secondary ejecta
*realizes that sounds a little pervie but can't help it because that's the way geology terms trend*

*realizes the nerdity of the thoughts nulled out any possibility of innuendo contained within the text under scrutiny*

*Removes For Rent post-it(trade mark thingie I cant do) from forhead*
Ummm.. nope. no real estate here.
Spelunking.. that's kinda geology related and it's always sounded sorta pervie.
*Realizes she's just taken the whole wholesome food thread to a new low*
Ah well.

My superpower turned out to be Super-Perving. I can find innuendo (and occasionally outuendo) in almost anything.
My folks are so proud.

You don't have to look very hard when it comes to geology, wolfie. Case(s) in point:

streak, hardness, cleavage, luster, graben, horst, dike, megathrusts, sheet intrusions, kinks, overturned bedding, plunge

And I swear that they are all seriously real.

Megathrusts? I think I need to get into geology. I may have finally figured out what I want to study.
And you just so seriously enjoyed typing all those didn't you?
I'd ask how many you can fit into one, logical, if long and pervie sentence, but that might get us banned.

oo, that sounds exciting!

"Even Moh would have raised the hardness scale to 11* after seeing wolfie's exceptional plunge and prominent cleavage, but Marvin didn't go graben with luster like she was some kind of horst, and instead was complacent with having a streak of kinked dreams about the possible megathrusts with her that would result in overturned beddings, even though it resulted in waking up to sheet intrusions."

Muahaha! Any names similar to those persons living/dead are purely coincidental ;D

*Dork side note: Moh's Hardness Scale goes from 1-10, with 10 being the hardest as a Diamond.

*Bows to your superior pervie skills (at least for things geologic)*

horst? *snork*

I'm not sure I like being a coincidence tho.. hmmmm
Where you interested in graben?
I'd ask why you didn't try to traverse my cravasse and peek at my stalactites, but that wouldn't be ladylike.
*adjusts halo*

ah, nice return. I see I still have much to learn. Guess that means I should hit the books (code for 'going to sleep'). And I'm glad you said stalagtite and not stalagmite. And now that that sentence is out there, I'm thinking up even more relatable words...uplift, dunes*, mature, horn, wacke, chert, regression or transgression, batholith, gah! Who came up with these terms, anyway? Or is it just the ones who are interpreting them that are dirty?

*Dork side note: mature dunes are typically composed of quartz arenites. I don't know why, but 'quartz arenites' always sounded a little sexy (or something) to me.

It could be how you are interpreting them. But now I'm doing the same. Pleasant ummm... geode filled dreams Marvin. Crack um open and see if anything shiney is in um.

And I'm thinking mature dunes is probably better than just old ones. I'll take it as a compliment.

wolfie - most of the chests I like to bump are pretty much feminine ... that's why I like 'em ...

M/PA -- the rightmost period in U.O. is a "beauty mark" ... yah, right, the size of my nose!

wolfie - perv as related to food, just a quick list:
hot dog
hot dog/hamburger (punchline of old joke)
high-priced spread
whipped cream

mebbe this is part of the reason I enjoy the food threads so much? (Perv is in the eye of the beholder ... c'est moi!)

wolfie ... if you wanna, you can consider the chest bump a reprimand ...

("What kind of perv do you think I am?" he insinuated, twistedly.)

You left off a few like taco, cantalopes, melons, casabas (yeah I know thats 3 of the same thing but its early and I haven't had coffee yet)...
There is perving to be had in almost anything if one is in pervie state of mind.
*chest bump*
*falls on behind* Yip!
*remembers she remarkably uncoordinated a moment too late*
You said insinuated *giggles*

I'll leave the food bits to you.

Marvin ~ even the jello?

On a different vein ... Has anyone told you that you have a lovely back slope? I would offer perhaps a sampler head, but that might be taken wrong. Maybe if you climbed up on the rack frame, I could perform a series circuit firing. Maybe you need to do a radial drilling? Or possibly some work on your service shaft.

If I were more awake, I might figure out how to insert abutment load and balling formation into that, but then again, that may be going to far.
*giggles* I said insert

*Dork side note : Those are all geologic terms you pervs. Honest they are.

ah, wolfie, you make the bedrock! And you did such a gneiss job with all of that, too! I can't hold out any longer...Juan de Fuca*?

*Dork side note: YES! I've been waiting FOREVER to use that out of context. It's a tectonic plate in the Pacific Ocean, and is pronounced like the way I meant it, but with a little bit of an accent.

You do accents too?
Juan de Fuca? Oh yesssss.
Let me bare my macrodomes to your contact. But first, I should perform a hardness test. A manometer calibration may be required so that contact metamorphism can occur. Wouldn't want the tension to slide away before it can be hard soldered.. using a turbity current I think?

*dork note.. I'm really not this smart so altho I know all of those are geologic words, please don't ask for definitions.

Don't sweat it, wolfie. The test you should be able to pass easily, although you may have to stay up all night for it ((not just studying for it, either) and it may involve sweating). Some of it's oral, but most is hands on question and answer (ex: 'Can you do that again? Very good.')

I don't think that a turbidity current would work in this situation. But I transgress...
Hey wait a minute, are you trying to subduct me? I'm getting a feeling of magnetism and mental images of cross bedding on pillow basalts with your spreading seafloor, followed by intense differential stress (with rapid successions of compression [squeezing together] and tension [pulling], with maybe a little shear [slipping and twisting] stress thrown in on occassion) until we get some hydrothermal fluids flowing (and I am wont to bring in such terms as 'load discharge', as I feel bad enough about 'spreading seafloor' already). Intrusive or Extrusive eruptions are up to you ;)

I've always been excellent on oral exams. Altho most forms of testing usually make my heart pound and blood race.
*mops up puddle on floor* sorry.. accidentally spread some seawater on the floor.
Guess I'm not all the way housetrained after all. Oops.

Personally, I think we really ought to measure the atomic weight and volume of your manoscope. Particularly during its engorgement phase. I've been dying to get a peek at your virtual geometric pole. I have attempted once or twice to do a quadrant search, but was worried it might be an exploder and would cause a quaking b(l)og. Luckily, your energy level seems to be elastic. Would I be going overboard if i said you make my mantle rock? Should we kick back and have a quenching keg?

That sounds fine. Let's drink til we're eutrophic. I wonder, is this all leading up to a big bang? Let me know if I should bring my crack hammer.*

*D.S.N.: can you tell I'm running out of words? I may have to pull out my Big Book of Geology.

Umm.. was it your Big Book I've hand in my hands all this time?

*fans self* Is it getting warm in here or is it my fabric element?I seem to be reaching an optimum moisture content rather more quickly than I would have imagined. (sweating of course.. I don't want to get banned) Perhaps we should come to an oral agreement to locate an open hearth on which to achieve a blending of stratas? Your kinetic energy I must say is impressive. I do hope it isn't a one-shot exploder, or that you experience failure by rupture prematurely.

*Pervie dork side note... every one of those is real. Honestly.

And btw, even if you don't know what some of these words mean, I'm still having dorkgasms. My telescoping auger is ready to collect some soil samples, although I've also got my bailer handy in case the plumb bob sheat breaks...

oops! That should be sheath. I don't want to get banned, either!

If we are going to have an open hearth here, there should probably be some HAZMAT signs posted, so people know to wear the proper gear.
(Isn't wont to bring in those terms anymore) And if you think my kinetic energy is impressive, wait till you see me bed load. Though sometimes sheeted dikes create natural barriers, I find that by moving laterally to more permiable areas, discharge is possible so I can reach equilibrium (although oscillations are still possible after this state has been reached). Now don't get me wrong, I'm not just a wulfenite* with a pyrite basement complex**, although it is fun to be a playa (lake), I am also capable of extensive forearc and backarc processes, such as alluvial fan-ning, fielding notes, etc.

*any other time of day is OK as well
**read: butt 43+!$|-|

*lays out overthrust sheet*
Just in case the immersion objective fails and the magnetism of such induced cleavage cause an explosion someplace other than the orifice of passage. Which is, after all, the ideal site. But if that happens, I suppose I can always perform an in situ soil sample tests. Perhaps find the cause of the induction hardening.

And I've never given someone dorkgasms before.
*grins* That is sooo cool.
And I've been trying to fit 'knobbing' into one of these, but any way I try it sounds too bad and I'm sure I'll get banned for it. But really, it's a geologic term.
*shows Knight-Ridder geology dictionary* see?

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