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March 23, 2005


1. Why do you do this?

2. Are you aware that it's really disgusting?

3. Could you please stop?

Thank you.


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Please don't dip butts in the urinal as well...

some men are pigs, (not all men), but I guess that means some women are Miss Piggy



How do you know it's the men who do it? Oh, uh, nevermind . . .

it is a lesbian plot, some of whom suffer from severe penis envy


Dave, this still isn't as bad as female "hovering pee-ers"...I'm with Judi, they should all be shot!

Maybe they're swapping their gum for the big urinal mint....

Okay, that was disgusting and uncalled for. Sorry.

What about "hovering pee'ers"? wbagnfarb

People caught doing that ought to be sentenced to come back, pick out the gumwad, then pop it back into their mouths for a couple of chews. To make it more interesting, they have to wait one hour before they're allowed to retrieve their gumwad.

Then there's the whole penny thing....

You know, I always wondered why there was gum in the toilet after my dad was in the bathroom in the mornings when I was a kid. I couldn't figure out where it came from, because Dad never chewed gum.

I thought it was a man thing, maybe.

A few men are giant pigs!
I for one hate going into a restroom to use the urinal and have to stare at boogers placed on the wall by some idiot!
And how do they get excrement streaks on the walls of the stalls!
I work at a large company and I rather hold it and explode than go in some of the restrooms here since our budget cuts!
What do their home bathrooms look like?

Oooooh, Vince, was it good for you, too?

Umm ... Vince ... maybe people holding it till they explode is how you end up with the streaky walls ...? And the Excrement Streaks would be a good name for a rock band.

What are you looking up here for? The joke's in your...er, sorry.

In case there's some flavor left, and you want to share it with the next guy!

...on your arm...

...on your arm...

The world is my trash can.

*smiles showing all three teeth*


Tim, I wish you were making that up.

Here's another gross one:
people(pigs) who spit gum into a water fountain, or worse spit a big leugee into the water fountain.


Or spit chewing tobacco in the water fountain.

Doug, when were you here at the high school?

Dear Dave,
I may be sorry for asking, but what prompted you to ask your question?

He "accidentally" dropped his chewing gum in the urinal and wants to draw attention away from himself.

Oh me oh my oh you
Whatever shall I do?
Hallelujah, the question is peculiar
I'd give a lot of dough
If only I could know
The answer to my question
Is it yes or is it no?

Does your chewing gum lose it flavor in the urinal at night?
If your mother says retrieve it, do you swallow it in spite?
Can you grab it with two fingers, can you crack it in only one bite?
Does your chewing gum lose it flavor in the urinal at night?

Question for the guys:
If through some unfortunate laundry accident, all your underwear became lavender-colored, would you be concerned what other guys would think when using the urinal?

I would have thought yes, but have been told that any guy noticing anything about another guy while communally peeing is at risk of having his arm broken no matter what the circumstance.

The whole purpose of the urinal eliminates the exposing of ones underwear when relieving one's self. Unless of course you have to haul it out like some long fire hose.
However, when I'm wearing pantyhose, I generally use the stall and fingerpaint on the stall wall with whatever is avaliable while peeeing.

i see, so the fire hose is exposed, but the underwear are concealed?

Exactly. Hence the front flap. Although, if you are a "fire hose" type person, the front flap is useless.

Men should be fined 100 urinal pennies for each offense. That'll stop 'em. And I'll make money, 'cause I'm a guy who can go in to collect the fines.

The gum doesn't bother me as much as the guys who drop their children into the urinal. They're disruptive, hard to pee around, and sometimes become lodged, causing urine puddling on the floor.

Yeah, but at least we have gum

Speaking of women "hovering," being a guy I had never really thought about the matter. I, for one, refuse to use public restrooms for reasons requiring me to sit on anything. But, I have yet to talk to a woman who doesn't hover. And I also never thought about the... trajectory... of the issue at hand... ew. Anyway, whenever I miss and women become aware of it, they make a federal case about it. Meanwhile they are getting theirs all over the seats and on the floor and who-knows-where-else. And THEY DON'T CLEAN IT UP!
I ask you, who are the real pigs where?

On a related note: wash your hands when you are done. At least if there is someone else in the room with you. And no, running your hands under the water is not the same. It's people like that that make me not want to touch the door handle on the way out.

Hey, just cause I look like a small brain doesn't mean you should look at me in disgust! And those urinal kids can leave me alone too....

blige, I dont bother washing my hands, but I do try to wash the off any urinal gum I pick up before I recycle.

1. Because their men.
2. No.
3. No.

I threw in that extra "the" just to see if any of you were paying attention to me.

Honestly tho, being a female of the opposite sex, I don't have the proper equipment so I don't have many opportunities to visit urinals. However, two days ago, I found a nickel in the sink of the ladies room. I immediately thought of urinal pennies. I know this is not quite as exciting as say, $20 found at some stupid parade, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

Why do you do this ?

Are you aware it's really disgusting?

Could you please stop ?

...three questions I get asked every night...

Firstly, cause that's how i remember which clubs i've been to already that night.(I chew neon green gum, easy to spot)

Secdond, i'm aware it's disgusting. I almost feel bad for the janitors, but, they're janitors, they chose the job.

Third, no.

Thank you.

(P.S. that post was total BS, i would never even CHEW gum, much less spit it into a urinal. How would i be able to watch the urinal puck advertisment?)

Two guys finish their business at the urinal and one dutifully turns to the sink; the other goes to leave.

"Hey," says the guy at the sink, "didn't your mama teach you to wash up after you go to the bathroom?"

The other guy fires back, "No, she taught me not to pee on my hands."

Of course, when I first heard this joke, one guy was Army and the other Air Force, but still...

igloo: the front flap, really? Are you talking boxers or tighty whiteys? The guys in my life I have discussed this with always have found it easier to go over the top than to weave through that flap in tighty whiteys.

As for hoverers, they are the bane of women's restrooms. "ooh, I can't sit on that 'dirty' seat, so I'll pee all over it instead!" Irritates the heck out of me. Women's restrooms wouldn't be as much of a mess as they are if certain people would just plant it where it goes. But then, I avoid public restrooms like the plague.

1 - I never hover - it's disgusting for the next person -

2 - I heard that there are ice cubes in the bottom of the urinals - any truth?

Very complicated issue. Generally, one has to determine whether they dress "right" or "left". The flap, boxer or jockey, doesn't accomodate the dress "left" crowd as well as the dress "right" crew. I guess the over-the-top group would fit in the very small dress "center" mob.
I don't wish to get into the relative merits of boxers vs briefs, as the "flame wars" can get very ugly in a hurry.

Non-hovering female:

2 - I have experienced ice placed in the bottom of the urinals in countries with sub-par plumbing. It is used to block the odors coming up the drain instead of a standard trap.

Best grafitto in a restaurant bathroom, and forgive me if I've posted this before but it always gives me a special thrill...

Below the sign "Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning To Work" was scrawled, "or at least lick their fingers"

Thank you.

Those who write on toilet walls
roll their gum in little balls.
Those who read those words of porn,
chew those little balls all morn.

cold water: thank you for TMI!!!

However, I heard that when I was in a very fancy restaurant in Palm Springs one Thanksgiving from the hostess herself - re their bathroom!

And - don't ask me what the hostess was doing in the men's room - I don't have a clue!

First time poster here. This is the type of thing that keeps me taking my 9 year old son into the ladies' room when my husband isn't with us. Of course, I still have to check out the stall to see if a "hoverer" was there before, but at least I don't have to answer questions like "Mom, why was there gum in the urinal? Don't they know that's disgusting? Do you think they'll stop?"

Igloo, I liked your use of notes above. ♫

In answer to Dave's questions . . .

1. Because taking the gum out of your mouth, then daintily and politely placing it in the urinal by hand will draw strange and unwanted attention from other urinal users.

2. Considering what a urinal was built and designed to collect, why should chewing gum be considered disgusting?

3. Right. No more spitting gum into the urinal. Guess I'll have to take it out of my mouth by hand and drop it there.

Hey Dave, try walking through Macy's on 34th Street, grab a hold of a handrail and get a palmfull of someone's chewed gum! Now THAT's gross!

These comments are giving me deja vu! Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Oh, and Blurkerette? It might be time to find a new moniker.

[hunts through drawers to find grease pencil to amend "employee wash" signs with "or at least lick your fingers."]

Steve B - excellent, I was thinking of the sign they should put above urinals for that kind of bozo....."Please do not eat the big pink mint".

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