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March 17, 2005


Do we never tire of new opportunities for such juvenile humor?

Apparently not.

(Thanks to Bryce Donovan, who adds, I vote for "The Cockpit.")


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I love t&a

I love t&a

The "cock-pit" is apparently out already.

Go Cocks!

"Hello. I'm just here to see someone, Barry McCockiner."

I personally LOVE juvenile humour!!!...

I vote for Backup Penis. Erm... Backup Penis ArenaDome? GameKaKaDome? Harold J. Porkshorts Building for Athletic Endeavors?

Cock n'Ballfield?

Lamecock Auditorium

The Cock Block

Big Ballsfield.

Phallus Erectus Coliseum

off topic ... but 'O ,Steve Spurrier!' = 'serious pervert'

*I am in no way describing Coach Spurrier*

Joxncox Field

The Coop seems like an obvious choice.

(Sorry this post wasn't funny.)

GOoood evening ladies and GENTLEMEN WELCOME TO

*I am in no way describing samsung*

The Hole


I vote for "Pissy Visor-Boy's Hen House"

Go Dawgs!

Maybe Seiman's will buy the naming rights.. Come to Seimans Stadium! Home of the Gamey Cocks!

How about "Cock and Awe Stadium".

Why do they put a rooster 'OR a Cock' on a windvane?

Because if you put a cunt on a windvane, the wind would blow right through it.

I'm sorry, i know it's tasteless.
It's an oldie, but a goodie.

Go Cocks!

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