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March 18, 2005


So that's why they call it Juicy Fruit.

(Thanks to Jake Ezell and Albert Franquiz)


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Too many big words for comment. I may have to chew on this for awhile.

Wow! Did you see the picture of those 'enhanced' breasts in the article? They were so enhanced, they couldn't support their own weight and ripped right off! And then they got all brown and gnarly. Not very attractive at all...

First! :)
Next up... rhinoceros horn flavored gum?

larger breasts reduce stress?

If our previously blogged protestor in New Zealand chewed enough of this gum, she could probably display the entire Magna Carta on her breast when she next protests Prince Charles.

There's no foundation for those allegations. The whole thing needs to be nipped in the bud.

If it mimics estrogen, rather than targeting breast growth, then it works on either gender. If you gave it to a guy you didn't like, he'd grow breasts, and his "twins" would shrink.

When this becomes a hit in the U.S., remind me to give that gum to a guy I hate.

Are the chewing gum manufacturers in cahoots with the IPEX people?

Heh, heh, I said cahoots.

Chewing breasts good for the gums too! Not too hot for the breasts tho.

The Japanese have a definite jones
For gum using isoflavones
To be more specific,a
Pueraria mirifica
Will increase the size of their 'cones'.

I for one just cleared out my local Publix of all chewing gum available...just in case...not that I need it or anything!...

and i'm guessing there will be some guys who will buy that stuff for their girlfriends.... here baby, chew this... [eyeroll]

Where can I get mine??? It's depressing when your med school (now ex-)husband says your condition is called "Cooper's Droopers"....Add having a baby onto that.......I'm an old lady cartoon waiting to happen!!

And doesn't anyone wonder what happens if a guy chews it? Does he need to buy a Manzier?

"It cites tests carried out by Thailand's Chulalongkorn University which found Pueraria mirifica therapy was able to enhance breast size by 80%."

Holy moly...

I'm pretty sure the Firesign Theater invented this about 20 years ago. It was called "Boobie Chew" from a Nick Danger sketch.

Hey, bb: another "Wizard" fan??? Thought I was the only one left! Okay, howsis for a blast from the past:

"You don't want to count, the elevator boy?"

(leaves to find a groat cluster to chew on)

Reporting from Bangkok, I can say it doesn't work. The local ladies are, for the most part, very attractive and charming but rarely buxom.



I wonder what kind of ads DoubleMint could come up with for this...

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