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March 18, 2005


According to this review, the following lines of dialogue are spoken:

"Hey, Mansquito!"

"He's more mosquito than man now."


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My kids are on the way !!!

Is this a David Hasselhoff vehicle? Will BM or Cher sing the theme song? Is Mansquito missing a left testis?

The latest creation from Taco Hell™ - the Mansquito! Now with 50% more man.

*At the League of Justice*

Boy Wounder: It looks like the Villian is Mansquito, and he's headed for Gotham!
Wonder Twins: Wonder Twin Powers! Activate! Form of...A Fungus Gnat! Form of...A Puddle!
Superman: Who spilled? *swat*
Flash: Dude, you just killed one of the Wonder Twins!
Superman: Flash, I'm glad you're here! Clean up the puddle will you? I'm taking a nap.
Batman: What about Mansquito?
Aquaman: I'll take care of HIM! I'll alert the fish!
Green Lantern: Hey guys, check it out, I put a plastic plant in Aquaman's symbiosis rig!
Mansquito: Aha! I've found your lair, and now I'm going to suck the life out of you!
Superheroes: Sweet!

harrr! C'bol!!, oh, lol. but i am wondering - should this guy look to wear a man-ziere- you know from the seinfeld eppy - if he is a manskeeter? anybody out there remember an old tv series called "manimal"? this sounds like that same idea. same response. Who cares?

Wait wait...

"He's more lawyer than man, now." Ha ha ha ha hah

Wait wait...

IRS Auditor!!! Ah ha ha hahahahahahahah!!

"Cher!" Whoo! I crack myself up.

scat -- I didn't recognize it, but it absolutely cracked me up anyway! As for the Mansquito production itself, I'm taking bets that somewhere in the second act his human love interest will begin to have her doubts when he tries to mate with her in a pool of stagnant water.

I really need to know what dialogue they wrote next.

"Hey, Mansquito!"
"He's more mosquito than man now."
"So, what, I should call him Mosquiman?"
"Erm...How about Mosmanquito?"
"That's stupid. It's not like he's a man within a mosquito. He's becoming a mosquito, and he started out a man, so Mansquito makes sense to me, and then, you know, when he's obviously more mosquito than man, I could see calling him Mosquiman, or really, to avoid confusion, AAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHH!"
"Oh no! Mansquito is eating Frank!"
"He's really more mosquito than man now..."

And so it goes...

"Are you a man, or a mosquito?"....

"That's what she said!!!"

Ha ha ha ha ha hahahahaah!

I wonder what market they are aiming for, it has to be pre-adolescent boys. They all think they can morph at any given moment.

I should know better than to try to sneak a peek at the blog while my students are taking a test. It's very disruptive to have the teacher LHAO in the classroom. Darn you to heck, Christobol.

*thoughtfully sprays half the blog...oh no..wait TWO THIRDS of the blog with mosquito repellant*

Mansquito ! - I'm itchin' to see it!

"mansquito update" = "Squid! Putana to me!"

Dammit, Jim! I'm a doctor, not a mansquito!

So is anyone else dying to see the sequel, Planet of the Mansquitos?

"Get your proboscis off me, you damned dirty mansquito!"

"He looks hungry! Throw him that Dorito chip to distract him!"

See, it's not a real movie at all. It was actually a huge bug repellant marketing campaign with a two-hour infomercial explaining why you need it, complete with man-sized distortions.

But I'm building a giant citronella bonfire just in case.

I don't know; the M16 Corin Nemec's holding in that promo composite looks like bug repellant enough.

Good god, MKJ...those rams aren't much for romance and lighting candles, are they? Cut right to it, they do.

Holy ram parts! ...?


STOP! It's a RAID!!!

"He's more mosquito than man now,
twisted and eeeeevil"

Holy ram parts...

Shofar, sho good..*hic*

scat: I remember the skit and I remember the original Mandingo. And on top of that, so to speak, I watched about half of Mansquito. All I can say is, Spring Break Shark Attack, while having a great title, has a lot to live down to.

Shannon, so you watched the movie, huh? You must have or you're (not your) psychic because that is essentially how the heroine (not idiot Corin Nemec, the dumb cop who arrived too late) killed him. She took a live electrical wire that just happened to be lying there and zapped him with it. Of course, she died too, but she was afraid he was going to mate with her so she had to go.

Anyone remember Humanoids From the Deep: "Aliens want to mate with human women." It was kind of like that, only less graphic and no bare ramparts.

I do, I do !!!

At the end the semi-humanoidlet erupts from his host, a la 'Alien' , making sure there's no repeat business.

And what about the Mrs. Humanoids?

Um ... maybe this has been brought up before, but it's only FEMALE mosquitos who suck people's blood IRL. Not males. That pretty much ruined the whole thing for me. I mean, that whole radiation/mutation thing was pretty believable, but a MALE mosquito that wants blood? C'mon, I have to draw the line somewhere.

magic8ball: Actually, isn't only *pregnant* females who snack on you? I remember feeling vaguely guilty when I read that, "Oh, she's expecting!"

Too bad for the bitches that I'm super-allergic to their damn anti-coagulant. Severe immuno reactions kill all sympathy. I'm a naturalist, so I want to bring in bats...and possibly frogs....

Hey! Now that's how they should fight mansquito! Batman!....wait, I see the difficulty.

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