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March 23, 2005


A new, improved robot snake.

(Via Gizmodo)


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How'd you like to see THIS guy coming out of your toilet.

I have my very own snakebot and it's all natural, science wasn't involved.

But this sounds like a great gizmo to send into the Earth's core to find exactly where all those pesky underground UFO bases are.

My favorite quote:

"And what can really do this robot?"

Don't speak. You'll spoil the moment.

the perfect gift for that hard to buy for 12 year old on your list

So, some guys duct tape a couple of squeeze boxes together and call it a robotic snake. Methinks beer was involved in this project.

"This robot will be used for industrial inspection and surveillance in hazardous environments, and also for military and urban search and rescue operations."Hahahahahahaha. Oh, wait, you're serious. Let me laugh even harder. Hohohohohohohohohoho!And would "Voice of the GoatCactus" be a GNFARB?

"Robosnake...the arch villain, nemesis of the one and only Robocop..."

*note to self...Spring Break Robosnake would be a good movie to make*

I had one of these one I was about 8 years old. It was called a slinky. It walked down stairs, alone or in pairs...

I was obviously way ahead of the loop and didn't even know it....

Virtually Unstoppable Snakebot wbagnfarb

Snake Bot= Bake Snot

Sarcas: I wouldn't

Snake Robot = Breast Nook

Obligatory slinky joke:

Some people are like Slinkies . . . not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you see one tumble down the stairs.

A human operator controls the snakebot via a joystick and umbilical cord

You can't fool me, snakes don't have umbilical cords . . .

Actor Richard Grieco is 40 today.

Happy birthday, ersatz Johnny Depp from 21 Jump Street era! We hardly knew ye!

(Anyone remember 'Booker'? Grieco was hot. Hot in the city.)

Ohhhh, and I thought it'd be a TOILET snake.. THAT'd be a fun toy.

I sure do Love involving beer.

Takes about eight to make my snake shake.

Bangi, would you email me, please?

Snake Whiskey is supposed to be good. You first.

Another future career for the video-game-obsessed: Snakebot operator.

"There's gum in the urinal again!"
"Bring in the RoboSnake!"
"You know, I kinda liked it better when we just used a stick. I mean, I hate cleaning that damned RoboSnake."

"It looks like that 50ft fall into the ravine must have broken your husband's arms, legs, neck, back and pelvis. It would be sort of inconvenient for us to rappel down there, so we're going to send him a robotic snake"

"What is it going to do for him?"

"Don't worry 'mam, we've proven that this snake can go anywhere"

"No, seriously, is the snake going to be able to bring him back up?"

"It has no arms or legs Mrs. Pushtim"

"So, is it going to stabilize him?"

"It's a snake 'mam"

"I know its a snake, but why are you sending it to him if it can't do anything?"

"We've painted a nice picture on it"

"Of what?"

"Its a landscape"

"How is that going to help?"

"It won't but since we spent 8 Gazillion dollars on it as a 'search and rescue' device we have to do something with it"

"Taxpayer dollars at work huh?"


Rita--emailing right away

*secret coded msg 2 u know who at u know whr*

I'm sorry i havent been checking emails,
checking them right now
will 'swing by' wz qfmtov soon
r nrhh f tfbh zolg ;)

Bangi- (wink, wink)

u know me well, u know me true
the books i read, but one more clue
should let u know, it's only fair
Neo's favorite word could be zri

*winks in Morse Code to Mr Fishair*
*notices time*
*goes off to study again*

MKJ - snake whisky - yummy! After you.....

A slinky with a joy stick - Life is Perfect!

Possible candidate for worst book plot ever, re: MKJ's link: "After Ollie Sullivan has a run-in with a bully, winds up suspended, and cries in front of everybody, he finally makes it home, only to find a boa in his toilet."

It's not even gramatically correct! Although it does have the redeeming quality of a good snake picture on the cover.


Ahhh! Feel better now . . .

. . . although this item is used as a Beverage in Asia, it is not reccommended for human consumption

Eleanor! Sheesh!

Soooooo sorry, MKJ - I didn't see that - you don't mind if I pass, do you? :)

*hopes MKJ doesn't become ill*
*hopes MKJ doesn't barf either*

MKJ - As I've always told Eleanor, just because someone tells you to do something doesn't mean you should - would you jump off the roof if someone told you to? I didn't think so. So don't you go blaming my daughter if you get sick.

Carry on.

Actually after the initial kick you get a really nice reptilian buzz . . .

Another future career for Dave Barry: Snakebot operator

I'm happy to hear you're OK, MKJ - but don't drive with that buzz!

cubie - I know I'm LTTG but I love Fat Actress! I taped this weeks episode and just watched it - once again, very funny!

*hopes cubie hasn't left for the day*

Maybe they could send it in after that snake in the toilet block in Goulburn?

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