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March 21, 2005


You have to draw the line somewhere.

(Thanks to G. Swan)


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Key quote from the story, "First to get a taste"

They had this sort of device in "Dune"

I thought it seemed pretty nasty then, too.

I believe this system was described in Frank Herbert's "Dune" series. NASA could save tons of cash, if they would just read the book!

manilow dip, pork pie, astronaut pee ...

i don't think i'm going to have lunch today.

eww, nothing like this in star wars. and we can see why: even star wars fans aren't nerdy enough to drink their own urine.

I couldn't even finish reading it! That's just gross! They're already up there away from their families, devoting their lives and time to something as awesome as space exploration and what do we do? We make them drink urine! COME ON PEOPLE BE NICE.

Next project-- solid food. Brings a whole new meaning to having to "pinch a loaf."


And who the hell wants to drink water anyway? Pure or otherwise....

Let me know when they can turn pee back into beer.... Now that would be revolutionary.....

And judging by how foamy my pee often is, I'm thinking it can't be that difficult to do....

Brings a whole new meaning to that old saying, "You never actually buy beer. You only rent it for a little while."

If an Astronaut offers you a glass of "homemade" Tang...think twice.

No more asparagus for the astronauts.


For that matter, REALLY be careful if the Astronaut offers you a "homemade" Mountain Dew.

Anyone for a wee drink?

Good to know this is available - but I'll pass, thank you very much.

Hence the saying: We can put a man on the moon, but he'll have to drink his own piss.

That would have been a nice touch on Star Trek.

Kirk: Computer, piss.
Bones: James, it'll make you any drink you want!
Kirk: I'm going "Old-School"
Spock: You humans are so illogical.

I've only been on the blog today for a few minutes, and I've already said "Ewww!" at least 5 times. Good work, guys! Keep it up.

according to a legendary story, this was a sign seen in a Third World hotel:

"All the water in this hotel has been personally passed by the management."

You people crack me up! Thanks!

Garret Analysis (or "what I learned from this story"):

Experimenting on third-world civilians is not just dramatic fiction.

After two decades, even the most stupid of ideas can begin to be accepted by its thinkers.

Before testing atrocities on third world nations, NASA tests them in Alabama.

Really twisted ideas can be covered by naming your endeavor "Concern for Kids."

It helps lend credibility if you use the words "rocket scientists" to describe who is thinking about these environment systems.

Russia is having a tough time, but still maintains cosmonauts.

Wasn't it Aristotle who said something like

"Nature makes nothing in vein."

Good call.

Unfunny but true comment:

Bad news for squeamish people - every drop of water you drink has been recycled already - many times. They're not making any new water, you know. It's called the hydrologic cycle - it goes round and round. You also eat plants that were grown in doo-doo. Get a grip.

Singapore has a plant that has been turning wastewater into drinking water for years. In this country, that's not legal, but we use purified wastewater to recharge aquifers that feed wells that....

Don't think about it, if it bothers you. Just drink your $2 Evian and tell yourself it's "virgin" water. There are about a billion people in the world who can't get safe clean water.

How about putting a case of beer in the spaceship, in order to ensure at least the quantity of the eventual water supply, if not the quality.

At relief time, some bright astronaut can articulate memorably, "One small beer for man, one giant piss for mankind".

Little by little. Step by step. Word by Word this thread is slowly approaching the subject of "golden showers".
I backed off when "pinch me a loaf" was brought up.

If urine a spaceship and there's no clean water around, urine a heap of trouble. Urine-dividual preferences don't matter at that point.

I maintain, just grab that last beer and let nature do what it does best, or urine for some very thirsty spacewalks, and a lot of dry pulverized dehydrated meals.

And raw Tang.

"Bottles of fresh water cost as much as U.S. $0.39 (euro0.29) a liter (U.S. $1.50; euro1.13, a gallon)."

It costs $0.39 per bottle, and you humans pay upwards of $2.00 for them? Does anyone else notice that someone is making a 500%+ profit?

I remember hearing once that by the time the water in the mississippi gets to New Orleans it's been through 7 people already.....




The Bad News: By the year 2015, we'll (not well) be drinking diluted sewage water.

The Good News: There won't be enough to go around.

What do you think you have been drinking and breathing. Every drop of water and breath of air has been through zillions of other creatures by now since it is the same air and water that was here several billion years ago.

yes, but now you can know where it's been.

As we say down South, "Ah'll drank mah beer, and you drank you'rn."

Eventually we'll all know the answer to the ages-old question, "What is this sh*t?"

Gee, just like in the book Dune!!

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