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March 22, 2005


... No matter what The Blog says.

A friend of mine was explaining to me his convoluted TV/vcr gyrations for watching 24, and thought I'd be put off by the weirdness of it.... so I explained what I do to make sure I catch all the bands I like on late-night tv. (Everybody does this, right?)

you have to be on channel 6 at the end of the 11:00 news. leno's lineup runs
first. then you switch immediately to letterman so you can see what musical
group he's having on. depending on tiredness level, you can then either
watch one of them or set a tape BUT if you set a tape, first you have to go
to rockontv.com to see who's on craig ferguson and conan and see if there's
someone better you have to wait to set a tape for. (you might also check for
jimmy kimmel and carson daly if you're bothering to go to rockontv.) if you
don't go to bed, you watch the end of leno (again, channel 6 goes first) to
see who's coming on on conan, then quickly switch to craig ferguson to find
out who's on there...and watch craig's monologue. then you can set a tape
and go to bed, if there's someone good on one of them.

if there's someone good on both leno AND letterman, you watch letterman
because they always start first and you can get almost through the song
before you have to go watch leno; usually i'll have a tape ready (or
running) and a tv on in the other room so i can hear when the commercial
ends. leno starts later but goes directly to the conan lineup, whereas
letterman is usually in commercials for the last five minutes of the show.

if there's someone good on both craig ferguson AND conan, you have to stay
up, that's all there is to it.

every night.



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You rock, judi!

You need a Tivo.

I think that is COMPLETELY normal. I do the same for Benny Hinn and Pat Robertson.

I believe this qualifies as one of those signs of the impending Apocalypse.

Wow, I was so glad that the blog was fixed and AOL people could comment.... and now this. I am um........... well............ Tivo definetely and, well judi (I appreciated getting an e-mail from you explaining the blogup.) but has any performer put on a decent performance on a talk show since Elvis or the Beatles? You don't need Tivo, you need a CD player and a decent system. Maybe some concert ticket once in a while.
*God I missed Dave Matthews on the Today show, someone shoot me*

Don't be silly. The only late-night worth watching is Conan.

Be cool, my babies!

You can also flip back and forth between Leno and Letterman in the first minute to catch all the guests' names. They're always off by about 1 second so you can actually hear each name announced. My friend who discovered it called it the "Turn Two".

judi-I totally do that too, except for the taping part, and no I don't tivo whatever the hell that is, and I don't stay up watching leno, letterman or conan unless its friday and I don't have to work and who the heck is craig ferguson anyway rockontv sounds cool you should check out rocksquawk.com for some alternative to this blog and I can't believe I actually read all that mess you wrote you really are a freak-rock on.

judi - you are one busy woman and I applaud your tenacity!!

I guess I missed Dave Matthews too - bummer!

I also applaud your dexterity and your ability to explain all that you do in a coherent manner!!

*would applaud herself if she could ever finish a thought in one post*

Tyler, that was one long sentence.

Actually, what you need is TWO TiVo's, one set get Leno/Conan and the other to get Letterman/Ferguson. Boom, no jumping around and you can see all of the performances on all four shows with no stress.

I've had a ReplayTV (TiVo's lesser-known competitor) since 1999, and I would not be caught dead watching TV without one.

Sean is right...you do need a TiVo. So does Dave. I'm telling ya, a TiVo is one of those things that once you finally have one, you say "Why the heck didn't I buy this earlier? This thing is great!".

You can buy an 80-hour one now for something like $99, (plus the monthly fee...or you can buy out the monthly fee completely).

Seriously.....buy one.

judi - in a word, yes i do the same thing just to find out who's on those shows .You will get a break because of March Madness on Thurs. and Fri. since Letterman/Ferguson will be delayed those days. But that means that if Craig has someone good on it will be waaaay late.

I notice you didn't mention Carson Daly.

My first post on the blog was a response ('natalie coughlin') to who had been on Letterman the night before.


(you might also check for
jimmy kimmel and carson daly if you're bothering to go to rockontv.)

Haha made you read it. Actually I was attempting to imitate judi, who (while using punctuation) did not use Capitols, which confuses my feeble mind into thinking that it is a run-on sentence. Also does anyone else have to turn there head a little to read italics?

Judy you rock but for the love of god get a tivo then just erase all the shows with bad bands.

doesn't your cable guide tell you who's going to be on? you can just check then, no need to flip around or whatever.

Tivo, or just digital cable...either one would save you so much energy that the slightly extra cost would be null and void!

Tivo, or just digital cable...either one would save you so much energy that the slightly extra cost would be null and void!

Being in a primitive country that does not have TIVO, I solve the basic problem by having four video recorders - one in the kids room, one with #1 son, one in the lounge room and one in the spare room. Load each of them up with three hour tapes and switch the lot on (i.e. you never have to learn how to program the damn thing) and go to bed to read a book.

You very rarely have to use all four of them though - just at TV ratings time where they put on all the good shows at once.

My major problem is that I then never seem to have time to actually watch the tapes. So in practice I've given up trying to watch TV and find myself these days consuming a lot of books.

Probably a good thing actually.

i'd like to live in the mythical land where the "cable guide" tells me what bands are going to be on tv... can i get there on my flying horse?

I love the fine art of watching multiple movies on TV at once by flipping channels during commercials. Sometimes you get really interesting combinations.

One night around Christmas, I watched Fiddler on the Roof, Elmo's Holiday Special, and Anastatia all at once.

Fiddler and Elmo were both about Jews, Fiddler and Anastatia were both about Russia, and Elmo and Anastatia were both snowy and made for little kids.

Ah judi, you never cease to amaze me.

The more i know about you, the funnier i think you are.

Many laughs ahead, i think.

But i have one question.
Was the short monologue said very quickly?
Like 30 seconds or less?
That's how i imagined it when i read it.

Thank you.

also, right before the 11:00 news the network promo will tell you who's on Leno/Letterman ,again the NBC promo seems to be first by a few seconds.

But,they may not give all the guests.

Judi, you need to get out more. I just use the digital button to show me who is on what. Then I ignore it because there are no groups I'd stay up for anyway, except Jimmy Buffett and I know when he's going to be on from his own website (margaritaville.com) and is this a run-on sentence or what?

Geezer bus leaving in 10 minutes.

I used to have a humonguous VCR that could program stuff for a week straigh and even tape two things a night -- AND I knew how to work it!! Then it developed some weird plastic deficiency and kept eating the apes...so we got a brand-new one which will only play and won't tape anything, but that might be because we have DishNetwork and it doesn't recognize any of the channels. We have the VCR plugged into the cable box first which then feeds it into the tv. The new DVD player, on the other hand, is programmed right to the tv. The tv has its own remote. DishNetwork has its own remote. The VCR has its own remote, and the DVD player has one too. If we want to play a tape, we get Channel 4 on the tv with the Dish remote. Then we push 'play' and 'vcr' on the TV remote; this gets tricky and sometimes the only way we get the tape to roll is for me and my husband to pound the daylights out of the buttons on both remotes. When the tape is finished, sometimes the tv will come back on by itself, but other times the screen is completely blue and we usually have to call up the DishNetwork dude so he can tell us what to do. Maybe this is why Judi's routine doesn't seem so far-fetched to me...

I have digital cable now and record through that - which sometimes works and sometimes does not -

Back in the day, I had a VCR, a regular TV and an A/B switch, which I understood and could watch one show while taping another - those days are long gone.....

Ah, the good old days!

Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way....

Judi... If you get a TiVo *before* The Blog... it'll drive The Blog CRAZY when The Blog sees how cool it is.

Plus, you'll still get all the bands recorded AND get more SLEEP, since you don't have to stay up and flip channels, since it has one of those magical video guides in it that lists who's going to be on.


PS. (PSST... Don't tell The Blog I told you that. The last thing I need is Blog retribution).


Our Judi is a couch potato!..I love it!!!

People! People!


Candy -

Your collection of clickers is almost a large as ours ... even if we don't count the dead ones ...

However, I'm pretty sure there's a way to hook up the VCR so that you can record off Dish (or whichever satellite receiver you have) ... We tried it, it wouldn't work ... and our son lives too far away to drop by after work and hook it up properly for his geezer parents ...
So, one day, I sat down and went thru the instructions VERY carefully ... nope ... tried a different page ... nope ... tried yet another page ... VOILA! ...

So it is possible to do maybe if you're persistent and move your lips while you read and never release the red wire from your sweaty little hands until you actually plug it in and then do the same with the black wire and then all the other wires and no drinking while doing this will not help ...

How's that for no punctuation? Except for being on the wrong thread, of course.

I just...um..."borrow" my music for free. I doubt the legality, but it's much more efficient.

I'm glad to know that I was not the only one doing that. :) (However it was for the actors as well as the bands) But my life became so tranquil when I got the magic word...say it w/ me... tivo. It truly is one of the greatest inventions. You can see who will be on up to 2 weeks in advance and not have to fiddle around with the vcr everytime something comes on you need to see

I encourage everyone to check out today's Borowitz Report. That is all.

U.O. - Thanks for the encouragement...and I have also called my son, who lives 7 hours away in Oregon, for advice on electronic issues.
About a year ago we bought a small tabletop record player so we could enjoy our old vinyls...horror of horrors, it CAME WITH A REMOTE!!! Aaaack!

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