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March 18, 2005


This blog formally calls on Congress to take action.


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Let me be the FIRST to say...OUCH!

Nuts - not first. Also: "Bilateral Asymmetry" wbagnfarb.

s'ok brainy, if you want, you can join me in the happy dance!

I bet its Paul..He always seemed like he was short a gonad..

Why would anyone look to see if these guys are missing their 'stuff'

"That raises the question of how and why some beetles evolved to have just one testis. The researchers ruled out obvious factors such as flight advantages or major changes in body form."
I think the reason for one testis, is obvious. When the Beetle is in a fight, he is less likely to suffer injury when kicked in the groin. An obvious evolutionary enhancement.

Coming soon to Ebay: Sack of Beetle Nuts

I bet these beatles are Red Sox fans who said, "I'd give my left nut if we could win the Series!" It's tough when ya gotta pay up.

"The researchers said that field observations such as this provide valuable clues to beetle biology and evolution."

I have been waiting my WHOLE LIFE for valuable clues to beetle biology and evolution. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this information, I can now die peaceful and happy with the valuable knowledge that some bugs have only one testicle. Aint science a grand and awsome thing?

Okay guys, so here's the deal. I asked the conjoined midget twin growing out of my left rib cage what she thought about bilateral symmetry, and she says it's bullcrap.

I tend to trust her; she's the smart one.

. . . testes, the male gonads of insects

Uh, isn't that like, uh, true for all males? Hey, no need to get testy about it . . .

When questioned on how they were able to survive despite their monocujoneism, they replied, in harmony,

"We got by with a little help from our, with a little help from our friends..."

Monocujoneism...I think I prefer this term to all the pretentious "science" they have out there.

I told you so.

also wbagnfarb. I also like Sack of Beetle Nuts.

I think those are Romanian beetles. Guys "stuff" tends to go missing over there.

The dummies, they misspelled "Beatle"

Misspellings in the news have become a trend, then. Just the other day I read an article about so-called "monkeys". Pshaw. Monkees, hello.

i can't see it at all... anybody else getting an error?

yes, i am getting an error - it says the connection was refused, or something. i have no idea how big dave's readership is, but maybe the site is currently slashdotted.

Key quote: "The beetles with one testis are mating normally and doing their beetle thing," said James Liebherr, professor of entomology at Cornell University.

Here's the female humanoid version of those bugs

so if the beetles are that way normally is it a case of "constitutional monorchy"

*ducks socks of nickels*

"It may be that the male beetles are similarly providing other things than sperm to the females. But it's a chicken and egg question. We don't know what came first. Was the testis lost first, leaving more space for the accessory glands to grow? Or did the testis lose out to make way for a larger accessory gland? That's a subject for further study."

Heck, even I might give one up for a "larger accessory gland", or whatever it is the kids are calling it nowadays.....

"occurred 90 to 100 million years ago"

And they're just now noticing? But then, it took my Dad 3 years to notice that Mom had repainted the dining room -- a different color. Must be a y-chromosome thing -- or a slow news day.

And that knowledge helps me how????

*overheard at beetle nightclubs*
Hey, baby, did you give up a teste for a larger accessory gland, or are you just happy to see me?

I didn't think the Beatles were missing any testicles; I thought they were missing lead and rythm guitar.

Yet another example of scientist who have waaaaaaay to much time on their hands. That or they have some strange beetle fetish.

"One Testicle Short" WBAGNFA country song.

Obviously this researcher has never seen "South Pacific", or her would know why the beetle's are missing testicles..... Blody Mary is chewing them!!!

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