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March 21, 2005


And now this.

Key Vessel Name: The squid boat Doo An.


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At least they were not part of these 'unwashed masses' we keep hearing about.

I thought the Falkland Islands were off the coast of Argentina? How did these guys end up in New Zealand after a ten minute swim?

It must be steroids. I think Congress should start a tax-payer funded investigation into the use of steroids in the squid industry.

"When asked why they jumped ship, the crewmen said "more money, more money"."

Will this be a sequel to "Jerry McGuire"?

Squid Boats? They are making boats out of squids? Are they carving them out of the Giant Squids that periodically wash up on the California Shores? Is PETA aware of this barbaric practice?

Hey igloo, doesn't PETA only care about live animals?

Considering how they get their knickers in a knot over people wearing fur, even if the fur came from road kill, I guess they would be concerned that the practice of making boats from Squid would become so popular, that the boat builders would have to hunt live squid to keep up with the demand.
Squid boats may not be so off-the wall. After all, they make Cigarette Boats. However, how they get cigarettes to float is still a mystery to me.

Hey Marvin, I'm pretty sure they care about dead ones too. They're always dead whenever we strip their fur and make us a coat, and PETA seems to have some issues with that.

Disclaimer: By "we" I in no way mean "me". Those things make you look like you've gained an extra 50 lbs. I don't need to pay a thousand bucks for that. 100 dollars invested in McDonalds is much cheaper.

I thought their spiel was about how we get the fur? I never pay attention to them, so I'm not one to have the correct background information, and I'm scared to go to their site (where there were links from the main page to secret footage of companies skinning live sheep)

Hey, this suggests an idea for a "made-for-TV" movie. A few changes would be necessary. First, lose the Chinese fishermen. Not to be culturally insensitive, but I don't see big ratings by going there. Substitute a boatload of coeds on Spring Break. About 50 of 'em. They've been conducting research on local botanical products, and beverages. They're broke, and somebody has the idea that they could have "money, more money" by putting their bikinis in plastic bags and swimming ashore nekkid, through shark-infested waters. It seemed like a good idea at the time, what with the botanical research and all...

I think we're missing the most important point here, which is to consider how swimming to shore naked results in "more money." This seems like it could be a potential goldmine for anyone with access to a beach and a naked body.

Or maybe we're just reading the article wrong, and they wanted more money to reveal why they jumped ship.

We stood on the deck, our pants in a bag
Da doo an an an
Da doo an an

They said jumping ship would not be bad
Da doo an an an
Da doo an an

Yeah, we want a new gig
Yeah, forget boating with squid
And we're gonna make more dough
Da doo an an an
Da doo an an

Yeah, the water looked fine
Yeah, we jumped in the brine
And then we swam for shore
Da doo an an an
Da doo an an

Yeah da doo an an
Da doo an an an
Da doo an an

Yeah da doo an an
Da doo an an an
Da doo an an

"When asked why they jumped ship, the crewmen said "more money, more money"."

Unfortunately, neither Fire Marshall Bill nor Homey The Clown could be reached for comment.

That's because they only signed on for a three-hour cruise.

That is, a three-hour cruise.

nice one, slyeyes.

("The Sloop John B.")

We signed on the boat Doo An
To make all the money we can
It seemed a real good financial plan at the time!
But wading through slime
Made us change our minds.
We're tired of squid parts, we're going to jump off!

So hoist up the squid, Doo An!
See how the tentacles gleam!
There's no call for sushi ashore,
Let me jump off!
Let me jump off, I'll really try to land soft,
Maybe next year: A Carnival Cruise.

I put all my clothes in my bag
To minimize friction and drag
And lit for New Zealand's welcoming shore.
But my squidmates were caught
Before the constable brought
For a trip on Spring Break, it could've been worse!

*applauds wildly for insomniac and slyeys, and Jeff too for the good link*

Every thread needs an audience!

*thinks she has found her purpose in life*

*applauds wildly again*

I suppose I'd pony up about $5 American if they'd do it again...

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