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March 18, 2005


Now they're taking away our right to shaking our behinds and going on, breaking it down.

(Thanks to julietine)


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Finally !

Punch him in the cheek!
Punch him in the jaw!
Leave his face,
Raw raw raw!

Finally I get credit for something!..geez!!!!

How can they propose such regulations after seeing how naughty cheerleading helped out Keanu Reeves in The Replacements?

Or maybe they're trying to avoid a sequel.

Off subject, I think we should all take our cue from Confused in Houston and use names in Sleepless in Seattle format. Yeah, I know it'll probably never catch on, but if it did, mine could be something like "Enlightened in Nirvana". So yeah, it's mostly a selfish thing.

Maybe they're trying to prevent more sequels of "Bring It On."

Somehow, this seems to be an attack on my very favorite cheer.

Get that ball while we mime sex!
Wegottheball Wegottheball Raiders!
Wegottheball Weforgottowearpanties Yeah!
Go Brad!
I'm having your baby!

Juletine, juletine, she's our gal!
If she can't get posted, no one will!

*begins shaking behind, going on, and breaking it down*
*tackled to ground and hauled away by Texas police*


I understand shaking behind. Going on? Is that like carrying on? Then breaking it down is just beyond me. Besides those of us on the Geezer bus would never look at young nubile cheerleaders shake their firm buttocks ... Oops off the geezer bus and onto dirty old man bus.

"hey mickey ur so fined
for letting me shake
my behind"
hey Mickey-y-y-y-y

and Rhealist, very kinky indeed ;)

Go Edwards Go,
Go Edwards Go,
Around the bowl
Down the hole,
Go Edwards Go!



Well, on the plus side, cheerleaders will no longer be objectified and looked at merely as pieces of meat or shallowly construed as sexual playthings.

You're right, this bites.

next week on "Walker :Texas Cheer Arranger"

Walker: Then the girls will spank each other, and slowly lick their index fingers.

Sidekick: Walker, we can't do that! It's too suggestive!

Walker: Oh,hell, then just have them shoot the other team.

Sidekick: Right. Pantomime shooting the other team.

Walker: Err. Yeah. That's what I meant.


Come on let's be honest here...what else are cheerleaders for???...not that I would know since my a$%^ was always too big to be a cheerleader...not that I am bitter or anything!

**goes running to her therapist!**

They always said my ass was too big to be a cheerleader as well, but I had a feeling those bastards just didn't want a donkey on the squad.

No gyrations? Did this country learn nothing from Elvis? I think it's time for some serious protesting.

My butt was big and I made cheerleading...I just wish I had made obscene gestures and gyrations, it would have been much more fun.

Hmmm...you dress women in skirts so short that you can see underneath them with every move, and then tell them to NOT be suggestive? Is that even possible?

Buddha, you know, there's the whole penis thing, too.

"get involved in sex unless it's marriage or love"

...'cause those are obviously two different things.

-make that "...don't get involved in sex unless it's marriage or love..."

This oversensitivy has to stop! I was watching "Airplane" on TBS or TNT or something the other night. The scene in the cockpit where Leslie Nielsen is explaining the symptoms of the food poisoning and the pilot is experiencing them as he describes...I was appalled...they cut out the "uncontrollable flatulence" line....C'MON PEOPLE, what's this country coming to when you censor a hilarious fart joke????!!!! We need a call to arms!!!!

Oh, and we LOVE "The Replacements"...both my husband and I...go cheerleaders, GO!!

Melissa, won't a call to arms lead to armpit flatulence instead of the usual kind?

D'Art...very quick wit!!!! Love it!!

Fascism my eye. This guy is a Commie pure and simple. But this is America. Anyone is entitled to his opinion no matter how moronic it is.

Blogger #2: I say we kill him!
Blogger Gang: [shouts] Yeah!
Blogger #3: I say we hang him, then we kill him!
Blogger Gang: [shouts] Yeah!
Blogger #4: I say we stomp him!
Blogger Gang: [shouts] Yeah!
Blogger #4: Then we tattoo him!
Blogger Gang: [shouts] Yeah!
Blogger #4: Then we hang him!
Blogger Gang: [shouts] Yeah!
Blogger #4: And then we kill him!
Blogger Gang: [shouts] Yeah!
Pee-wee: [trying to throw voice without moving lips] I say we let him go.
Blogger Gang: [shouts] No!

How many of you out there read C'bol's post and fondly remembered the cover of the National Lampoon High School Yearbook?

Ah the follies of youth...

"Edwards said he filed the bill as a result of several instances of seeing such ribald performances in his district."

Yeah, it must have been pure hell for him - again, and again and again . . .

I'm going to go to the wall here, and guess that Rep. Al Edwards is a Republican.

... Under Edwards' bill, if a school district knowingly permits such a performance ...

Edwards should talk! How do you suppose Bill feels, with Edwards on top of him?!?!?! And at a high school football game, no less?!?!?!

There goes my symbiotic relationship with those cheerleaders...

Got to make it to Austin to listen to the debate on this:

" ... as my esteemed colleagues will note in this video clip, these young ladies are thrusting their pelvises in a manner designed to simulate the act of.... no Mr. Speaker, I will not yield to my esteemed colleague from Padre Island! ... sex, a manner wholly inappropriate for not only the sporting event at which this vile act occurred, but in any public venue...."

(We see your crazy law suggestions Colorado and raise you....Let's see you top this nuttiness)

AlanBoss, I'd have thought Republican too, but according to the Texas House of Representatives web site, he'd a Dem. BS from Texas Southern--maybe it's just football envy.

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