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March 21, 2005


This item gives new meaning to the term "chips and dip."

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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I like their random capitalization of words:
"it is made from an authentic picture LP of Barry Manilow's greatest hits album and We have Shaped it into a chip bowl."

That's about it, though. Everything else is not enjoyable to the eyes.

eeeew ... why would ANYONE want to eat ANYTHING off of BM's chest?

Unsuspecting snackers would get to the bottom of the bowl and....

A warped Manilow album. How quaint. What's next? A shattered Cher album?

He needs a haircut.

Why oh why, for the love of all things decent and holy, did they have to make him naked?

I couldn't have said it better, Doug.



I have to go drink now, and hope to forget...

The ad says: "This is the most unique chip and dip bowl you will ever see. "

Thank God there's not more of them.

(I wonder if the chips and salsa are included?)

Thanks Robert for reminding me:

There is NO SUCH THING as "most unique"!

Unique is a superlative and cannot be qualified.

That said, this is the item that should have come with a warning.

*is wishing they had one with a picture of The Donald*

Everyone seems to be forgetting one thing here...nobody will ever have to listen to that LP again!

the fact that it said 'unique' had me laughing. but, overall - EWWW.


Barry is not naked... now, she wonders, why does Lou imagine that Barry is naked?

Could it be? Nah, I'm sure it is just that you only looked at the thumbnail. That's all, nothing to worry about Lou!


Whoever on this list is outbidding me on this chip/dip bowl on Ebay, please STOP! I gotta have it.

It's up to $10.51!

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