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March 18, 2005


It's time we cracked down on these varmints who steal rams being used in university studies on homosexuality in sheep, not that there is anything wrong with that.

Update: It has come to my attention that judi already blogged this item. I would apologize, but it is not my fault. We're having problems with our RSS aggregator thing.


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Dave, I feel that you and judi are drifting apart...

Homosexuality in sheep? Is that possible? Wouldn't it be Ovosexuality? (Not that there's anything wrong with that)

Since the guy stole a ram, I suppose that is a partial success for the study.

I'm sure some grad student will get a grant to write a case study on interspecie homosexuality as a result.

"Siegert faces DUI charges, but no charges were filed regarding the animal.
So why does the Ram get off without being charged. Methinks PETA is involved somehow.

Hey Dave I sent that in earlier today....so no thanks!..geez...what do I have to do around here to get credit???..Strip????!!!

wow, deva ju

errr....deja vu

Alright who's eyes are they trying to pull the wool over anyhow?

I mean they might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb.

Oh wait, they did steal the sheep. Nevermind.


As an authorized representative of the person to whom you are complaining to, yes you may strip. However, a virtual strip will not be sufficient!

If the truck was a Dodge Ram, then the ram was in bed with another Ram, meaning the guy helped the study. In fact, if it went for the driver, he proved interspecies homosexuality.

If only the ram hadn't tried to have his way by coaxing him into drinking heavily, there wouldn't be much need for charges.

j' tine, strip, baby, strip!

I, for one, will give you a ton of credit.

I find it unnerving that someone is trying to find out if sheep are homosexual, personally.

isn't that the same thing i posted yesterday?

Yes, judi, it is.

Dave apparently ignores your posts.

Frankly, I wouldn't take that if I were you. I mean, he goes to England to do research WITHOUT his research department; and then he ignores your posts. Don't put up with it, woman!! Stand up for yourself!! Let him know whose boss. We've got your back!!!

*leaves to go update resume for possible opening at the Miami Herald.*

Ahhh, just kidding. You know I can't do it to our judi. You're the best.



I dunno, SchadeBoy. Seems to me, someone who wants to find out if sheep are homosexual is probably someone who wants to find out personally.

Or are you just unnerved by the idea of sheep that are homosexual personally? Wait - maybe that's redundant.

Wow..So Ben was on the lamb when he got caught?

Wow..So Ben was caught on the lamb?

I think there's a need for some serious Orgasmatron readjustement.

Yeah, it got blogged already, but I had another shot at improving my comment. Thanks, Dave.

I thought the Greeks already discovered this centuries ago.

If this sheep gets stolen every spring, isn't it possible that the study is really about bestiality among football players?

Frankly, I saw the same story under a MUCH better headline over on Fox News...something like, "Cops Catch Possibly Drunk Football Player with Possibly Gay Sheep."

Its that damn RSS Agitator..

I'm personally unnerved all the time, personally.

I had problems only the other day with my IRS Aggregator. Should we conduct a "sexual study" of the IRS?

i coulda swprn i posted on this thread yesterday. is your aggregator dropping stuff off? i dont even know what it is anyway.

i meant "sworn". its what i get when i dont wear my computer glasses [geezer gaffe].

queensbee, I think a certain cobra has your glasses. He dropped his monocle.

Doesn't remember... right.

This is just of thing that will have people thinking: "Where men are men....and sheep are scared.."

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