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March 18, 2005


How would you like to be the bearer of this unit?

(Via Gizmodo)


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I just have one question...WTF????

Are you supposed to put it on the plant's nose first and then yours? I can never remember . . .

Yeah, that's just weird!

I suppose if they're showing this thing off they must've worked out all the kinks, but I have this awful image of breathing deeply and getting a mouthful of leaves.

Especially during the fall.

aw, it's sweet...

I predict you would pass out after taking approximately 10 steps. How does the rate of respiration come into play? I seriously doubt any plant light enough to tote around on your back is capable of producing enough O2 for you to even take a single breath. Not to mention some poor asthmatic middle-schooler will soon be burdened with yet another reason to beat the living crap out of him when his holistic mom straps one of these on him.

Sucking pollen. Excellent.

*wonders if this would work with a tobacco plant*

I'm with you djtonyb. If they can figure out how to get it to work with a menthol-tobacco plant, even better!

courtroom accessory to mj when umbrella is not available.

The tobacco idea begs, of course, for the release of both a filtered and unfiltered option.

New advertising campaign: the Marlboro man riding off into the sunset with a mini-tobacco plantation diorama strapped to his back. Soo badass.

heh heh..breath from my unit..

Marijuana units available for glaucoma patients.

julietine - you read my mind.

and what is up with the little eye at the bottom of the page?

*dumps out contents*
*Fills with beer*

I'm getting one. Then I'll be Aquaman!

At the League of Justice

Boy Wounder: It looks like another Voracious Villian is terrorizing the world.
Batman: Wake me if he gets to Gotham.
Flash: Hey Wonder Woman! Do you wanna. Dang. Nevermind.
Green Lantern: I forget, what's my power?
Superman: I'll take care of it. You guys just don't bogart all the pizza while I'm out, okay?
Aquaman: I'll alert the fish!
All: Why?
Aquaman: So that, you know, they'll know.
Superman: Take that stupid thing off. You're going to pass out. Do you honestly believe it will let you breathe underwater? And anyway, what makes you think you can communicate with marine animals?
Aquaman: It says it will by my symbiotic breathing buddy. And when I concentrate, waves come out of my head, don't you see them?
Superman: No. Frankly, all I've ever seen is bubbles coming out of your butt. Anyway, you don't even have a plant in there - it's just a bag of salad.
Aquaman: Very funny, guys! Who took my daisies?
Superman: Look, I gotta go save the world, we'll talk when I get back.

Nice sly, very nice.

*passes Djt the parfait*

Last night in class (Dale Carnegie) we had to demonstrate a skill, or an idea in a one mintue speech. A very respectable young lady who is a McDonalds Manager, showed us all how to make what is now become the extremely popular (at least with us) parfaits. I really did keep laughing out loud, and I really wanted to ask when she was finished, "I must have missed a step, so when do add the roach in?"

But I used restraint.

/ off topic tmi

Christobol: I love the dialogue, but it did leave me wondering: why don't I remember this "Boy Wounder" from the cartoon? And what business did he have wounding small children?

What is the cheeseburger getting out of it?

Buddha - I had an epiphany the other day while typing "Boy Wonder", and realized, thru the recovery of the repressed memories of one of my imaginary enemies, that Robin must have, in fact, been a boy wounder.

Or else it was a typo. But I've been sticking with it ever since.

I thought it was just a british thing.

Esther {{sitting here woundering while colouring her toenails}}

Christobol, I must say I have, in the past, shared your suspicions. Robin manages to conduct himself with all cool, faux-innocent demeanor of a hardened killer.

And Esther--it's clear that, if the Boy Wounder had been British, he would have preceded every statement with the giveaway phrase, "Oh dear!" This from an absolute EXPERT on British people.

Buddha, I bow to your superior knowledge of angloology.

Esther (goes back to eating English muffin)

Just in time for Easter...we can be one with the lily.

I think I'd prefer getting symbiotic with an evergreen tree.

But then, I've always been a bit of a sap for conifers. NYUK.


i don't know what you suffer from, and I bet it's hard to pronounce, but dang man, you are awesome!

Hasn't MJ been accused of being a Boy Wounder?

Click the right hand arrow twice and there is a fish-powered aquarium ... so that "a fish that dwells inside can direct the aquarium to anywhere it desires"


ok...You are very funny!..I get you now...

I think "eccentric" might be a little mild for this guy. I agree with julietine ; "WTF"? Anyone who can come up with a mobile fish tank, a sloth machine, a bee hive hat, must have WAAAAAY too much free time.

Obviously, he should be doing something productive, like commenting on other people's blogs.

Lesbian One: Lilith, let's go int the bedroom and strap on the plant units I got us.

Lesbian Two: Like cucumbers? Oh Camille, how big are they? I might rather use the Orgasmatron 5 Million.

Lesbian One: Not cucumbers, some other kind of plant... bigger... I think they're about 40.

Lesbian Two: 40 inches! How big around?

Lesbian One: No, 40 pounds silly! They're perfect for symbiosis.

Lesbian Two: How do we put them on? Our regular straps won't be big enough! Hell yeah for the symbiosis!

Lesbian One: Shoulder Straps.

Lesbian Two: Of course! Why didn't I think of that! Let's go!

Lesbian One: I don't think you and I are talking about the same thing.

Lesbian Two: A forty pound strap on bigger than a cucumber, reinforced with shoulder straps?

Lesbian One: Lets start over.

Julietine gets you now!!!!

*wave of cheers passes through blog, C'bol lifts a triumphant fist of glory to his seething masses*


are we trying to be a little sarcastic here???...I am sorry!!!...I never got his humour before!!!...I apologize!!!....

**goes to paddle herself, really,really hard!**


Need a hand?



The dude in the picture doesn't appear to need a hand, since he's performing a little monoerotic symbiosis on himself.

julietine ... c'bol is an "acquired taste" ... and by that I mean ... once you get a taste of him you want to acquire all his belongings and build a shrine in your bedroom in which to worship his godliness ...

I like how one of the lesbians is named Lilith.

I've felt drawn to the Fair ever since purchasing my first pair of birkenstocks.

Punky..but the question is...is he cute???

julietine - I didn't think TargetGirl was being sarcastic at all - I thought she was happy for you - lets ask her -

TargetGirl, exactly what was your state of mind at the time you made that post?

julietine ... is c'bol cute? No. I'd say cute is a serious understatement. He's more like scorching Georgia pavement in Mid July. That boy is hot!

Damn!...and I am sure married!

yep ... so he's. Ain't it a pisser?

yep ... so's he. Ain't it a pisser?

yep ... so's he. Ain't it a pisser?

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