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March 21, 2005


Watch out.


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"make noise periodically"?
This should not be a problem in the loo.

In a rush to be first, I forgot to wish you a "Good morning Dave." Nice to see you up and about so early on a Monday Morning. Mrs. Blog must be sleeping in after covering the NCAA's over the week-end.
Well, early bird gets the Worm, or in your case the snake.

In my first post, I probably should have added the remaining part of the sentence to make more sense.
"...while cleaning to discourage snakes from entering their space.""

"We'd have staff sitting out in the carpark but here we are expecting outdoor workers to go the toilets with a bucketful of stones rattling."
I can assure you, that if I was to go after the Toilet Snake, my stones would be rattling as well. Although, I don't exactly have a bucket full of stones, more like demitasse cup full.

"described it as reading like a "comic opera""

""It reads like a comic opera," he said."

Reduntant much, a lot?

Thanks Marvin.
I was getting tired holding up this thread.

I had no idea guys were that afraid of snakes. Every guy I've known has made noises in the bathroom. I had no idea they were trying to scare off snakes. Do fathers everywhere teach their sons to pee and then follow up with "Now son, you need to make some racket in here or the snake will getcha."

As a guy, all I can tell you is that I only allow one snake in the bathroom at a time. And yes, the noise technique is handed down from father to son in a secret ritual from which all females are excluded. They (the females) have their own rituals from which all males (thankfully) are excluded.

ha. welcome back from roch'ster - that's how they pronounce it up there.....

Hey, I come reeeeeally close to pronouncing that 'e,' queensbee.

In other news: "The short term solutions included...clearing refuse and vegetation from the area"

So, in other words, they are going to clean the bathrooms so the cleaners can go in and clean the bathrooms...

Hey Marvin,
I think they call that "Government Work". Were it to happen in the US, the Congress would probably come up with a "supplemental appropriation" to cover it. If the DoD were involved, well God only knows what would then happen. Haliburton would get the contract for cleaning the latrine for about 1.5 billion USD.

That's per latrine. Spackling the walls, moving vegetation, and in particular visual contact with any refuse would cost extra (app. 20 million extra US doll-erm, just plain old dollars per hour). We have just hired a couple of Chinese fishermen who will do the job for about ten dollars (but don't tell anyone, or we'll destroy your credibility and you'll never get elected president)

"elementary snake awareness,"

I spy with my little eye, A SNAKE!!

With cleaners like these who needs...... well.... cleaners.
Also... if there are so many cracks in the BATHROOM, big enough for a snake to get through... well, it doesn't seem to be a very private bathroom.

Snakes can fit in holes the size of...well, you don't want to know the minimum size of a snake hole.

"I'd like a report back on what it would cost to provide new toilets, pronto."

Now that's a take-charge politician!

And The Hetherington Street Snakes wbagnfarb.

I've visited Goulburn, which is also home to a giant concrete sheep. Which has a gift shop attached to its butt. And a visitors' center inside. Not to mention its hollowness, complete with staircase, so that one could, if one were so inclined, climb up inside said sheep and look out the little windows that are the sheep's eyes.

I bought a hat there.

"...staff could be trained in "elementary snake awareness,"...

When I was in elementary school (6th grade to be exact) the teachers took all the girls to the library and we had the "snake awareness" talk. Don't they have sex education there?

"...staff could be trained in "elementary snake awareness,"...

When I was in elementary school (6th grade to be exact) the teachers took all the girls to the library and we had the "snake awareness" talk. Don't they have sex education there?

There's such an easy solution to this one... I mean Steve "The Crocodile Hunter" Irwin DOES live in Australia when he's not on Letterman or Leno.

"Watch while I sneak up on the elusive Goulburn Mulwaree toilet snake. He's a shy little one and we don't want to scare him by making too much noise"


"Crikey Terri if you want to fart like that, you should go to the toilet"

"We are in the toilet"

"Oh yeah, but you scared the little fellow away"

"Now, back to hunting... BLIMEY! It's not the toilet snake... but it's a BEAUTY! Just look at that Aussie trouser snake"

"Err... leave me alone mate, you're scaring me"

"But, look at the SIZE of it. Terri, you hold the camera while I go in for a closer look... Terri?"


"Stop that Terri! That bloke has got a huge smile on his face, but that's not how you capture a trouser snake"

"She's got my full attention, mate"



"Well, watch next week as we continue our search for... Terri!"

Short and long term solutions?


Fire bomb the bathroom and build a new one.


Here's a link to a photo of the "Big Merino" mb mentioned and a bit more about the town.

After carefully reviewing the story, I think elle's on the right track here. I'm not at all sure I would want to unwittingly USE a toilet that was not only snake infested, full of refuse and vegitation, but considered an occupational health and safety trap.

And as to his being a take-charge politician, well this IS small-town council politics we're talking about after all...

A huge sheep replica, with a gift store in its butt ...

So many chances ... where should one start ...?

How `bout one of those blue plastic "Port-a-Potty" things they put up at parade sites? I am serious here. I CANNOT visit til they resolve this.`Snakes. It hadda be snakes'

Oooh more toilet snakes! Classic Dave!

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