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February 18, 2005


A criminal mastermind is on the loose.

Key Quote: "He had to quit playing so the deputies could frisk him."

(Thanks tro Drew Harchick)


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I understand they have support groups for people who feel compelled to play Beethoven.

If I broke into someone's house and started playing their piano, I can be pretty sure I'd get shot.

new Fox drama: When 'Peanuts' Characters Go Bad,
Episode 1: Schroeder
(later episodes will have Snoopy licking Australian toads, Charlie Brown injecting steroids into Peppermint Patty, and Lucy serving time in West Virginia for stock fraud.)

Swartzmiller said Chadwell was heavily intoxicated and looking for a friend's party.

Well, thanks for the understatement of the week.

I'm pretty sure that's how Barry Manilow got his big break, too.

How come nobody ever breaks into my house and cleans the carpets, mops the floors, dusts the furniture or plays piano? I just get the lousiest criminals!!! They just take my stuff and leave a mess! Who do you call to request new ones?

The Moonlight Sonata, dare it even be mentioned.

"He played perfect Beethoven."

Anyone else watch the Family Guy episode where Peter could only play the piano while extremely drunk? Funny stuff. :-)

another big night in Tiffin, OH.

At least he didn't start playing his organ.

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