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February 21, 2005


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Jee-Zooks! Those people are so toilet-centric!

Number Two!!

Hey, I sing on the toilet. Doesn't everyone?

As for auto fragrance release systems, I'm way ahead of them on that front, too.

C-bol, you are once again personally responsible for making me spit water thru my nose and mouth onto my keyboard and monitor.

*wipes monitor and drains keyboard*

Does anyone else think these people are obsessed with turdlets?

from what I hear about crowding in Japan, the john may be the biggest room your average Tokyo-yer ever gets to be in alone. May explain the desire to make the most of the time there.

*lights a cigarette and blows smoke at monitor*

Good newsletter this week, C-bol - I'm sending someone over to fix your road as soon as it stops raining here in so.ca. which will probbly be never!

Hey, I need to come out to SoCal in the next couple of weeks; will you see what you can do to get that under control?

I'd put those reservations on hold, horned frog - we here in so.ca. thought an earthquake would send us into the ocean, but now we find out that we will slide into the sea!

If you must come here, bring water wings!

I was out there in early January; I think I still have 'em in my suitcase.

*wonders where wha'happened gets fries served in toilet paper*

It's called a radio and Glade Air freshener.
Total cost; 20 bucks

this website blows

this website blows

I'm with opiesgirl...1600 pounds (what is that, close to $3000?) buys a lot of Lysol.

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