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December 12, 2004


...I'll take you to Mary Poppins.

THanks to Claire Martin)


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I still insist that Claire Martin has way too much time on her hands!


Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down!

Supercalifragalisticexpialidosious - or whatever!

Just a spoonful or arsenic helps the medicine go down ...

And who the hell brings a three-year-old to the theater to see a play anyway?

Ii never knew that the original Mary Poppins was a darker, somber story.

"Here, children, time to take your...err...medicine now. A little sugar will help it go down. Heh heh heh...that's right...drink it all up now. Because if you don't, sweeties, you will be punished! I'll make you jump into a sidewalk chalk drawing of 'The Scream'..."

I've been there, and done that. (right after my grandfather died and it was Christmas) I was 11 yrs. old and living with my grandmother and grandfather. I wouldn't wish it on any child. (to have to face the brutal reality of the adult world at so early of an age.)

Come along, kids!

Round the chimney!
Round the chimney, step in time
Round the chimney, step in time
Never need a reason,
Never need a rhyme
Round the chimney, step in time!

Up on the railing!
Up on the railing, step in time
Up on the railing, step in time
Never need a reason,
Never need a rhyme
Up on the railing, step in time!

Flap like a birdie!
Flap like a birdie, step in time
Flap like a birdie, step in time
Never need a reason,
Never need a rhyme
Flap like a birdie, step in time!

Now jump off the rooftop!
Jump off the rooftop, step in time
Jump off the rooftop, step in time
Never need a reason,
Never need a rhyme
Jump off the rooftop, step in time!

There, that took care of the little bastards...


The things that I do to kids are really quite atrocious
But that's what they'll get from me for being too precocious

y'all stole my line
*&^% capitalists blah blah oppressing the third world workers blah blah

third world bloggers i meant...


You are NASTY!
(I like that in a person. At least you know what to expect. Too syrupy, and the next thing you know you've been stabbed in the back with a magic flying umbrella.)

Nice rhymes, too.

Hi, Lily. Better time zone?

(yawns, wanders off to breakfast)

Hi, Uncle O, nice to see you - yes it's a little early, but think of it as character-building!

*is so excited to see u.o. in person(so to speak)that she can't think of anything clever to say*



You said BOOGER! L!O!L!

I like that in a person. The ability to make me laugh with a single word.

Since you mentioned it tho, (on another thread), I answered one or more of your (not you're, or yore) questions on the ... ?? blog. The one about the brownettes.

Yeah, I always check the day-old stuff, but I've made notes on how many from prior, so I don't hafta slow down if nothing has been added.

Speaking of which, did anyone notice that the spammers invaded the Pumpkin Bombing site?


Wow! Only 10 minutes apart.

That's getting pretty intimate.

(Whispers: "Hey, babe. Wanna see my ... forearms?)

NOTE: That is the best I can come up with on your "needs work, GUYS???" post/question.

Anyone notice that there (not they're or their) is a "Call for Child Sexual Abuse Summit" story on the same original post page?

I thought we had too much problem with them in the first pla ... oh, mebbe I should READ the story, instead of believing the headline ...

an old newsie such as moi ownself shoulda known better ...

wanders off to read the item

Yup. I was wrong, so I was right. (Right in assuming I misread the headline.)

Good item from Aussieland.

I like the quote: "There is never enough that can be done to target people who prey on children."

Target. And I don't mean the famous French Department store.

A related link says they will be watching very closely a convicted paedophile (aussie spelling) to be released from prison in NSW. It further says they have "new child protection watch teams" that may be part of this task.
The guy has over 11 years in jail for this stuff! And he's being released!

Leaping to a (vaguely) connected thot: Does anyone know (not no) what the Child Abuse Problem is/may be like in Osama-land?

Just wondering.

Sorry to get so serious on a Sunday a.m.

Uncle O - interesting story on the other blog - my response is: and?????????????

p.s.I'm not going back there again - too much football on TV -

*10 minutes apart - I'm tingling*


Yeah, WOW!

I dunno if I can stand the excitement ...

(wanders off to take a shower ... the hotel housekeeping is chasing him out of the room so they can go home and watch football on TV)


The operative word is "TARGET" ... spoken by a lifelong hunter and fisherperson.

To get serious back for a sec, one of the areas that i practiced in was Juvenie Dependency, where children are removed from the home becaue of neglect, drugs, abuse, etc., and many times I represented the children - and the most amazing thing was that no matter how badly they had been abused, sexually, physically (without sex) or emotionally, all they ever wanted was to go back home! It was an astonishing pattern -


I see we were only four minutes apart on the other line, at one point.

This is getting eerie.

On the other hand, the "kids wanna go home" thing is understandable (from what I can dismember from my college psych classes and other sources of info since that time ...) in that the home represents a sort of security/sense of belonging ... and that's largely a part of our (human) ethnic culture ... to cling to home and hearth, and family, which will evidence strong ties to either.

I dunno if that made sense, but I hope it clung together somehow for you, syntactally speaking.

Yes, perhaps a bit strange, but (somewhat, at least) understandable.

I offer my own experience to support that premise.

Without too much detail, one of my kids has chosen to remove herself completely from my life ... after a session of spousal abuse that my local Chief of Police termed "one of the worst he's ever seen." [I have photos of when he beat her with the butt of a shotgun and threatened to kill her ...]
Yet she chose to go back to him rather than even trust me to support her in that decision ... after having come to me for help, and living in my home for several months with (I think) relatively little in the way of recrimination or blame or judgemental edict.

So, as I said, understandable ... tho I still don't know why.


This thread turned a bit gloomy--may I steer it back on topic? I loved the Mary Poppins books as a child and hated the Disney movies--why do they always have to wreck my favorite stories? Anyhow, this article amazed me--she wrote Mary Poppins at 10? Like much you see on the web, I don't think that's true. I just searched around a bit and other sources seem to agree she wrote the books in her 30s. Phew--makes more sense.

s. b. ---

Sorry about that, from my spot in the universe, at least.

I din't even know (not no) who Mary Poppins was until later in life, my mother never having read her stuff to me -- or apparently even having read it herself.

Once I could read on my own I had eclectic preferences, but still never experienced MP -- perhaps 'cuz it/she was not publicized greatly in the USA -- until the movie dealie.

So I have no basis to compare -- but I must admit I enjoyed (some of) the music in the movie ... but will also admit that the story is more than just a little cloying ...

It's a fun movie to take your kids to when they're (not there) young!

Half time's over - see you later.

Sandy Beach: (Aside you know I use to know a Sandy Bench?) I too read the Mary Poppins books as a kid and enjoyed them quite a bit after coming to the conclusion that the movie shared nothing but the title. Ditto for the "Wizard of Oz," it makes you wonder why Disney bothers to make things "based on" books at all.

Now while those books are a little messed up at times (I seem to remember a scene where the kids go to a candy shop run by people made of candy who break bits of themselves and sell them) I don't see how it's going to traumatize kids. I think this is something of a publicity stunt on the part of the production.

Of course, this all dove-tails with the child abuse thread. As a youth I was allowed to roam quite freely through the public library. No doubt I’ve been marked for life.

I've always thought Mary Poppins was a little scary.

So, according to the article Travers was 10 when she wrote Mary Poppins. Hmm, that might be a bit innacurate. . .

Banned from Mary Poppins? Might as well ban them from opening their eyes until they're 18.

Banned from Mary Poppins? Might as well ban them from opening their eyes until the age of 18.

So it's suggested for kids 7 and over, and kids 3 and under will not be admitted.

I guess if you're 4-6 they'll let you in, but during the scary parts a clerk will come slap you with a dead bunny, so you don't get emotionally damaged. I guess.

"Just a funnel and a plunger helps the medicine, go down . . . "

Vindicated At Last! For years I ranted about the 'Disneyfication' of Mary Poppins. Julie Andrews, ptah! Margaret Hamilton would have been just perfect. The whole charm of Mary Poppins was that while she was homely, strict, and brusque, she could at any moment whisk those kids into a magical Twilight Zone - where she had as much fun as they did. *Geezer Disclaimer: Yeah, I read all the Mary Poppins books when I was in grade school,in the 50s. WAY better than the freakin' movie...as usual.

c t ...

Yeah, I think I can count on the fingers of one hand, the number of Hollywood projects that have stayed faithful enough to the original story to merit a rating of "Excellent job ... Well done ,.."

At least from moi ownself's POV.

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