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December 13, 2004



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Pshaw! Naw!

BM Hoodie?
B-A-D nfarb, or anything else for that matter

Holy Crap! $60.00 for a cheap hooded sweatshirt that screams, "I have no taste in music!"

OK, maybe I ordered 3 or 9 of them, but now I get to claim it as a self-fulfilling prophecy! Yes! I'm off the hook!

HA! I finally looked at the URL before clicking on the hyperlink when you send us to Barry's Web site. I foiled you! I win! Of course, I still clicked on the hyperlink.

Sixty bucks?!? He ought to be ashamed of himself. Even more than usual!

Hey you know how Mel Torme was refered to as "the Velvet Fog"? We ought to come up with similar a nickname for BM. Some suggestions:

"the astringent enema"
"musical epicac"
"the annoying dweeb"


The blog is welcome to it

How about - Copasetic spewage ?

mudstuffin - "the acoustic emory board"

I would totally wear that, just to see people's reactions.

Have yourself a Barry little Christmas.

The second part of that page's title should have been "And into the dumpster"

I would wear that but only to ransack the Beckham nativity scene...

Yep! That's what Dave wants for Christmas. And he's going to name his next son Barry Barry.


I can just see it - Dave will end up with about 12 of those jackets now.

Jeff - Dave has a sense of humor, sure, but even he must have limits. I'm guessing he'd report us to the Feebs as terrorists if he got one of those jackets for Christmas. I'm sticking with my original plans and getting him a strait one.

$60 for a sweatshirt that screams to everyone "I AM GAY!"..not that there's anything wrong with that...

"I wear the clothes that make the whooole world cringe..."

As in ... turnip truck?


I missed that part ... must've been the projectile vomiting that blocked my view.

Not in THIS millennium ... not for THAT1

mudstuffin: the Pathetic Blahs ... ?

Actually, I think that belongs in the "those terrorist bastards" category ...


--- This is NOT spam. This is NOT spam ---

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With apologies to those that have already contributed:

We are putting together a farewell-from-weekly-column-writing card for Dave, and we are trying to get everyone to sign it by the end of December.

Please ensure you have signed the card soon - click this link to find out how.

*** That is all. That is all. ***

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