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December 17, 2004


But we don't care.

(Thanks, this time, to Erendira Brumley)


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Was it last year? Seems much more recently than that... oh wait, I'm confusing my blog threads!

Between this and the paintings, the male bloggers will have permanent retinal damage.

good for sweaty feet and severe lacerations of the foot.

This woman should use that glue gun to tack one of these slippers onto the menstrual painting woman to prevent her from EVER painting with that again...

They go on your feet?! To think I've been using them incorrectly all these years ...

just kidding ... I use cotton ponies ... none of that diaper deal for me.

*gasp* you mean SATAN'S FINGERS???


Thanks Leetie!

thanks punky.

we just met, but it's like I've known you forever.

stranger ... yeah, I get that a lot. :)

Did she mention that they also come in red?

Maybe Ms Slipper and the ..ummmm.. "artist" are the same person. After all, she obviously has no other use for "feminine hygiene products"

Just wanted to say that this is the thirteenth consecutive post without some idiot yelling 'FIRST!' Someone said 'last,' which is close but in the spirit of the holidays we won't count it. Jeff M mentioned 'first' but only indirectly and that post was supposed to be second anyway. Keep up the good work!

And: Icky.

elle ... LOL.

Marvin - we may be sorry you pointed that out.

Her: Oh no! It's Xmas eve and I forgot to get your mom a gift honey!

Him: Quick! What can we find?

Her: Oh, I think I have the perfect present. Don't worry, I'll take care of it.

*She makes maxi pad slippers*

Him: Those are great. Mom will love them. Where did you find this unusual padding material?

Her: Like I said, the perfect gift.

is anybody else having trouble with the gif at the top of the blog loading?

(does anybody else think it's funny to imagine his or her parents trying to parse that sentence?)

By the way, this is a hilarious website (speaking as a woman who has had to wear many a hideous creation for some delusional bride).

I once had a really good friend try to convince me that at her wedding we should be pulled in a horse drawn carriage - which doesn't sound bad until you consider it is Saskatchewan in February.

yah okay...but wont those stick to the floor?

Some might say that

Martha and the Mentruals


Some might start singing an old Supertramp song

Bloddy well right

So you think your monthly time has come
I guess it’s hard not to see
I give you chocolate, but you call me dumb
But with your tummy cramping and headachy
Right, you’re bloody well right
You know you got a right to paint
Right, you’re bloody well right
You know you got a right to shave
Ha-ha you’re bloody well right
You know you’re right to spray
Yeah-yeah you’re bloody well right
You know you’re right to paint
Me, I don’t care anyway!
Smear your problems down on canvas
Take them to a show, No, It's not a disgrace
We really need the money - Load up on the bus
Wow, that one's an uncanny resemblance to DaveBarry's face
Right, quite right, you’re bloody well right... etc.

That's what I meant, Jeff. I was just covering all the bases so if someone was to actually go and look to see if I was lying or whatever. Your first was in reference to the first day of Christmas, I think. And also, a couple posts later you said something along the lines of how the post that posted first was supposed to be posted after the second post (which would make the second post the first post, which was devoid of firsts). I didn't mean it to sound like you were one of those people who try to work in 'first' in a clever way to their posts to avoid saying it while at the same time saying it.

25th or 6th to 4th!


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