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December 17, 2004


Fabulous downtown Dildo.

(Thanks to thornapple river)


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on the southeastern Dildo Arm...

Well, THAT certainly creates an odd visual.

I hear it's a very stimulating place.

Well Somewhere North should be happy now, you've got some Newfies in here for her.

Good job!

Here are a few other place names from Newfoundland for your amusement:

Blow Me Down
Come By Chance
Conception Bay
Coxs Cove
Deep Bight
Gros Morne
Ha Ha Bay
Hooping Harbour
Jigger Tickle
Ming's Bight
Naked Man Hill
Nippers Harbour
Random Sound
Seldom Come By
Slambang Bay
Witless Bay

On a completely different topic, did anyone realize that the ruler of Bhutan is named King Jigme Singye Wangchuck? Really!

and there's a giant squid replica in the museum! as well as giant 'other' things ,no doubt.

Oh so many comments that I do not know where to start!...the Dildo Museum interpretive centre! I wonder if they need "volunteers"

"The community has the roadside attraction of a wooden lifesize humpback whale head..."?

This summer the ladies will go
To see the fast growing Dildo!
Dildo Days Historic
Will make them euphoric
And they値l leave with faces aglow!

I wonder how fast the city limits signs get stolen. I mean, who WOULDN'T want a "Now Leaving Dildo" sign on their wall?!

...the shape of the headland...

Are you freakin serious?

Memorable quotes:
South dildo whale head.
Dildo island.
History and culture of dildo, with photos.

What do they mean, photos of dildos?

I never knew dildos had so much culture.

Since we all know (not no) that dildoes are a sham and merely man-made substitutes (not that there's [not theirs] anything WRONG with that), it follows that the devices are not capable of "impregnation" [except under certain controlled labratory conditions], so with that fact in mind, it would seem obvious that the bay in question must be "Immaculate Conception Bay," n'cest pas?

That is, been there (Dildo), but didn't do that (dildo).

Been there, but didn't do that.

By the way, thanks judi.
We need the blog.

I'm guessing back in the day, a fair amount of drinking went on in Newfoundland.

Then after the drinking, they set about naming their villages.

Kinda of scares me to ask what they've named their kids.

in the 80s there was a musical called 'Chess' about a tournament in Thailand, the only song from it that made the radio was called 'One night in Bangkok' so all I can think of is:
One night in Dildo
You'll forget your boyfriend ! ...
(imitation Kelly Ripa voice: 'I don't know what any of that is, Reeg!')

wasn't 'Steely Dan' the name of an ummm... appliance in a William Burroughs book ?

"The Worms are currently based in Toronto."

I'm so proud. My hometown made it into the blog. Carol - with that rendition you have got to be a Newfie.

Slyeyes....What do they call their children? Funny you should ask, but one guy from Dildo was in Toronto working when his wife went into labour and gave birth to their twins, a boy and a girl. The guy's brother had the duty of naming the kids so when the man returned from the big city he asked his brother what he had called the children. "Well, the girl I called Denise. The boy I called Denephew....."
I'm an honorary Newf by the way, so put down the cod you're about to throw at me.

shauna - for shame, girl!

throws half a bottle of Screech to shauna

Have some more. it will only improve your jokes.

Me mudder is from Sandy Cove. She has a cousin named Dorkus, who lives just outside of Corner Brook. Apparently, "Dorkus" not an uncommon name? ... says the landlubber.

Long live Newfies!

I'm with you girls! Too bad this was posted when none of the Newfies (or Canadians) were online. Or maybe that was a good thing.

*drinks more screech. Curses mainlanders*

RE the fish hatchery: Great bumpersticker=


The "ummm" was named in the novel NAKED LUNCH.

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