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December 13, 2004


He'd better not be comin' down my chimney.

(Thanks to Mahatma Jane)


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Mahatma Kane Jeeves - good to see one to your credit.


And yes, what could be more creepy than Santa? "He sees you when you're sleeping...He knows if you've been naughty or nice..." Creepy...

MKJ - if you get married, will your wife be Mahatma Jane?

Any relation to Calamity?

Sean - you sure that didn't belong on the Ferocious Toilet Research thread?

If Santa teamed up with the Japanese toilet manufacturers we'd hear:
He sees you when you're peeing
He knows if you are 'late'
He knows if your BMs are good
So eat a prune, for goodness sake !

Inspire by Sean

Felice Paper Wad,
Felice Paper Wad.
Felice Paper Wad. Crinkled up paper did the job.

I wanna wish you a creepy Christmas,
I wanna wish you a creepy Christmas.
I wanna wish you a creepy Christmas, from the bottom of the Blo-o-og!

Sure Santa's creepy - he's in and out of everyone's house in one night.

I did it to my neighbours and I got 6 months in jail - and that was only ONE house!

Sheesh. Santa must have pictures of George Bush with Greg Hill's llama or something - bloody favoritism....

Hey, I thought we got rid of this problem!

*grumble mumble mutter sputter spit*

Great. Now I will have to buy all that Hydrocodone stuff.

(Hey, I guess spam DOES work!)

Just skimming here - must buy drugs for Santa Claus?

Jeff: She does it just to get my goat.
(that's the first time I've used that expression, must be approaching geezerhood ...)

Mahatma, that's quite the interesting pseudonym
you're sporting there. I hope you enjoyed my new
DVD box set.

"I'm sitting on something"

"I lost mine in the stock market"

Yeah, I borrowed the WC Fields name because of a lack of my own good ideas. I also use 'Otis Cribblecotis' on other blogs for the same reason. Unfortunately, I'm the only WC Fields fan in my family, so it's hard to justify shellin' out for the DVD set.

I wish Santa gets some pr to this page.

Sean: L ! O ! L ! ... a Looooong time !!! TNX muchly.

W'coo: !!!

Yeah that drug spammer is on several of the 1-2-3 day-old blogs ... but he's early here ...

Nobody even made a reference to Santa coming down judi's chimney. Bunch of slackers!



Should we ask about when Santa is coming down judi's chimney?

There. Better now?

If guys "getting on in years" are called geezers, what is the female counterpart called? geezette?


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