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December 17, 2004


Perhaps they're asking the wrong person.

(Thanks to Todd Benatovich)


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I think we could find plenty of "Pop-Tart Experts" in both frosted and non-frosted categories.

He also put melted sugar frosting and crystals directly on the switch's unprotected moving rod

Maybe we should declare a Frosting Day as well as Chocolate Day? Can't start a fire (in your pants) without a spark, after all.

This sounds like a job for...


Wait - didn't Dave already do this in his back yard with help from an enthusiastic neighbour???

I wonder what happens if you put a thermometer in a toaster?

Great post Marvin - very funny!

*on an aside, wonders why the Cox Cable TV truck is driving up and down in front of my house, pulling up partway in my driveway and then resuming drive-by*

If I don't post again, please call 911.
Thank you.
Carry on.

COX CABLE? OMG, go stop that truck!!! Thats LOTS better than a phone!

"U.N. weapons inspectors continue their search for stockpiles of BPMD (Breakfast pastries of mass destruction). Efforts are concentrated in the Battle Creek, MI. area."

Flaming Pop-tarts wbagnfarb.

klnn - I already have Cox Cable TV - that's why the truck was making me nervous - but it seems to be gone -
Carry on.

*fixes a Cherry Pop-Tart but keeps toaster on low setting*

Mad, *here's* the experiment you should have done in the class Monday...

I have actually had this happen once.
I put the pop-tarts in, then head out. About 15 minutes later, when the pop-tarts are forgotten, I take dishes to the kitchen.
THis is what results:
Me: *Walking right past FLAMING TOASTER* Oh, something smells odd.... *Notices toaster* ....AAAAAAAAH!

Our cabinents are still scorched.

Weasel - cooking class was later in the day.

at least they have grounds for Apeal

Well... that just flames my "pop-tarts"

" melted sugar frosting and crystial on the switch's unprotected moving rod ..."

Mebbe a condom would help?

(M/PA: I had that thought BEFORE I read your post. Which BTW, was pretty funny!)

Eleanor & klynn: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You guys really crack me up!

However, El, if that truck has you worried, you should see the truck I drive. Not to be outlandish or something, but it has over 400 feet of hose on board.

[Personally, I prefer Toaster Strudel (TM).

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