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December 19, 2004


The bloggerette provided

Three (or more) French men

Two men with doves

And a semi-naked man in a tree


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Re: first link. Did I miss one?

Bon jour, judi

Merci beaucoup -

*goes out to get croissants*

Ok, I just read Dave's article.... and I guess I am really behind on my Dave news... what happened to Zippy and Earnest?! I use to love reading about their little happenings. Did they go to doggy heaven?

Citroens are getting seriously funky these days. these new models will turn traffic jams into... toe jam.

*follows Eleanor around the corner for a croissant, whistling, looking as though vehicilar toe jam has never crossed her mind*

Can I get a Cafe au Lait with that? Thanks.

Vehicilar Toe Jam wbag... Mmmm, maybe not.

Voicemail:Hello, you've reached the offices of Rep. Dewey Bratz of Pennsyltucky, brat's congressperson. If you'd like to make a campaign contribution, press 1. If you'd like to make a complaint about Judi posting things on Dave Barry's blog, please press 2. If you're calling for Bratz's Citroen, please press 3. If you'd like to speak with Bratz himself, please stay on the line.*2*Voicemail: If you'd like to complain about the lack of activity during the holidays, please press 1. If you want to complain about Judi claiming her posts involve naked men even though they don't, please press 2. If you're complaining about Judi posting naked men on a family blog, please press 3. If you're calling to complain about 3 French Men, please stay on the line and Bratz's Citroen will speak with you as soon as it is available.

Where is Germany when we need it most? I guess at the very least, she didn't have a close-up of the two hairy Frenchmen falling out of their thongs. Ick!!!!

Tomorrow will be telephone repairmen I'm sure. When you women look at those, think of what the guy will look like in 45 years. There is a retired phone guy who just did some wiring work on my friends' home. I'm sure he was all that in his day, but he has an "I wear the suspenders because I need to" belly and sweats profusely in utterrly obscene patterns.

Still dreading Monday... will she play on "golden" or "rings"? I don't wanna know. However, if Judy were Michael Jackson, she'd play on "5".

*speed reads every blogentry with comments*
It deals with boogers.

oh, when the French maid part was posted on the blog ever-so-briefly last night, someone (not me,I swear on a box of ColonBlow!) did post 'first'.
*i love tattling*

I swear that when I clicked on the French Drag Queen photo, the fuse box tripped, and the power went out in the room the computer is in. The power is back on but I'm afraid to click anymore of Judi's links. And I usually enjoy Judi's links.

My sentiments, exactly.


I think one link would suffice for a spam.. seeing 200 links is not going to make me go "oh look, with that many links they must be good!"

MzVette - the attempted links aren't for us. They is for the search engines. Many use link frequency to help decide what to show (and in what order) for a particular search. Most, however, are not fooled by this trick since they count the number of pages that reference another page, not the total number of references. Cash tends to be more effective.

Sorry, I'll stop now.

"I is"
"You be"
"They is"
"We is"

Isn't that the way you learned it?

a song for bodazhang et. al.
Blogs Are Burning
(apologies to Midnight Oil)

Inside the PRC
A 'bodazhang' spews out its goo.
The spammer's credo:
The Net is free, just read it. C'est la vie!

The time has come
To put an end
to all this crap
To destroy these 'friends'

The time has come
A fact's a fact
The blog belongs to us
Let's take it back!

How can we post while the spam keeps churning?
How can we sleep while our blog is burning ?

The spammers would like
to sell to you
Fake fentermine
and fake 'roo roo'
The spammers credo:
the Net is free: Just read it. C'est la vie!

The time has come
to say fair's fair
(except for spam)
we want to share

the time has come
a fact's a fact
The Blog belongs to us
Let's take it back !

How can we post while the spam keeps churning?
How can we sleep while the Blog is burning ?

(repeat and fade)

Lets see - Sandra Bullock with Amazon suit and the Olson sisters....nope. OK, Sandra B, Amazon suit, and Halle Berry...uh... nope. I'll have to get back to ya.

nice tune insomniac!

If nava could put a .jpg in the Post Comment field and the .jpg had letters that needed to be entered in order to accept the post. That would put a dent into the automatic spamming.

insomniac: well done!


--- This is NOT spam. This is NOT spam ---

--- Only 11 More Days Left to Sign the Card! ---

With apologies to those that have already contributed:

We are putting together a farewell-from-weekly-column-writing card for Dave, and we are trying to get everyone to sign it by the end of December.

Please ensure you have signed the card soon - click this link to find out how.

*** That is all. That is all. ***

now we've got rid of bodazhang... and cristobol.
*wonders if cure isn't worse than disease*
*feels responsible for posting inflammatory song*

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