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December 17, 2004


The blog gave to me

A semi-naked man in a tree

(Thanks to rhealist for the idea)


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He wasn't naked at all. I'm disappointed.

If those dogs pictured are this guy's balloon animals, well, heck, that's worth the price.

Uh-oh - if you got this idea from rhealist, that means...

*counts fingers and toes, unzips zipper*

We have eleven more days of this!!!!!


Judi's gift to herself.. messing with the bloglits minds. I think she's doing it on purpose. Or maybe porpoise.
I was hoping for a semi-naked man. *sighs*
Ah well.

Jeff - happened to me the other day - I replied and my reply appeared before the other blogger's comment. At the time I thought I was unique and amazing. Now I know I'm not unique.

I'm still disappointed though.

Well girls, perhaps we could suggest that Judi redo this and make it a game where you remove Spidey's clothes. That would be a productivity enhancer for sure!

Hey - judi - where's the "semi"? But thank you so much for posting, and why, wven tho there are 5 or so posts, does it still show (0)??????

Higgy - we Blogettes want 11 more days, so you should be saying:

well, i DIDN'T put the warning on, so you might have guessed....

too bad my mum's here...

Judi--luv ya, when do we get a fully nekkid one?
and how abt one on a pole?
P.S--Merry Xmas!!!

You're right, judi, I am properly chastized -
*goes into corner and hangs head in stupidity*

well it's only the FIRST day of Xmas...im guessing the clothes come off one by one...Right Judi?

*feels very excited Xmas*
*designs a stocking that's 6 feet tall*
*realizes she has no chimney*

Judi - thank you for posting. We appreciate it. Please don't give up.

I guess his lower calf counts as semi naked.

We blogettes are very demanding....

Somewhr North--mind if i hang my stocking at ur place?

yeah, but you can Adam West to come to your house for FREE, AND he cleans and cooks.

weeeeee tripleposts!!!!
and i came twice!!!
wait...sth doesnt sound rite...

It looks to me like those dogs are looking for a place to piddle.

I wonder if that will make his spidey-senses tingle?!?

Occupational hazard...?

Come on over Bangi. Together we'll undress Spidey. Judi - you in?

"Spider Man! Spider Man!
Does whatever a Spider Can!
Can he...

Lady, for the last time, tell your son I am NOT
a pinata. If he whacks me with a stick one more
time I'm losin' it

Can he swing from a thread?
Take a look....OOOOOOPPHHHH.


Somewhr North *sings* " come on over, come on over bangi"

Bangi& Somewhr North:
hey spidy dont u know,
we got sth goin on,
we like ur tights,
they're nice and all
but we'd like u better in underpants...

yah we know
its degrees
below zero

but we will
make sure
ur twinkie
turns not to icicle


spidyman, spidyman
hope he has a medical plan...

also how come they don't have a pink pwr ranger available ?

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