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December 28, 2004


Ho. Ho. Ho.

(Thanks to Dave Paul)


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Insom - not Goatpu$$y?

Paint Your Goat
The Goat Thief
Top Goat
Stand By Goat (or Goat By Me)
Happy Goatmore

Kaf, you here?

My head is totally stuffed, and if you can't breathe you can't sleep. It's amazing what they show on late night TV too. Killers From Space with a very young Peter Graves, for one.

Bonnie and Goat
Goat Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Goat Day Afternoon
Goats From Space
The Goat's Guide to the Galaxy

Still here, Jeff...

Oh... and Goats From Space.

*loves Jeff some decongestants*

Have a good night.

I'm not too far from bed, I hope! I hope you get back to sleep again, too..

kibby forgot "The Sum of All Goats"

Thanks insom, knew I missed something.

Everytime I go (Disney), one of my friends who happens to be working has to call Alpha (emergency).

Note to self: DON'T go to Disney with Crash!

Rita, you are a masochist. No one else could love the Tower of Terror! - Jeff

kibby thinks he's going to ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS THING!!!

Note to self #2: Look for rita's seats; last row in the middle

It was an indication of bedtime when the Wonderful World of Disney came on (at 8 pm blog time?) Sunday nights. It's ending signalled bedtime and we all wanted to watch even with the pending doom. kibby's Grandparents retired to Orlando a year or so before The Magic Kingdom opened. On our FIRST! visit we got to go. Two lasting memories of that trip are the "plastic" grass (FL bahia grass) and the monorail going through the hotel - amazing. So SCI FI! So in keeping with "The Future made better by Science" of the '70s. kibby was fortunate to take in EuroDisney on opening day. (2 down, 2 to go?)

*understands rita's tears*

... shouldn't we be including synopsis of our "Goats"?

Missed this earlier BrianB!!!

ok, out of my system now. btw, I e-mailed eadn at his last known addy and haven't gotten anything back yet.... *pouts*

Happy Birthday Bis!

Happy birthday, too, Bis! I hope it's wonderful.

Kibby, it's always so difficult to say goodbye, as you know. It wasn't bad at Christmas because I knew that I was flying back down in a week, but now I don't know when I'll be able to go back until summer, and Avery is begging me to come back "tomorrow". I can't imagine having a child living so far away; it's bad enough with grandchildren.

Tower of Terror is the best ride ever, although Peter Pan's Flight runs a close second in my book. It's a very simple ride, but it is just perfect.

People generally aren't pronounced dead at the Magic Kingdom; they're transported to Disney's hospital for that. That's why I said that no one dies at Disney.

A guy from this area was at It's a Small World (you're welcome) when a little kid fell between the boat and the wall. He jumped in and saved the kid. All kinds of publicity up here about that.

Why they keep Mission: Space open is beyond me. Too many people have been injured or died because of it. Seems like Disney's lawyers would close it down. Jennifer often works at the gift shop at that one, and people are always asking her how dangerous it is and if it's going to be closed.

Going to Tokyo anytime soon, kibby?

Hi Kaf and Kibby and Jeff and El and everyone else who welcomed me back.

Kaf, you're right! I have been in Cincinnati! I was also briefly in Dallas, TX and Jasper, NY. More to the point, I've just been really busy. I started going back to school last fall and it took up a lot of my time when combined with taking care of CMB and P as well as working full time plus the holidays.

I'm between semesters right now, but as soon as my course materials get here, I'll be back in to spring semester. I'm really going to try and stick around here though during the semester.

I also have a lot of travel coming up in the next 4 months so it'll be a little hit and miss. I'll be in Lexington and Louisville, KY, New Orleans, LA, Washington D.C. and probably other places that I've forgotten.

I gotta jump back in with:

The Goatfly Effect
Sex, Lies, and Goat

Good morning Moaties!

I am going through a bunch of stuff in the basement and came across an album that made me stop in my tracks. I figured that it simply MUST be on the worst album cover list. And it is!

I have a price sticker on it from a few garage sales ago. "Free!" I couldn't give it away. *snork!*

(JU got it when he worked at a stereo store long ago)

Now. What should I do with it?

Happy Birthday, Bismuth, wherever you are.

Kaf, I did get back to sleep - barely - from about 5 to 8. It was not a good night.

Kibby, enjoy the ride. I don't begrudge the enjoyment to you or rita or her grandkids, it's just not for me.

Leetie, that's great. If you wiki newly elected Congressman John Hall they have the Orleans album cover from thet Joyce/Tino worst covers list!

rita, see that Tigger's been accussed of hitting a kid? On the MB

Oh yes, Jeff. I wrote this:

"One of my family members works for Disney, sometimes in "entertainment". I've read the guidelines given to their "entertainers". The "entertainers" are supposed to be in a particular height-range for each character, but my 5'7" female family member is rated to wear costumes that are for people 6'5". If she refuses to wear one that she can't see out of, she'll be fired. She was Buzz Lightyear once and pretended that the huge arm shields didn't fit, so she got out of that one, but that big old Country Bear, which she can't see out of and can't breathe when she wears it, and almost passed out while wearing it, well, damn, too bad, gotta wear it if you want the job.

Not that the pay is good, but she gets free passes to the park.

Also, as far as I know, they're not unionized. She hasn't said anything about it.

Whoever said that Tigger probably swatted the kid while turning around is more than likely right. She said that there's no peripheral vision, and the costume is so unwieldly that Tigger can't help but brush people when "he" turns or makes any move at all.

And whoever said that the "entertainer" was a probably a teenage girl or boy is also probably right. My daughter is one of the very few "entertainers" over the age of 20."

Also, everyone who is rated to wear a particular costume has to be able to autograph stuff, even though they usually can't see or feel what they're doing. They're given each character's autograph and they have to be identical, no matter who's in the costume.

So many rules for so little pay.

*zips in*

Disneyland has always had very strict rules.

But it's the cleanest theme park ever, so I guess that's the trade off.

Hunt for Red Goat
Plot Outline: In 1984, the USSR's best goat herder and their newest goat violates orders and heads for the USA. Is he trying to defect, or make cheese?

Goat Games
Plot Outline: When CIA Analyst Jack Ryan interferes with an assimalation, a renegade goat targets him and his family for revenge.

Clear and Present Goat
Plot Outline: CIA Analyst Jack Ryan is drawn into an illegal war fought by US government sheep against a Colombian goat herd.

Sum of all Goats
Plot Outline: CIA analyst Jack Ryan hunts down a herd of goats who plan to detonate fudge over the Super Bowl. Jack Bauer guest stars.

The Goating Fields
Plot Outline: An American citizen is trapped in Cambodia stirring Pol's Pot during a goat cleansing campaign.

The Great Goatsby!
Plot Summary: Nick Carraway, a young Midwestern sheep herder, finds himself fascinated by the mysterious past and lavish lifestyle of his neighbor's goat.

Around the Goat in 80 days.
Plot Outline: A bet pits a British inventor, a Chinese thief, and a French artist on a adventure that they can circle a goat in 80 days.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Goat.
Plot Summary: Admiral Nelson takes a brand new atomic goat through its paces when Van Hailen's Belt explodes.

The Wild Goats of Wango.
Plot Summary: On the tropical island of Wongo, a tribe of beautiful goats discover that the other side of the island is inhabited by a tribe of
handsome men.

The World According to Goat
Plot Summary: Based on a Johnney I novel, this film chronicles the life of T S Goat, and his mother, Jenny. Whilst T S sees himself as a "serious" goat.

*Buys tickets to see Kibby's movies*

Jeff got posted!

*goes back to heinz further*

BRAVO to my partner!

Alternate plot summary for Goat Games:

A 14 year old boy, showing off for a 14 year old girl, decides to play a computer game, ThermoNuclear War, which hacks into the Pentagon computer. Hilarity and chaos ensue and the United States is brought to the brink of extinction, until a game of Tic Tac Toe solves the problem.

I can't imagine having a child living so far away; it's bad enough with grandchildren.
Rita, I said something very similar to the first half of your sentence yesterday. My mother rang, and was talking about her Asian homestay students. I said "Mum, they're (two girls) 9 years old! If I had a 9 year old, I wouldn't send them halfway across the world unless there was a relative or close friend they could stay with! There's just NO FRICKING WAY." These two girls were in separate bedrooms when they first arrived on Monday, and after their first school day, the translator (they don't understand any English at all..) pulled Mum aside and said (Child A) was scared to sleep alone, could she possibly share Child B's room? Mum said "if she doesn't mind a matress on the floor, no problem!" When she went into their room that night, the two girls were curled up in the same bed, holding onto each other. That breaks my heart just a little..
Meanwhile, I was there last night because Mum was having problems using the calling card that one of the girls had to use to ring her parents back in Korea. Turns out that if you follow the instructions, it works perfectly. Don't tell my mother, because I don't think she believes me. I wrote it all out, but much larger than it was written on the back of the calling card, so Mum won't have trouble reading it, and the girl got to talk to her parents for a few minutes (she could have talked for up to the 109 minutes left on her card, but she hung up after a couple...)

*yawns n stretches* Coffee isn't the same with Equal rather than real sugar. It's also not the same if you have to drink extra water to cover the coffee you drank. That's the worst thing so far about dieting. I'll get over it, I swear.

Some television programmes (I can't afford many more movies..)

M*A*S*G (yes, I know it was a movie, too.. but the movie hasn't been in reruns for 25 years)
Goats In Trees
Goat's Company
Sex & The Goat
Six Goats Under
Arrested Goat/Goat Development
My Wife & Goats
The Goat Couple
The Man From G.O.A.T.
Goat Smart
The Rockwell Goat/The Goat Files
Magnum G.I.
Remington Goat
The Young Goats
Goat Beach
L.A. Goat


Hope it's not Bismal.....

(and here when I thought I had a bad case of heartburn it was just my twin's disturbance in the goat so near me to my south)

GOAT 90210!

oooh... John Mayer! Yummy!

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIS! Eat some vegetables and have a great day!!

Thanks, Kaf. I've sent a bunch of good stories in lately but until today they were all ignored.

I wish you didn't start the TV thing, but:

Goat's Anatomy
American Goat
Goat in the Family
Goat and Son

Family Goat
Cagney and Goat (and vice versa)
Starsky and Goat (ditto)
Goat For Hire
CSI: Goat or CSG: (Insert city here)

Oh, and every variation of Goat Trek that you can think of.. please fill in your own blanks.

Kaf, I can't imagine any parent letting her 9-year-old daughter go to spend the night with a friend who isn't known by her mother, much less to another country where she can't even speak the language. Poor little girls. How on earth can this be a positive experience for them?

I've been filling in my own blanks for years.

Rita, is it possible that you are judging the actions of a person from a culture that is completely foreign to you by using the values and expectations of your own culture?

Jeff, did you go outside so you could experience the stink hanging over parts of the city?

I would have. Hell, I'd sell tee-shirts.

Yes, Lab, I'm basing it on how I'd have felt at that age. I don't know how their culture would deal with it.

There's a Japanese exchange student (17) here; she's doing very well.

What substance streams away from volcanoes in destructive flows called lahars?

I left my home when I was just an infant. Well, it wasn't by choice, obviously - my father sent me away. He was (rightly) convinced that our people would soon destroy our planet, so he sent me on a journey across space to land here on your planet. I never knew my father, and I still resent him.

Jor-El, what were you thinking?!? You know how much pressure you put on my shoulders, making me the LAST SURVIVOR of Krypton? Holy binary star systems.

pyroclastic (sp) flows

I didn't realize how much I missed Lab's curmudgeon-ness.

What is mud penis?

Was I curmudgeonly? I was just asking Rita a question. And looking at an opportunity to make some dough.

Don't forget the Goatrix, Goatrix reloaded and whatever the last one was called


Welcome back Brian!

I was bigbird once at a grand opening of a large home improvement store that rhymes with Moe's. I could see out of the head fine, the problem was the beak. Everytime I wanted to look at the child hugging bigbird I would wack them in the head with the beak. After a few tears I finally gave up looking and just randomly patted whatever was hugging me. I guess that could have lead to trouble. When I worked at a theme park in VA now owned by paramount (but it wasn't then) All of the characters were required to have not 1, but 2 escorts so that the characters would not trample children. Me and Barney Rubble had a thing going that summer.

Oh, that Barney Rubble. What an actor.

When I was in a conference in Vancouver many moons ago there were a lot of young korean girls staying at Univ. british Columbia for the summer. I would guess they were probably around 12. They were so anxious to practice speaking English with everyone. It was fun. I don't think Americans are like that. Very few have such a passion for languages especially at such a young age. Well at least not where I grew up.

my favorite goat trek was 'deep space goat'...

only yuppie geezers will have watched 'goatysomething'...or 'st. goatswhere'.

I grew up in a very multicultural area. We all had to learn to be fluent in redneck, hillbilly, southern, and midwestern. Some of us could even speak eastern well enough to get by, too.

...happy birthday, bis!

This NYT article chronicles many nose-in-cheek attempts to explain the stink in Manhattan yesterday. Everybody's favorite: “The animal that has taken residence on top of Donald Trump’s head, masquerading as hair, has finally died.” -George S. on the Empire Zone blog

NY Times? Is that some sort of newspaper?

Lab, was that from "Night Goat" or Goat Shift?"

Law & Order: SGU (Special Goat Unit)

I saw somewhere that Jersey said to New York, "Pull my finger".

Have you displayed one or more bumper stickers on your automobile in the last 12 months? If yes, please list each bumper sticker.

What are your feelings, either positive or negative, about psychiatrists, psychologists or other mental health professionls?

And many many more. 10 pages of questions.

I have been summoned for jury duty...in February.

As it happens, I think I can get out of it. Yes, I know I should serve.


I have heard of the case being tried. I remember doing stories about it. Not personally investigated, (as in talk to the authorities myself) but I did use it in my news...I remember it.

Pages of questions to answer. And the form is to be returned in 3 days. Or 5 days. Or 2 days.

And really. If I can't show up for jury duty in shorts and a t-shirt, with or without writing, or a tank top, or a hat, or with a pocket knife...what's the fun? I can't even bring any reading material.

Heh, the big apple is turning to cider.

Oh....Happy Birthday Bis!!!

And the playlist for today...

Wednesday 1-10-07 All Request Lunch Hour
“Commotion” Creedence Clearwater Revival
“Slow Hand” Pointer Sisters
“In A Little While” Uncle Kracker
“Still The One” Orleans
“Honky Tonk Women” Rolling Stones
“Rainy Night In Georgia” Brook Benton
“I Never Dreamed” Lynyrd Skynyrd
“If This Is It” Huey Lewis and the News
“I Melt With You” Modern English
“No Such Thing” John Mayer
“Walk On Water” Eddie Money
“A Day In The Life” Beatles
“I Know You’re Out There Somewhere” Moody Blues

To the second question:

You can get anything you want, at Alice's
...except Alice that is.

if i get called for jury duty, it's because of 9/11... see i didn't have any state-sanctioned ("if you don't drive, you don't deserve to be a person") but to get on airplanes i had to get one...
"they say" they also use voting records and property records but i don't think so since i've been voting and owning property for some time now.

i was on a federal jury for 2 months back in s.fla. never again if i can help it!

susan, get wcre to say you're indispensable (which you are), pronto!

IMHO, the best get-out-of-jury-duty strategy is still to show up in a Star Trek uniform and eagerly explain your knowledge of the Prime Directive and Starfleet regulations.

Jeff, did you go outside so you could experience the stink hanging over parts of the city?

Lab, it is long gone. And fortunately the far outskirts of Brooklyn where we live was not affected, just Manhattan from the Village to Midtown.

And really. If I can't show up for jury duty in shorts and a t-shirt, with or without writing, or a tank top, or a hat, or with a pocket knife...what's the fun? I can't even bring any reading material.

WTF? Why can't you bring reading material, Susan? I'd like to see them try that one in New York, NOT!

And there's a dress code in South Carolina? WTF again?

Last time I got stuck it was Federal and instead of just taking the subway downtown as per usual I had to drive out to Hempstead. It was a corruption trial involving Long Island Republicans but fortunately they picked the jury before I was called and I was sent home - after filling out a 50 page questionnaire about a second trial where a drug dealer was suing the police.

They never called me back so one day was it.

They have since moved the trial venue way out on the Island (maybe Wurm knows where - Smithtown perhaps?) and if they ever do call me again it's Brooklyn or nothing.

IMHO, the best get-out-of-jury-duty strategy is still to show up in a Star Trek uniform and eagerly explain your knowledge of the Prime Directive and Starfleet regulations.

Didn't a woman show up like that in New York a few years ago?

Whoops, not New York, she was an alternate juror in the Whitewater trial.

I guess Arkansas isn't as strict as South Carolina.

RIP Lily Munster
a.k.a. Yvonne DeCarlo


Oh yum. I just served this over linguini. *swoon*

It would have been just as good without the sausage, which is how I'm gonna make it next time.

Jury duty is one of, if not the MOST important service a citizen can do for his/her government.

Some Yvonne DeCarlo info. RIP

Carlo Ponti, RIP
Condolences to Sophia.

OK, jury duty may be a pain in the ass....

OK, it almost certainly will be a pain in the ass...

but if all the good people scam out of it, who does that leave on the jury? the people not smart enough to figure out how to get out of it, i'm thinkin

this is one of the problems with our justice system - you get juries lettin guilty people off cuz they sympathize with em, and juries convicting innocent people cuz all the smart people scammed out, leavin a jury of 12 who get their news from the nat'l enquirer, and vote to convict for no better reason than the prosecutor says the defendant is guilty

if anyone here is ever unfortunate enough to be charged with a crime, trust me when i say that you'll hope that all the smart, well-educated people (i.e. like the people that hang out here) dont scam their way out of it - cuz if they do, you're screwed, and the fact that your innocent may not even enter into the equation

if you're called for jury duty, suck it up and do it - it's inconvenient, and thankless, but it's important

my opinion, take it or leave it

I would be willing to serve on the jury...but being a media type person...aware of this case especially...I'm thinking I shouldn't be there.

I was called years ago...went for two days. Never selected, and they ended up dismissing the case so there was no trial.

tck is right, but i've done my time...i was first called on 6/14 and the trial i was on ended in late august...i have heard that lawyers don't want math types on the jury because they think our 'standards of proof' are too high!

Happy Birthday, Bismuth! Hi Brian B!

I have been called for jury duty only once, 17 years ago. Spent two days in the holding tank (with reading material, thankfully) and was ultimately excused because the defendant was a former client of mine.

I really wish WCRE would work on my computer.


I have picked many juries in my life. I like smart, analytical thinkers because I generally have technical issues and the facts are on my side. If they aren't, I try to settle.

ah, true sign of a good lawyer - if you can win, you go to trial - if you're screwed, you settle

unless there's an insurance company involved - they want to settle any time it'll save em money - even if you can win

That reminds me.... The Runaway Goat.

*wakes up in cold sweat*


...mint jelly, creamy discs of cheese, masters, dames, warm sweaters everywhere!!!

please make them go away

I'll disregard everything TCK said...except the good lawyer part.

Goat of Green Gables

I've never been called for jury duty. Not even once. I'd do it, if called, unless work put me in a situation that I couldn't get away from. Both Mum and K have been called twice.

Lab.. you are correct, sir. It's amazing how often penis is the answer to a question.

RIP Ms DeCarlo & Mr Ponti.

Psst - $4000 question on Millionaire: Who was the first president of the United States? Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington or Theodore Roosevelt?

*hugs KDF* mint jelly & cheese sounds yummy. You'll be fine, I promise.

Hey! I thought Carlo Ponti died years ago!

*leaves to check on status of Abe Vigoda*

Yup, still alive.

Sheesh. Poor Abe Vigoda. The only person alive more famous for being dead is Jesus.

It's difficult being an American in Prague and being called for jury duty... commutes are h3ll!

WARNINGWARNINGWARNING!!! Do not click on this link. Also not if you have children in the area. Or if you're pregnant or have a heart condition.

Comedy sketches are no fun for me unless there are subtitles or closed-captions. I'll go see what I can find online for this sketch.

All hail the mighty Guardian!

Off to watch the sketch now...

*sigh* Not the same school register sketch.

Good morning, MOAT (or is that goat?).

I've been on jury duty several times. I was only picked for a jury once, in a civil trial, but after spending most of a day picking the jury the parties settled overnight and we were dismissed.

Jackie was taken for a civil case too. She told them she thought most lawsuits were frivilous or fraudulent but the lawyer said, "I like your honesty" and took her anyway!

They settled too.

Neither of us has made the cut on criminal cases.

Kaf, some of those Millionaire questions are really dumb. But then, so are some of the contestants.

Sly, I didn't realize Ponti was still alive either.

"If I catch Herpes in the corridor like the Headmaster did yesterday..."


I've been called for jury duty 3 times. The first time I was the first one the defense lawyer tossed out. Something about me arguing with him during questioning I think it was *giggles* Not my fault he tried to put words in my mouth and I wouldn't let him.

The second time I never got as far as being questioned before being excused (my number was too far back in the lineup)
The third I only had to call in.

I get paid at work (full salary) when I'm on jury duty. I ~heart~ being called to jury duty. It's like a vacation to watch a soap opera. I can't wait to get called again.

*giggles and drowns in paperwork*

*won't jinx self by stating status of ever being called to jury duty*

Actually, it might be a good thing. Get me out of the house.

My coworker has jury duty until March. So far she hasn't made it to any trials, just either going in for jury selection or calling in and finding out they'd settled.

I had it about 20 years ago. I was chosen for two cases. It was in a backwater county with lowlife defendants.

Shoot, now I live in WV.

There is a book called "Up In Smoke" (I believe that's the name) about a several months long jury trial and the toll it took on the jurors. In that particular trial, one guy tried to keep his job by working from 2:00 am to 8:00 am, then going in for jury duty. He lost his home due to foreclosure. The pay for jury duty was a pittance compared to the pay he was losing. Because he would fall asleep during the trial due to lack of sleep, he was threatened with contempt of court charges. He tried to get released due to hardship, but the judge said it was his duty to serve.

While the jury was deliberating, the case settled, so after all of that time, the jury never got to say how they would have decided. They were angry.

The settlement was for $6 billion. The plaintiffs' attorneys got somewhere around $25 million for their fee. Some of the jurors lost their jobs, the guy lost his house.

In instances like that, when does jury duty become indentured servitude?

For marathon trials such as that, there has to be something done so jurors can concentrate on the case rather than how it is affecting their lives.

Oh, and


Sly, isn't it illegal for someone to lose their job because of jury selection?

I realize the company doesn't have an obligations to pay a full salary (like lucky wolfie's does) but I don't believe they have the right to out right terminate employment because someone's performing their civic duties.

It would be good for the judge to get an injunction issued against foreclosure in situations like those. And they should excuse jurors because in hardship situations. Was it his "civic duty" to lose his house?

When I was director of the daycare/preschool, it was always my fear that one of my employees would be called for jury duty. Getting a substitute for a day or two was difficult, but getting a sub for an unspecified period of time, possibly weeks or months... but with no hope of a permanent position? I never could have filled the position with legally qualified people, much less quality teachers, not with what we could pay.

There's always a good chance that I'll come across one of my former students in court. Just yesterday one was in the paper. Pleading insanity.

sly, YIKES! And what Kibby asked.

I still don't know for sure how they pick people. I know some who get called almost every year while others...never. They say it's drivers' licenses but as insom testified (and Jackie has never had a license) that isn't it. Voting rolls? Perhaps.

I also know two people who had grand jury service for 6 months or more. They'd have to show up once a week I believe.

If you work for NYC (like a teacher) you get your regular salary rather than the jury duty pittance. And I think I got a lot more for my one day of federal service than NY State pays.

There's always a good chance that I'll come across one of my former students in court. Just yesterday one was in the paper. Pleading insanity.

*snork*, rita

All your juries are belong to us.

Name the movie

Do not google or use IMDB!

I'm going to try to start with more obscure quotes and build up to more recognizable, until someone gets it:

Quote #1
Did you get my Cheese Whiz, Boy?

to some of us, that isn't very obscure ......... ;) lets the game continue......

also, I think someone pissed in my post toasties and I may be contagious.

I cheated and I don't care.

Big news of the day from the MB:


And that's different from your run-of-the-mill high school.......how?

Ok Fish, I'll continue. Glad you recognized it, though.

Quote 2
Character 1: Man, I don't think we know any of the songs on this list.
Character 2: Oh this list doesn't mean anything, they're just requests. We'll do our regular set.

This kid basically was decent, but when he wasn't taking his meds he was out of control. Now they say he's schizophrenic, which makes sense of his behavior in school. This time, he tied up and berated (alternating with apologies) the elderly couple who'd helped him after he got out of treatment/prison two weeks before, then attempted to abduct a girl he'd known for a week who wouldn't leave the state with him.

Then there's the kid who shot the guy who was trying to break up a fight.

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