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December 08, 2004


Clueless statement #9: Tony Blair, George W. Bush and the Duke of Edinburgh star as The Three Wise Men.

(Thanks to Lairbo)


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"A new low" indeed.

This is truly the best Christmas decoration I have seen in a while. Even beats the farting Santa someone had at my office yesterday.

I am waitng for somebody to steal the baby Spongebob from the manger.

They have not the foggiest idea just where to start LOOKING for that *STAR* IN THE EAST!
Bush said, "Go East, Young Man!"
Tony said, "Go West!"
And the Duke said, "I'm too intelligent to get involved with these two Dudes!!!"

Bush didn't know it but He was right there under his aristo-cat-ic snozzola! (watching him, ha-ha)
And I don't mean P. R. from TV!!!!!

*trying desperately to resist making obvious political joke...it's no use...must get out...*
Wise man George says, "Baby Spongebob/Jesus, I know you can't see the myrhh, and I can't show it to you, but trust me, it's right here. You'll find it eventually, I swear. I swear..."

One giant Xmas'cheeseball'right up the old Snozzola!
*George picks it up and fires it back at Tony!(thinking that he is the one who threw it at him, first)
*Cheeseball misses Tony, but stries the Duke in the Astroid orfice.*
*the Duke picks up the cheese and says to himself,"what a luverly dish to serve before the Queen! Now I will make 'brownie points' with her tonight!"


Oh come on.

These crybabies are the same ones who got all snitty when I threw a kegger in the sacristy.

Some people just can't take a joke.

Especially not those villagers with the torches.

Historically, when I've heard the phrases, "tarred and feathered" and "rode out of town on a pole" I thought they were figures of speech.

Christobol = Lobo Christ. But you knew that.

Just Sayin'

I want to carry the gold, if you guys don't mind. I don't want that myrrh stuff, sounds too much like a Ruski space station. And as for that frankininin.... frankeesin....frankkekek.... I just can't say words that big.

And this robe is kinda loose, I feel a draft.

"Will you come a-Myrrh-er--ing, Oh, will you come a myrrh-er-ing, Oh, will you come a myrrh-er-ing with ME to-night?"

I was going to suggest that they swap in a cardboard cutout of my head for one of the wise men's, but, darn it, I'm of questionable moral standing.

Also, Kylie Minogue is SO not hot.

Woops, what I mean to say is: I have nothing to say on this.

But the Queen rejects the Duke's kind offer, so he calls Tony on his Royal Highness' Royal Cell and says,"

I just think its hilarious they chose Kylie as the 'Angel' ... I can see her as an Absinthe-loving Green Fairy a la Moulin Rouge... but an ANGEL?!?!? (Damn I miss my html *sigh)

"You cannot use contemporary personalities as the central figures of the Nativity ... And it becomes worse, if that were possible, if the people may be of questionable moral standing,"

Didn't I read somewhere that The Passion of the Christ got a blessing from the Pope?



Are you feeling at little testy, Just?

umm... it ALMOST worked!

yeeeeeeeeeee Haaaw!

Witchie - naw... just learned we get html back.. I was seein' if it was true.... simple pleasures and all....

Good one, Lairbo. Who are they to talk about "questionable moral standing" anyway? Now granted, there have been rumors about the Duke's extracurricular sex life and as for Becks, that is well known, but they're (not theire) all married right? So what's the beef?

And I'm with andy, where's SpongeBob?

"This is worse than bad taste. This is cheap."

Right, I'll let teh Vatican make the aesthetic call. Maybe if they had Donald Trump, Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson we could work up a little moral outrage,but all they're (not there) doing is giving Madame Tussaud's the publicity they were after by pulling this stunt in the first place.

Who's up for a game of Rock, Paper, Saddam?

Sheesh, nice proofreading, dude.



The Beaver Tea thread was from Tuesday...

oh, testing...well then, carry on.

Thanx Judi.
I just hope Jeff Meyerson didn't send it in, too.

If they really wanted to up the controversy quotient, they'd have used wax figures of Julia Roberts' newborn twins as the Baby Jesus.

Irony at its finest.

Love it.

I see no problem with Tony Blair and George W. Bush playing the asses in the background. Wise men is a BIT of a stretch.

Har Jeff. i'd a liked it better with a couple of the Pythons.

"You cannot use contemporary personalities as the central figures of the Nativity ...

*pages through Bible....thou shalt not....Kill...covet...steal....idoltry....commit adultry.......*

Sorry, Vatican, in my NIV, I can't find "Thou shalt not use contemporary personalities as the central figures of the Nativity".

That must have been on the tablet that Mel Brooks dropped.

Ruling stands on the field. The Vatican is charged with one time out. First down, Toussauds.

Kylie is definitely NOT hot in this household.

Rock, Paper, Saddam.

Don't worry sleyes, the Vatican will still defeat the Seahawks. Isn't it sad that it is now more fun to watch Seattle lose, than to watch the Lambs win. Sorry guys and gals, I'm off topic, I KNOW!

*time out on the field for brief Football talk*

PeeJay.... I find it difficult to say with ANY pride that we are in first place, when we have a 6-6 record.

I hope no one in the NFC West has any Superbowl plans....other than trying to score some tickets.

*returns to topic*

Kylie Minogue...yeah, I would really hate it if I looked like her (dripping with sarcasm)

I have never laughed so hard in my life!! Thank you for the wonderful slide presentation(?) This is too wonderful to keep under wraps! I'm sending it to all of my friends and kin for an early christmas present!
I wonder if the list that Saddam is preparing is for those he wishes to remember at this festive time of the year, 'like Holee, Molee,Moslem, Jollee!'
*for everyone's information, I was nominated 'Campus Man Trap' my freshman year in college! So poo!'

Focus gentlemen, focus. On topic please. Nativity scenes and inappropriate/heretical depictions of it. Let's stay focused people.

George kept telling the Presidente of Mexico that he wanted to do something about the immigration problem so that those illegal Mexicans crossing the border to find employment would be able to do so, legally. Well, evidently, it was the City Council of Eagle Pass that gave legal status to Jesus when he came down the Rio Grande river from Mexico, not George W. Bush!! They kept him in the jail until the council decided what to do with him. He was given Texas citizenship. So poo!

On the plus side, I think this is the first blog where nobody is making any "unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane, indecent or otherwise objectionable" comments. We usually tend to swing towards the pornographic. I guess we're not complete heathens.

Jesus ate and drank with the 'heatherns' in the bars in and around Israel for several years. He also attracted several 'prostitutes' that followed him around for three years. So I'm sure he wouldn't object to the 'blog.' He would probably know which 'end of your anatomy' you were talking out of, at any particular time.

My browser obviously thinks Kylie Monologue or whatever her name is is hot because whenever I clicked on that link, it overheated and closed down on me. I'm not sure I should error report it to Microsoft or not though; they'll probably think I'm some kind of perv. (They'd be right, but still...)

Eating with the heathens is a bit different than having the heathens dress up as you. He may not be that over the top about that one. In any case, until the lightening bolt hits.....*zap*... *aaahhhh*....

He was, and is the 'Super-Glue' that holds 'the world together. And continually inspires 'hope' for a peaceful and better future for everyone in this world.
He was there at the first Hanakkuh,the Passover, the Parting of the Red Sea, and at Nurenburg, Viet Nam, Korea, and the United Nations.
Will we ever learn that violence only breeds more violence?
When you look through the 'spectacles' that belong to the 'Supreme Being of the Universe' and look down upon the 'small blue ball' we fondly call, Earth, it's difficult to determine just 'who' is right and 'who' is wrong. When you have two of your children that continually fight with each other, all you want them to do is to quit 'fighting! The more you listen o their tirades against each other, the more that you feel like doing away with them and starting all over again.

'George, are you reading my lips?'

Um.. Kat? Lay off the eggnog.

Jeff, I'd never heard of Kylie whomever. But based upon the photographic evidence presented in this here blog, yes, she's pretty foxy. No Kirsten Dunst, but then neither am I...

Kylie eleison !
*dodges thunderbolt*

jamester isn't Kirsten Dunst?!? In that case, I want the flowers, candy and lock of my hair back. Pronto.

Wow. So much to say. So little time.

r.e.: A few of you may be familiar with the colloquial phrase, "Some Punkin's". The pix of Kylie whomever illustrate one interpretation of that concept.
Some punkins are smaller than others.

Slyeyes: The Pope was NOT speaking ex cathedra from his bellybutton, so checking the Big Book does not necessarily apply in this case.
Besides which already, the NIV is NOT the Douay text, therefore it is not the OFFICIAL RULEBOOK, at least according to the R.C.s ...

Somewhere North is Canadian?
Double wow. I sorta had a hunch (said Quasimodo, stoopedly) about the female part, but ... CANADIAN?
(I spent most of my life about 14 miles [NOTE: NOT 20 KILOMETRES!] south of the 49th parallel, and I just never imagined ...

kat: Ya, mantrap, but how long ago? Remember, I know how old (approximately) you are. (I was 27 on my last B-day. But that's another story.)

Jeff: GREAT STORY & CONCEPT. However, several of the pix took so long to load that I got tired of waiting (slow service here at the hotel), but even with just the cutlines, still a great story.

DUDE: alt. spelling of "doody". (Use phonics.)

Kylie Eleison. Don't you mean Kyrie Minogue?

Lairbo - fair enough. But I'm keeping the plane tix, you sucker!

"He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy."


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Uncle Omar,
I was 30 on my last one. I'm still small (the 'little people' side of my family) and I still have all of my teeth and hair. (even though I'm a grandmother!) In the South, we birth'um young. (ha)
I still dance, sing, play the Clarke Tin Whistle, the piano, organ (the musical one), paint,cook, and take care of Pico, the dog (a cock-a-poo)

I no longer work as a social worker, teach, have a group administrative service, work in a 'duck' factory painting ducks,work in a portrait gallery in TN,teach in a kindegarten, soda jerk, work on a copy desk in LR-AR, or sell Health Insurance.

Now it's mostly volunteer work, here in the community (oh, in San Antonio, also, for the Texas Public Radio)

How about you?

Wise Men? Ha! That must be a typo. I think they meant wise guys.

Well, I can try to make this as short as possible. (17 years in the newspaper bidness learnt me how to write short.) [The B-day thing is legit. Whut useta be my B-day became National Nothing Day. Nada happens. Trouble is, non-B-days add up too.]
So: Things on my resume: Chainman; Farmer (still am); photographer (still am, pro for last 25+ years); writer (still, but not much lately); teacher of HS English, speech, drama, history, psych, geog, and everything else in the K-12 curricula in years as a substitute; swimming teacher; coach of various sports, speech, drama; truck driver (still am); mail carrier; grandpa (still am, seven now and one more on the way); lotza volunteer stuff over the years;

oh, that's enuf. I've forgotten all the rest.

Oh! I had the role of Teddy Brewster in "Arsenic and Old Lace" and Herbert in "I'm Herbert" in some theatre we did back home.

Speaking of which, did you hear the one about the termite that walked into a saloon and said, "Where's the bar tender?"


"These two Irishmen walk out of a bar ..."

The first but not the last one. (Irish)

Did you hear the one about the two Polish officers that were crack marksmen in their unit?

They went down in the basement to shoot rats. One came back with a purple heart and the other came back with a war bride.

Uncle Omar,
(going back to the original statement at the beginning of this blog)


Two of those 'wisemen' are throwing 'cheese balls' at each other,
But it's the environment that will suffer.
This was on TV to night,
B and B are about ready to fight!

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