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December 15, 2004




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I'd tune in to the very last moments of the show, just to hear The Donald say "You're consummated."

What a surprise, he's usually so secretive . . .

Two networks want to televise it live," Trump told reporters yesterday. "The PLAYBOY channelhas offered to pay offthe casino debt, So,I'll probably go with them."

Lairbo - LMAO

Let's see c-Bol or someone else try to trump that comment.

MOTW - what does that mean?

p.s. I love The Donald and I'm not ashamed to say it!

Perdew will tackle a polo match.

I really hope they mean that literally.

Let me just add that to my TiVo "Record" list....


The Donald is pathetic. Get a haircut!!!

*goes through mail that has been stacking up......nope, invitation isn't here.*

*makes another entry in "Gratitude Journal".

Here comes the Trump !
Let's all kiss his rump!
When he gets married
Ratings will slump!

Maybe they need the extra money from televising said nuptuals to buy an extra seat on their honeymoon plane for the missus' ramparts. Holy moo-juice batman. I'm a girrul and all, so it's not like I was looking or anything (not that there's anything wrong with that), but those things had to have come from the Trump Endowment Clinic.

Just sayin'.

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. they're fired.

Hey Higgy... I'm just guessing but he should probably be buying a new PIECE of hair. You'd think a rich guy like that could buy a better rug. Either that or he's got serious comb-over issues.

thefly - it's his real hair - he was on Larry King and he lifted up the - what shall I call it -bangs so everyone could see his scalp and see it was real! And, in another bit of Trump gossip, some reporter was interviewing Trump and fiance (accent over e) and, in trying to find out more about his hair, asked fiance how he looked in the morning we he first woke up, and she said, without missing a beat, "very handsome" - and that's why, IMHO he's marrying her!!

For the record, Dave, are you upset that:
A) Now YOU can't marry Donald Trump
B) Now you can't marry Donald Trump's girlfriend
C) Somebody spilled your coffee.

I guess now Mark Cuban is going to have to hump a goat on TV.


"I'm taking it serious," he said, adding that he'd be more interested if "Apprentice" and "Survivor" producer Mark Burnett were involved."

A "Threesome on the Wedding Night" sequel would send ratings through the roof! Two years ago it would have needed to be on a cable channel, but now...probably not, as long as there's no redeeming artistic merit, as in, say "Saving Private Ryan". God, I'm bitter about popular culture. Or at least I would be, if I could find any...

sandy, you really like that plastic surgery site, don't you? Want to lie down on the couch and tell me about it?

techwriter: LOL on Trump Endowment Clinic

OK, now The Donald wants to get married on TV, just like Tiny Tim (who married Miss Vicki on The Tonight Show when I was a very small child, I wish). Ah, the delightful stories that came out of that union.

Also, yesterday I bought 1 1/2 litres of Trump Ice brand water for 99 cents. It tastes as good as Mr. Trump's comb-forward looks.

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