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December 13, 2004


This blog is headquartered about a mile from the University of Miami, and when we say the campus life is wild, we are not being flippant.


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Crikey !

He probably wanted to leave because he was sick of being called "Donna."

Seems like the time to be nervous has passed. It's OK now, students, you can all go back to your studying!

Looks like the Toddmeister caught himself a "beaut".

I knew a croc, Donna was his name.
Since he headed for deep water, I've never been the same...

Oh sure, now you think to wait until it comes out to sun. What am I supposed to tell the parents of all those freshmen you used as bait?

I'll pitch in on a PPV for the croc verses Candy's owner.

Flippanticity is simply not something we would ever expect from Dave, no... never.

Flippicity? Flippantness?

flippancy ? I guess the croc was named for Donna Shalala (Pres. of U.M)
-insomniac (U.M. class of '83)



Flipaciousness flippantocracy flippannosticness


insomniac - woohooo a fellow 'Cane.
Jamester - some of the students actually do study :P

I certainly would never call lake Osceola first rate digs!!! it is pretty small and fairly polluted.

Mad Scientist class of '95

Will no one rid me of this meddlesome spammer?

*is slightly concerned that an 8 foot croc would be named "Donna" -- especially a MALE croc*

*digs out credit card and heads for hydrocodone site*

My doctors are getting so picky about giving me enough pills.


--- This is NOT spam. This is NOT spam ---

--- Please keep Fluffy on a chain! ---

With apologies to those that have already contributed:

We are putting together a farewell-from-weekly-column-writing card for Dave, and we are trying to get everyone to sign it by the end of December.

Please ensure you have signed the card soon - click this link to find out how.

*** That is all. That is all. ***

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