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December 24, 2004


We hope it fits. It's a MOAT.

(Thanks to Leetie)


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Hi Joshkr -

Since you are the guy who did all the work and all the printing and all the other stuff, let me be the first chick to say that you deserve the title of cutest of all the guys!!!

Although deon looks pretty hot
*oh, did I say that out loud*

Jup right in sandy, we seem to be going in better order today!

Joshkr, I sent you some more money yesterday and I used some funny old stamps that I found in a drawer (Idon't think they were Christmas seals...), so let me know when (or if) you get it-

and where do you stand money-wise - inquiring minds want to know!!

crash - that's where Josh got the idea for all swimsuits next year - that's a terrific photo!

I'd come back with a smart remark, eleanor, but it would land on top of your comment and make me look stupid. So I won't.

I still haven't been able to check for mine.

*sobs quietly in the dark*

Sigh... unpredictable little bastard, that server.

Just when I said it was safe to go back in the water....

oh BTW sandy the Orange Bowl (football) is on in about 10 minutes - just keeping you posted!

Uh, thanks! Hubby has set it to record. BTW, it conflicts with my favorite sport, UW Husky women's basketball. So few games are televised that I hate to miss it... May come to blows.

You need 2 TV's! See you at half time!

The Orange Bowl used to have The Best half-time shows.

with a cast of thousands, Crash - you're (not your) right, they were fabulous - that was when the game was on New Years Day in the evening! And then it all went away....
This half time they're showing Bono's new video f rom his new CD - for any Bono fans out there!

LOL thanks, Eleanor...but safe to say I'm far from the cutest.

Sandy...Huskies fan? Woohoo!!! That's where Rach went to college!

Crash...A smaller swimsuit next year would be nice ;)

I hope the operation goes well, Jeff.

[blushes furiously at eleanor and tries to avoid eye contact]

Hey Joshkr, email me, will you please?

I'll get an excellent Pirate costume just for you Joshkr.

It was funny, Eleanor.
The Bowl game was amazing, but the regular season half-times sucked out loud. The UM band was absolutely awful.

Wasn't the Orange Bowl the first to use pyrotechnics in their half-time show?

just broke down and ordered a new computer

Dude, you're getting a Dell?

Jeff - my daughter's bringing over the Hitchhiker bookds this week so I can read them - it would be fun to talk about them together!!

Don't play "modest", deon - you posed for the picture - I don't think it was a candid shot!
*but still hot*

SC 28 - OU 7! 3 interceptions! F**k you, BCS and your (not you're) stupid standings!!!

Joshkr - don't ignore the money question - how does it look???

It's half time - SC 38- OU 10!!!!!

Where did everyone go?????

*sets out tray of MOATarita mixings to see if it brings anyone back*

*swipes a Moatarita from the tray*

*sticks tongue out and spins glass all the way around to gather up plenty of salt from the rim*

*slams it back and grabs another to enjoy more thoroughly*



Thanks Eleanor!!

Living in Oklahoma, there are MANY OU fans here. I am thankfully not one of them. Because I live here I can't really root against them for fear of treason, but after last year it really serves them right to get their butts kicked again.

I'll be back U2's on !!

My sentiments exactly, Mr. Fishair - U2 was great! Now it's 45-10!
See ya all tomorrow!

*fixes a MOATarita and takes it with her*

That didn't take long. They didn't even show the whole thing. Guess I'm gonna have to brake down and buy the CD.

And if you haven't guessed I'm an Irish fan. (Yes we got spanked in our bowl game, but then again I am also a fan of spankings, Maybe I should be an OU fan tonight!!!)

Neo- Whadya get?? We bought a Compaq presario a couple three years ago at COMPUSA and did the no interest for a year thing and triple up on our payments and paid it off in one year. Back then I think we got hosed for around $1500.00. But it's paid for now. And We pay $40 smackers a month for COX high speed cable. And at first it thought it was a little too much, and even cancelled it, going back to dial-up for all of 2 months, before calling COX to hook us back up intravenously.

I'm rambling aren't I??

*Beer talking*

Sorry everyone, we brought back some "GOOD" beer from our trip to Arkansas, it's just Budweiser, but 5% alcohol makes an amazing difference, not uncommon to the dial-up vs. cable internet connections. And I'm sure my spelling has suffered, worse than usual and my Southern Dialect is quite apparent.

Gonna go watch some more spanking down in the basement. I'll leave that to your wonderfully creative imaginations to figure.

GRAZ- If you're out there (not sure why spankings made me think of you and you current interest) Way to start the New Year with a Bang!!! Good Luck!! Hope it works out for you!


Fish, "GOOD" beer comes from Germany!

*swipes a (now melting) MOATarita from tray*

Also, no one's belted out the mandatory:


Oh, I almost forgot, I also read over the weekend the two books I got for my B-day and they are worth reading. (if you can do the H2G2, you can handle these, they're just a couple hundred pages or so each)

1. The Putt at the end of the World by Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson and Co. (In the style of "Love came the Mantee"; each author writes a Chapter, taking it up where the last author left off) also a side note: I though Mr.Barry used quite an extensive use of the word F@#K, which to me seemed quite uncommon for him, but strangely enough as I am, I really enjoyed it.

2. Pure Drivel by Steve Martin. Only as insanely comical as the one and Mr. Martin can be.

That is all. Back to the Basement!

Naked Came the Manatee is my favorite book...

Yeah, the head of Surgery ought to do a good job.

Where are you going in Florida?

*runs by quickly, sticks post it note to wall*

The "Definitive" Eggnog

3 eggs, separated
3 Tbsp sugar
2 cups heavy cream
3 cups milk
1 cup liquor of your choice (dark rum for me)
1 tsp grated nutmeg (plus more for garnish)

Beat egg yolks and sugar together until pale and thick. Add liquor, cream, milk and nutmeg. Beat egg whites until soft peaks form, fold in to rest to lighten mixture. Serve with an extra sprinkle of nutmeg.

Leetie - Not blurking, just not blogging at all. I have found myself currently between jobs and am concentrating on a resumé blitz right now. (Not to worry, 1 month severance and backup vacation pay are due, but want to find job before blogging ;-) )

Hope all had a happy holiday season, will be blogging sporadically until job situation is resolved!

{{{HUGS}}} to all!

*mutters....dirtyword, dirtyword, dirtyword dirtyword*

First of all...HI DJT!!!! Dirtywords aren't for you. Best of luck and thanks for the 'nog.

the dirtywords are because I had typed a chatty post...and it vaporized!!

Back to reconstructing.


Jeff, I have low thyroid myself, and my mom had to have the same operation as your wife because she had multiple nodules. I advise you to check out thyroid.about.com. I know the moderator of that forum personally, and it's an excellent resource. Also check out Mary Shomon's book on thyroid disease- you can probably find it at a good library, or your local Borders. Or just email me about it.

BTW, you can't even tell my mom has a scar unless she points it out, so your wife can probably get the same.

The main problem with thyroid treatment is that they tend to undertreat people. But she might actually have better luck with that since they have to suppress TSH in cancer patients.

OK, enough technical talk. Just email me if you want to talk shop, 'k? Udachi (good luck), as they say in Russia.

Mad, SO SORRY about Sobe. My kitty died of the same thing, and she is very lucky to have you. *cyber-hug*

Deon- I always thought you were hot.

Yeah, Jeff Wish her good luck for us! (and let me know the details, my mother is struggling with having the same thing done, but won't, plus I'm pretty sure it's Heridetary(sp?))


Hi, DJTony! Thanks for the recipe and good luck jobhunting. Bye, DJT! Come back soon!

Germany may make the best beer in the world....but the second best is Budweiser. Being from St. Louis, I have to say that. I'm a wine drinker and really can't say one way or the other.


A neighbor has been revving his engine for the past 20 minutes and I'm about to throw a brick threw his windshield. Oh, wait, I don't have a brick handy. But I do have a baseball bat.


I just got back from the Y, swimming laps. I was in the shower room getting ready and heard someone talking loudly, the sound bouncing off the walls. It sounded like a one-sided conversation. Then I realized what it was.....a woman in the shower room talking on her cell phone. A coule of us just rolled our eyes at each other.

Then while swimming laps, I became aware of chattering whenever I got to the shallow end. I peeked out and YUP, she was standing by the water fountain talking on her cell. By the time she finished, I think she got in a 10 minute swim. PLEASE, don't anyone invent a waterproof phone!


Josh has been silent on the $$ situation; but when he was here, he mentioned that when he gets home, he'll have a better idea of how things stand. I believe he heads back on the 6th.


Someone today told me U2's video was being debutting (is that right) debueing? debooing? ---- anyway, uh, shown for the first time at the Super Bowl. RATS. It was tonight?!?

Oh, wait, I have it. Never mind.


Fish, the other day, you mentioned Eureka Springs, AR. I've never stayed there, but have been in the area. It is beautiful.


Weather: cold rain here. Brrrrr. Flash floods. My daughter called and she said their school will be closed tomorrow for the third day in a row this week. Her husband will be home tomorrow, too, because the University will be closed. Third time in 10 years. They have ice. YUCK!! They are up in that northwest corner of Missouri close to Iowa.


Jeff, hope all goes well for Jackie. My bro-in-law is having thyroid surgery also. At Thanksgiving, he noticed a lump on his neck. Ends up it's a large tumor and he has a series of smaller ones also. Good news, they are all benign. Someone at work is having thyroid surgery also. A trifecta.


Neo, GREAT on the computer!!



Eleanor, have you ever read any Nelson Demille? Love him! I'm reading Night Fall right now.


hmmmmm, I think that's about it. I'll hit "post" and see if this vaporizes as well.

OH, one other thing...speaking of Notre Dame, I have an Irishwoman in the living room right now. One of my daughter's friends who's home on break. She plays in the marching band, but her mom said since she got contacts, it isn't easy to pick her out on TV. (I never could before, anyway.)

OK.. now I'm done.. finally....maybe --- wait -- no, I'm done.

Yes, Mr Fishair, it's generally agreed to be a fine combination of heredity, environment, and bad luck.

thnks BC- I do believe that if it weren't for bad luck I've have no luck atol.

But then again, I do so love a challenge.

Crash- I have heard of the "good" German beer. Love me some??

(and Naked Came the Crash, would be a favorite for next years Calendar amongst Joshkr's group of odd friends) (damn, I just realized I fall into that group, so much subtlety)

Hard to type and feed lil fish


Crash, I was buying sunglasses the other day, and the guy was talking to someone else about a pair and kept talking about download speeds, and gigabytes, etc. First I heard of the goggles.

He seemed VERY disappointed when I told him I just wanted a simple, cheap pair of sunglasses. The way I lose sunglasses, there's no way I'd get the MP3 things.

*loves Fish some Good German Grog*

Sly, My Mother reads Demille. My Younger But Not Little Brother always buys her his books. Look out, he has MP3 player goggles, so cell phones may not be far behind.

OH!! MY!!!

Debbie Menoonose (I have no idea how it's spelled) Menounos? is on Letterman. He asked her if she's in school, and her reply?

"No, Dave, I'm an adult."

Well, THAT shows how ignorant she is!!

I think she's on Extra or something. She used to be on The View, but got kicked off. I can't see Barbara Walters putting up with her. Here she is on Letterman

Who the heck is she?

Whoa! The posts are getting thrown in the centrifuge again.

My family loves to sacrifice our sunglasses to the ocean gods, so I know exactly what you mean.

My letterman link didn't work.


SLy- Speaking of CenterFudge, WTF is with her Laugh, sounded like a Yeti. YIKES!!! (reminded me of FarrahFaucet, poor girl) (nice cleavage, but still poor girl)

And I thought Green Day made a great stand last night, except for the drummer at the end. (hate to call it a come back, when I have a feeling alot of you have never heard of them, DOOKIE was a great, great album of theirs btw)

And before I "crash", What are a couple of favorites Wines???

(I love wine, but have more of a Beer Budget ;) )

slyeyes, I just saw that. What a laugh! She actually said her director told her not to laugh. (The director on One Tree Hill.) She sounded less ditzy till she had to talk about the show. Then she totally lost it.

She's that stupid ET, TV Guide Channel girl.
Hahahaha! *slides stool across tile loudly*

Wines... Black Pearl, if you can find it...

Wines? Oh dear. I'm showing my lack of sophistication. I've had a couple of good German wines, but my palate is simply too unrefined for wine. I need wine lessons. Anybody vounteer to help me expand my wine horizons?

Fish, Do you have a Trader Joe's near you? They carry Charles Shaw wine, which usually runs aroumnd $2.00 a bottle, earning it the name, "Two Buck Chuck" It's really pretty good.

I like their Cabernet and Chardonnay.

I also like Sterling, Mondavi, Chateau St. Jean, and Valley of the Moon. My absolute favorite wine is Silver Oak Cellars Cabernet. But their cheapest wine is $60.00 a bottle.....so I don't drink it much. Maybe once a year.

Missed Green Day last night. Not a big fan of them, actually. I like some of their songs, but they generally irk me nowadays.

Love Letterman though. He's the bomb diggity. (Does anyone still say that?)

*sigh* another vaporized post. Shorter one this time. Maybe it ended up w-a-a-a-y up there. Who knows.

Yeah, Debbie Menoonose's laugh was like a chipmunk sucking up helium.

OK, bedtime.

Night all.

*let's see what happens with this.*

sly, great description of "The Laugh." Everytime she laughed, though, didn't the audience just eat it up? They loved it.

Also, I loved how the Late Show made fun of Dave's movie spoiler. Only on Letterman would they do that...it fits his whole self-deprecation schtick.

The spoiler, btw, was obviously accidental.

I wasn't dissapointed....it wasn't my type of movie anyway. Ask me what the title was. I forgot already!

Nor can I remember what actor he was interviewing.

But I do remember the Chipmunk-on-Helium Laugh.

She did a good Greek parent imitation too.

I was wondering about Yellow Tail.
Named the same as the tastiest snapper, and in a really cool looking label.

Blogchik gets the random grammar award for using the word "nor"

DJT and Crash...that conversation brings a whole new meaning to "I'm gonna go out and get me some tail"

DJT! Glad you could stop in to post the recipe...good luck on the job hunting man!

Eleanor...as Slyeyes said, I'm really not sure what the calendar money situation is until I get back home on Friday to my stuffed mailbox. I have very little hope of breaking even, but everyone has been more than generous, so I'm happy. I'll post the final numbers this weekend in the interest of fair play.

Have I mentioned I can't wait to get back home?

Darn...looks like everyone went to sleep

*goes to change into janitor uniform*

Hey, who stole all the mop-heads?

Joshkr, you stole them!

Wigs are much cheaper that way.

cool German wine info, Crash, thanks! Now I want somebody to go tasting with me!

Crash...oh yeah! I forgot about last Saturday...was a wild night with the computers. Even though they kinda giggled at my 3.5 inch floppy.

I usually just get the wine-in-a-box. I know, I know...I'm totally lame.

Neo...I'll volunteer! What are we tasting? ;)

Ok, off to bed with me. Sweet dreams, bloglits!

I rolled out of bed laughing at that one.
I don't know why I woke back up, But it seems to have been worth it.

Guess I'll turn in, too.

"Turn into what?" you may ask. Ah, that's the question, isn't it? Wait, it isn't? The question is: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? And isn't that what we're tasting, Joshkr, is tootsie pops?

Urg, I'm so tired I'm not even making sense to myself. Goodnight!


Well MOATies, I'm back home from Pitts. PA (Motto: GO STEELERS!). Steelers mania is running wild back there. First time in team history to be 15-1, what a year!

Eleanor, I noticed the enormous amount of college bowl games. What gives? Seems there was 1 or 2 EVERY DAY! And most were blow outs. It was nice to see the Rose Bowl was good. And what does BCS stand for anyhow? And YES it seems the ranking system inhales.

I must thank sly for promoting the kibby'ng concept. And, likewise, thank Deon for bringing it forth to begin with....

*realizes they haven't caught on to world-domination-by-one-demented-mind-at-a-time technique in use*

*realizes it's going to take LOTS of time to see the "plan" come together*

Still raining, and they are talking about this junk freezing later on today. YUK.

*waves "hi" to Kibby*

*dons wetsuit, mask, fins and snorkel*

*swims off to work*

*glub glub*

I dreamt of swans last night.
Big powerful birds with mighty wings, graceful and majestic.
It was a wonderful dream.
The noise and bustle of the past hour have driven most of it from my memory. I wish I could recapture it again!

Still raining, and they are talking about this junk freezing later on today. YUK.

*waves "hi" to Kibby*

*dons wetsuit, mask, fins and snorkel*

*swims off to work*

*glub glub*

Weather report: it is a sheet of pure ice out there. My daughter and I fell three times just getting down the front steps. (Ow!!) Thought she could make it the rest of the way to the bus stop on her own, as the sidewalk wasn't as slippery, but she fell again in front of the neighbor's house, screaming, crying, shoes falling off. And me in nothing but a bathrobe, trying to help.

*takes sly's double wave with a smile!* :)

On the whole wine thing, TCMB is a huge wino, I mean wine drinker. Both of us really like Rosemount as a brand and their Shiraz (red) as a varietal. I also recently had a varietal called Lexia (a white which I had never heard of) I believe from Alice Springs. If you can't tell, we like the Australian wines. I'm also solidly with DJT on saying that Yellow Tail is awesome.

I've also had the Two Buck Chuck, and for an inexpensive wine, it's great.

Personally, I prefer a nice Zinfandel (not the white kind, that's fruit punch, I'm talking about a big hearty Red) from Rancho Zabaco. At least I think that's the name.

I could talk about wine all day. Being italian, it has played an important role in my life for years.

Wow, that was a ramble. GOOD MORNING MOATIES!!!!!

**goes off to search the MOAT wine cellar for a bottle of Opus 1**

I'll 2nd Fish's Riesling choice and about any with a German name would be good. The Riesling is a white wine and comes, primarily, from the Rhine River area. It'll range from dry to half dry.

The 'wetter' they are the higher the sugar content is to the higher the hangover coefficient.

I'm hoping Prague will get to see the Steeler playoff games. Not always that easy here.

Opus 1!!! Now THERE's a wine. Forgot about it. A friend of mine went to a wine tasting there and his story about it was hysterical. Hostesses dressed up in slinkly black gowns, hair in updo's, snooty fake French accents. And the tastings were $25.00 a glass.

I related to him how different it is from wine tasting in Missouri's wine country; Herman, MO. The tastings are free, the glasses are those little bitty plastic "spit" glasses the dentists use, you can also buy a nice sausage with your wine, and someone in the back ground, you can here someone playing the Duck Dance.

But Missouri does have some good wines. Adam Puchta is my favorite; especially their Norton. The name cracks me up, but it's like a merlot.

OK, gotta towel off and get some work done.

Oh, I'm also a big fan of hard liquor and liquers. Unfortunately, I have champagne tastes when it comes to these things.

Single Malt Scotches:
Macallan 18 year
Old Pulteney 18 year Private reserve
Glenlivet 12 year (you know, for every day drinking)
Glenmorangie Port Wood finish (probably the premier brand in Scotland. I have that on good authority from the husband of the daughter of the President of that company....man, that was a good day)

Bourbons: (I should preface this by saying that I am not allowed to drink bourbon. It is one of the few liquors that makes me mean. However, I still love a good small batch)
Woodfield Reserve
Knob Creek

Bombay Sapphire (the rest is bathwater)

Ketel One
Grey Goose


Heredura (sp?)
Don Julio Anejo (great Tequila on the rocks)

Grand Marnier (in a warm snifter please)

Last but not least, extremely expensive, but probably the best thing I have ever had in a liquer:

Grand Marnier Cinq-Centennaire (150 year old)

Thus ends our little lesson in today's Alcoholic's Corner. Stay tuned for our next episode, Three Cheers for Beers!!!!!

Brian B - Gotta love the real Zin drinkers! If you can find it, try the Cline Cellars Zinfandel ('bout $9.99 around here). We did a blind wine tasting a few years ago, with a bottle of that, a bottle of the Cline Cellars "Reserve" Zin ($19.99) and another California Zin who's name escapes me ($39.99). We uncorked, wrapped them in paper bags, and shuffled them around until nobody knew which was which, and then served them with some simple grilled steaks and veggies. Wonder of wonders, the $9.99 bottle was head and shoulders above the more expensive brands.

Also, Rabbit Ridge puts out a decent Zin, and if you can find the Rabbit Ridge Sonoma County Zin, grab as many bottles as you can (the regular blend is good, but the Sonoma only is heaven in a glass).

OOOhhh, Brian B, you have got to get your hands on some Cuervo Riserva De La Familia, served in a snifter like a good cognac.

*returns to CareerBuilder to see if there's any positions available for "private yacht bartender" ;-)*

Slyeyes, in your "dons wetsuit" post above, I read "Deon's wetsuit,", and, on the tails of Eleanor's post about Deon being hot, I'd just like to say:

Mmmmm.... Deon in a wetsuit.....

Hey! We've got a shot of Kibby in a wetsuit!

*runs to look at calendars again*

Brian B - your encyclopedic (sp?) experience with hard liquor is wuite interesting! "Hi, my name is Breia and I'm....." *just kidding*

Good morning everyone from su.so.ca. I'm LTTG this a.m. since I took a sleeping pill at 3:30a.m. (long story, don't ask) -

I'm glad I left out the MOATarita fixxings before I left last night - it apears that a good time was had by all!
Any being LTTG has allowed everyone to one-up me on the weather but I'm not going to let that stop me from announcing that it is 46 freadking degrees her in so.ca.!!! I think even Jeff would agree that's pretty cold - but it's stopped raining until Friday, so now if the water will just stop running down my drivewayy, I'll be fine -

BCS stands for "something-Championship Series", although I could be making that up! In my mind it stands for "people who ruined the College Bowl Games" - used to be the Rose Bowl was primo - the winner of the PAC 10 played the winner of the Big 10 - great competition! Now there is no more Pac 10 at all!!!

kibbyF5 - saw your (not you're) picture in the calendar - pretty good looking, if I may say so - and as for Go Steelers, I say - hmmph! - which translates to Go Chargers -

sly - Nelson DeMille is a great author, IMHO - did you read Plum Island - very creepy but very good!

Whew - I think I'm caught up -
*hopes someone reads this even though it'is so long*

Loved Plum Island. The John Corey character is exactly the type of guy I'm looking for. Wouldn't you know, he's a work of fiction.

That character is also in Lion's Gate and the current one, Night Fall (which is about TWO Flight 800). The only thing wrong with John Corey is that he's married to a much younger woman.


*psssst* Eleanor, I agree about Kibby in his scuba gear.

TWA Flight 800.

DOesn't make sense the other way.


Thanks for the wine recommendations! I think I've had the Rabbit Ridge, but not the Sonoma County.

I've always had a disdain for Cuervo products, but really it's only based on 1800 and Especial. I'm more than willing to give any kind of Reserve a shot (so to speak).

Thanks, I think. I worked at a decently upscale restaurant here for about 2 or 3 years. During that time I was a server, bartender, cook, and manager. During all that time, we had a lot of companies come in to do tastings for us, and I really found some great stuff.

Like I said, I've got a pretty heavy Italian, Irish, and German heritage. So, we drink a lot.

*Whoa! Wet suit comments, must review MOAT*

Saw a great t-shirt at JFK on the way back.

"I'm not an alchoholic. I'm a drunk. Alchoholics go to classes."

Almost got it.

"Three Cheers for Beers", Czech beers have my vote over German ones.


I have to agree.

**best Homer impression**

Mmmmmm......Krusovice, Cervene Drak, Ceske Budjovice, Staropramen, Pilsner Urquell......I really could go on.

ok, caught up.

Haven't seen the calendar yet but can say that the wet suit was not my 1st selection to use while diving. It was a tux with tails, but the bow tie kept getting in the way of the regulator. The tails would have been cool flapping...

Yep, Eleanor, I read the whole thing. Don't see the chargers playing the STEELERS before the Super Bowl so we'll have to wait. Jeff wants to see an all PA title game though. And I agree with what your new definition of BSC is... is.

Wine - got only one vote - if I had an extra $20 or so (and I did once, before marriage and kids) I'd spend it on Sterling's Merlot. Only wonderful....

Gambrinus, MY favorite!

scuba diving.........

It's been over a year since I've been down a few atmospheres and I miss it.


*wine would be better*

*wine for the whine :) *

*Goes to Blue Hole website to dream and drool.

Ladies, please refrain from discussing how very good our male bloglits look?


*sneaks a peek at Y! group photos*

I am attempting to make my mind behave itself,


but I have to admit I'm not doing so well.

*gives up and scopes out calendar again.*

I like how some of the men's pages unfold like a centerfold. Thanks for that added feature, Joshkr! And no wonder the calendars were so expensive? Who'd you have to pay to get THESE pics? Interesting how a few of the men's pictures require an extra fold or two. rrrrRRRRRrrrr!

The John Corey character is exactly the type of guy I'm looking for. Wouldn't you know, he's a work of fiction.

sly - aren't they all! Thanks for the rec on the other books - ever since I read The DaVinci Code and The Rule of Four, I'be been looking for something good to read - at least until my daughter brings over the Hitchhiker set!

If I corrected all the typos in my post, it would be as long as the first one, so I won't -

Wine - I used to drink Cabernet, then switched to Zinfandel (red only!), but now I think Merlot is better than either one of them!

TCMH is a bigger wine fan than I, seeing as she's raised an hour from Napa...

Her favorite is V.Sattui - and their Gamay Rouge is an excellent wine. They don't distribute, but I think you can buy from their site. If you're ever in Napa, a)call me and b)try out their wines - they do an excellent free tasting.

How bout them Trojans!

What the heck is a Sooner anyway? Is it the opposite of a Later?

Kibby, I won't dive the Keys any more due to overdiving. On a beautiful day when the vis should be endless, it's all hinky from the dive traffic. We once had a diver from a different boat end up on ours due to there being three boats at a site. Gotta wonder about his dive buddy!!

I've only gone diving in lakes in Arkansas, (won't do that anymore) off the Florida coast, the Caribbean, and off Belize. Belize is my favorite so far. I was hoping to get to Roatan this year, but will have to wait until next year. (kids' college tuition and all that)

By the way, when I got certified, it was at Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas, in a school of spawning gar. One of the excited critters knocked off my face mask.

THAT was an experience!!

Spawning gar sounds like a heavy metal band. Aren't those the fish with mouths like alligators?

I got my dive cert. in the Red Sea at Hurghada Egypt. It was a great place and still one of my favorite ones. However we're finding more and more BAD divers there. It's common to have 3-5 boats at a reef.

More recently we've been doing the Live Aboard trips and get to sites not as busy. A few wreck dives are horrendously over crowded. We usually let the day divers do their thing and then we get in. I've dived in the Red Sea, Med. and FL. Keys. (Son's cert. diving).

The Med's fairly dead, the Red Sea still has some good spots and I can't really quantify the Keys.

I've 70+ dives and only Open Water certified. Suppose I should apply for Advanced at some time. PADI, of course.

I'll agree that it's great and miss getting out there. My photo's from one of the Red Sea Live Aboards. We'd get 4-5 daily dives at 3 different locations including a pre-breakfast and a night dive.

I'm just fascinated by this Blue Hole place. I never knew such a place existed. Check out this picture taken from the air!

Well, you ought to tell me when you go to Disney...
So I can laugh at you tourists!

I've been trying to get me and my brother SCUBA certified for years but my dad is a lazy bum and wouldn't help. I think that's because he and mom have been since they were teenagers.

Kibby, OK, it's official. I am majorly jealous of you!!!

I've got 40+ dives (I think, I'll have to check) and only have the PADI Open Water Cert. I thought about getting Advanced....but I'm OK with what I've got for right now. I just want to DIVE, not actually WORK at it.

One reason for not rushing out for an Advanced Cert is I'm lousy with the compass under water. Mainly because my right leg kick is much stronger than my left and it throws me off course. I had one instructor ask me, "Well, how else are you going to find the boat?"

"Surface and look", says I. I know, I know, I should be better with the compass.

Leetie, the Blue Hole was "discovered" by Jacques Cousteau. I can't wait to get there. It is amazing from the air, isn't it. An aerial view of it was my wallpaper on my computer here at work. I changed it when my diving plans got trashed this year.


BSC is... is.

kibby, it's BCS - just kidding, I make typos too - and since we last spoke of it I've found out that the B is for "Bowl" Championship Series - duh on me!
Kib - there are 2 picture of you in the calendar - one in the diving suit and a close-up of what appears to be a very sweet face!

But, IMHO, deon gets the award for Playmate of the Year!!!!! too much! I can only look at his picture for about 5 seconds at a time because.... oh, never mind!

Weasel - it was a great game - and I love that Sooner stands for Later - or maybe Loser!
not that I've ever been one to gloat!

neo - get with the program - the MOAT guys are

Don't worry about the Advanced sly. You can have as much fun with the Open Water. The major reason I haven't pushed for the Advanced is I'd rather be spending the $$$s actually diving.

Night dives are cool and even without a compass you can find your way (top side) back to the lights of your boat. Though I must admit that it's pretty dark out there at night. (Stars are bright though.) Good dive plan helps too.

"Officially" you're not supposed to do wreck dives without the Advanced, or working towards your Advanced, either. But if they're shallow enough it's not a problem.

I think the major difference between Open Water and Advanced is experience. And at 40+ dives you should have that. They may get more into the nitrogen stuff too, but not mixed dives - just more theory.

Oh, and Drift Dives are great. Just equalize and float with the current.

Crash, you should!

Oh I know...
I was thinking about getting my best friend to get her dad to train us; he certified John Denver.

Until then I'm content to snorkel, of which I used to do all the time. It's probably the most expensive way to catch lobster.

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