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December 24, 2004


We hope it fits. It's a MOAT.

(Thanks to Leetie)


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Nite, all!

Nite Eleanor!
MOATaritas all around!

This Husband is cracking the whip on dinner so I gotta go. Last night I foolishly agreed to attend a week-long choral workshop starting tonight. I'm not much of a singer as they are about to find out...

Goodnight Eleanor!
Ok, I understand Rashoman now; thank you, Sandy.

And for the record, the typos were because the Husband was walking into the room so I was hurrying - not too many moataritas.

Let's have another!

ROFL I can't follow this thread!

Joshkr, too bad about the pic of you and Bismuth; pity that won't be available for viewing!

Sorry, that was supposed to read: before the husband came home.
When I use "He," it pretty much always refers to the Husband.

Like how Him usually refers to God, neo?
just wondering...

Sandy, a choral workshop sounds fun!

Crash, He/Him referring to God is written with a reverential (is that a word?) tone. (No, make it reverant)

But write "He" with sort of a snarl in your voice, maybe a hint of spit, and you'll get it about right.

Eleanor, have another MOATarita for the road!
*wonders if that is a good idea*

I had to come back for a minute - I'm sorry sandy - I didn't mean to be condescending - well, I guess I was just trying to show off - is that condescending? It's just that it's so seldom that I can one-up anyone on a sports thing that I just couldn't resist -
my bad!

Thanks - now I can leave happpily!

*wishes everyone sweet dreams*

Nah, I was just teasing you, Eleanor. You are a much better sports babe than I am.

(referring to Bismuth)
Wedding? I love Weddings! Drinks all around!

Now nobody has to apologize if our hands are full!


Somehow, He figured out I was on his computer. All I was doing was setting up a game for my daughter to play, and he's fine with the kids messing with his PC. But he must have a fingerprint detector because somehow, he knew I had touched it!

But on a computer related note, yesterday, he agreed to let me get a new computer!! Hooray! Quick, send your recommendations of brands/models in, before he changes his mind!

Exactly, Crash! Let me love you another drink?

thanks; I could use one right now!

You betcha.

*Loves one right back!*

Wow Sly, that sounds like fun!

Hi, I'm back from dinner with Joshkr and Bis.

I thought I'd show them a fun part of St. Louis and go to dinner down on the Landing at the Train Wreck Saloon. Joshkr said any place would be fine, as long as it didn't serve anything with tongue, brains or hooves.

I later realized the Train Wreck serves Ostrich Tongue.

Anyway, at the appointed time, I was driving down First Avenue, carefully bouncing along the cobblestone, and under the "Dental Museum" sign, I see Joshkr and Bis. Ande Josh said he couldn't find a museum in St. Louis!! It seems the Train Wreck was closed for the night.

So, I told them to chose between Morgan Street Brewery and Old Spaghetti Factory. They chose the brewery and we walked the block there....and found out it was also closed.

I was wanting to show these guys a fun area of St. Louis and we've got tumbleweeds blowing across the street.

Next door to Morgan Street was Hannigans -- and it was OPEN!! Yeah. Found out a lot of restaurants on the Landing are closed on Monday nights. Live and learn.

We got a booth, and I gotta tell you, it was weird. I was on one side and Bis was sitting on Josh's lap on the other side. I didn't tell them, but we were in the wrong area of St. Louis for that. We should have been in the Central West End.

It was a fun time. Bis told about proposing to the GF, and Josh clued me in on IPods. I just asked one question about the H2G2 (did I get that right?) and they were off and running. WHY have I never heard of those books?

If anyone gets a chance to meet any of the other bloglits, I highly encourage it. It's fun.

I'm looking forward to the Memphis meet-up in April/May.

Photos are on the Y Group in the Other Bloglit Folder.

Since we seem to have run out of canversation...

The day after christmas we had a huge brush fire near my grandfather's place.
My dad went out and cleared some of the backyard and was facing three stories of flame on his tractor, and burning ashes were raining on him, so the firemen were spraying him too.

Oooh...love me one too? And maybe a stripper for my hotel room? :D

I .... can't.... get... the Y!.... pics.... to .....open! (Send those computer recs ASAP, please!)

Crash, 3 stories?? You said there was a fire nearby, but geesh!!

These mix-ed up postings can be kind of fun...kind of like solving a puzzle.

Eleanor (she's asleep, isn't she) -- anyway, I saw photos of Clinton the other day and I agree, he doesn't look very good. He did at the opening of the library, but not so much right now.

BTW, I deal with a couple of law firms in Little Rock, AR. Apparently, the library is being called The Double Wide on Stilts and The Double Wide on a Railroad Trestle.

When I saw the photos of it after those descriptions, I did not agree. Looks like they did a good job.

Random Thought Department.....James Carville is one freaky looking dude.

*Tries to love Josh a stripper*

That one is harder to deliver on.

*Joshkr flies across the room*

Haha have you ever watched it in Spanish?

I agree with Sly on her random thought.

Lol Slyeyes! And thanks for posting those!

Crash...ever see UHF? "You get to drink out of...the firehose!!!.

haha yeah!
It was this brush, like a cross between cattails and sugar cane.
We call it cane. haha, 'cuz we're lazy.
And it likes to explode when it burns.

Atleast it wasn't sawgrass, then I feel sorry for the firefighters.

If DSL and Ethernet are my friends.
My wireless is my lover.

I love wireless. I can do anything almost anywhere.
Mostly on campus, at Barnes & Nobles, and Starbucks.
But at least there's a Starbucks on every corner, right?

Neo, my parents LOVE their Gateway computers.

I have been to hell and back --- twice, uphill in the snow both directions --- with my Dell laptop.

BUT Dell finally sent me a new one. I'm waiting to see how this one does before I will say I'm now a happy Dell customer.

And, may I say, DSL is great!! I just can't deal with dial-up anymore. Life is too short.

Random Thought:
Could we have picked the absolute most obvious MOAT ever?

Watched UHF in Spanish? Nope...but sounds interesting...


Crash...LOL! Actually it is kinda that way on purpose. Judi has done posts before with the word MOAT in them for us to move into (I would look, but I'm drinking beer and halfway watching Mystic River), this time Leetie sent her a good one to do it with.

The spanish channels only seem to ever show the movies UHF and Hercules.

Yeah, Monkey MOATs, Swan MOATs, blah blah blah...

All of it making me more of a geek than I am.
Before you all entered my life, I was a mere Comic Book/Movie Geek.
Now I'm turning into one of those internet/computer types.

At least it soooo much more fun this way.

I just saw The Worst commercial.

Key Quote:
"Honey! The house is on fire!"

Crash...we're just trying to help you learn to your full potential. Here, I can show you something from this book...Kama-something...

Weird. What commercial was that?

I think it must be a book on punctuation, by the way.

Thanks for the sound clip...classic scene!

That and "What is in the box? Nothing! Stupid! You're so stupid!"

I can't do sound clips anymore on this machine. And I cannot follow the line of thought here. Is there a line of thought here?

Neo...just lines from a movie called UHF. Have you ever known me to have a line of thought? ;)

Oh! I saw that one today at lunch waiting for Sly. Goofy.

Yikes...that link is annoying! Then I guess that's the point.

Kama your ass? That's page 173 I think...

I'm so confused. *considers slowing down on margaritas. Reconsiders*

....and another benefit of these scrambled postings; you can feel drunk without drinking a drop. Cheap. No hangover. Non fattening.

*Rushes off to check page 173*

Without drinking a drop? Slyeyes, you need to catch up! *loves sly a moatarita, as an excuse to have another of my own*

Neo...if you love me one, that means you get two!

Crash...for some reason all links to wavsource.com open the annoying page instead...

Neo...you talk about what you want, and I'll imagine what I want ;)

crash, are they sound, video, or stills? I can only hadle stills or the PC crashes.

Loves Joshkr another, just so I get two. Are we talking about drinks or strippers here?

Sound... Sorry about that Neo.

We have...
I've fallen and can't get up!

as well as Faye Dunaway in a rather stirring rendition of:

Well, heck, that works for me Joshkr! *Imagines at least two more*

Smarvin, play fair. How about something simple? For those of us who never read the books??

All right (most/all of these are from the books):

1) What world had the Guide recently moved to when Marvin and Ford were teleported there?

2) What was the name of the Heart of Gold's onboard computer?

3) What song did the computer sing when it thought they were going to be hit by nuclear missiles?

Doozies, I admit. I don't even know all the answers.

Sorry there's not much else worth reading here right now. I'm watching LotR.

I took a class on Tolkien not too long ago. incredible author. Now it seems I need to read Adams, huh?

I never read it, but Joshkr would have wanted to know if there were strippers.
Butt, I think he has read it.

Nite All!
Gotta sleep.

goodnight, crash; sleep well

Hmmm. I believe that the last post was 2:41 blog time. (hey, that was me come to think of it!) Unless of course, someone posted AFTER that but it registered before. So, technically, there is nobody here but me. And so, if I were to continue to pour myself moataritas, that would be drinking alone. Hm. I guess it's time to call it a night and sneak off to bed.

*attempts to sneak out past attack swans*
*fails, miserably*

Deon!! Help! You speak swan now; talk some sense into these birds!

*runs away, pecked to pieces*

*hiss squawk*

Really, Neo. Time to get some sleep for you.

[thumps swans heartily enough to make feather pancakes (or paakes) for Neo's pillow]

*tiptoes in past ruffled-looking, sleeping - at least I hope they're only sleeping - swans*

Thanks, Deon!

*tiptoes out again*

Don't I feel like an a$$. Sly meets Josh and Bis yesterday and already has pics up on the Y!. TCMB and I meet Josh last Thursday, and I've still got them on my friggin' camera.

Happy New Year MOATIES! I don't think I mentioned that before.

I'll try to have pics uploaded after i get home from work tonight.

Oh, and Josh, I'll send some cash out in the next couple of days. TLBB's hospital bills are coming in and I gotta see where we're at after payday.

2005 seems to be off to a Bangi kind of start. St. Louis is under a flood watch this morning.

So, Bangi, got any tips on flood survival?

Should I jettison the vowels? is tht hw u srvv?

*what did I just say?*


Good morning everyone from sunny southern CA where we also, sly, are under a flood watch - storm, rain, flooding, sand bags in front of stores in the beach area, snow in the mountains, chains required, temp in the low 50's bummer!

neo - you posted at 4:24a.m. and then at 10:04a.m. - regardless of what t he real time is/was - remember my new existential (new favorite word!) theory - there's only 6 hours in between - did you sleep at all???

Mornin' all!

This post's got nothin' to say
But I'm postin' it anyway
I know if I set my mind to it
I know I can put a good rhyme here-

(lifted from Weird Al's brilliant "This Song Is Just Six Words Long")

Mad- word up on the chai. Love that stuff. How is Sobe? My cat died of same thing at age 17. It was sad. Sorry to hear. :(

I mean the cat was 17 when she died. Not me. I was in my early 20's at the time.

Her name was Fluffy. I named her when I was a little kid, so I thought it was an original name.

She was very fat. She was like a live pillow. Black and white, very soft fur. Sometimes I still miss her, but if there's a cat heaven, she's definitely there. RIP Fluffy. :)

Brilliant, C-bol! :)

Well ok, so no one has ever been to Eureka Springs, Ar. That's cool. Not a big deal. I was just curious that's all (*sniff,*sniff).


I'm ok, really. I think I'll just go hang out over here with Jeff and we'll just be over here ------> enjoying the hell out of crying in our beers (not beards).

Joshkr- So Sly took you to strip club to eat lunch? Interesting.

Great pics! I never knew St.Louis was so Green. hmm.

Still no Calendar (*more sniff insues), but then again once it crossed the state line I'm sure it was loaded in the back of our delivery Schooner. So, as with Sandy it should be spring before they get here. I don't mind livin in the Bible Belt, just wish they loosen it a couple a notches- ya know?

na probably not.......


(that was to keep the swans at bay)

Marvin, umm, gee those are hard questions, but I'll take a crack at 'em:

1) What world had the Guide recently moved to when Marvin and Ford were teleported there?
Don't remember the name, but I think it was the world where 90% of the landmass was subtropical beaches, through some quirk of planetary evolution. Also the place where they got stuck in the virtual universe the "Guide" had set up in an attempt to lower correspondent expense accounts.

2) What was the name of the Heart of Gold's onboard computer? -No idea, but it was really bad at making drinks. Whatever you asked for, the drinks dispenser always produced a beverage that was almost, but not entirely, unlike tea.

3) What song did the computer sing when it thought they were going to be hit by nuclear missiles?
also don't know, though it led to the amusing episode when the improbability field turned one missile into a bowl of petunias and the other missile into a sperm whale, both of which turned out to have very short life expectancies. The sperm whale turned out to be a incarnation of agragag, the very-ticked-off soul who turned out to have beeb killed by Arthur Dent in evry single one of his reincarnations.

Oh, Bangi- I emailed you the washington post articles yesterday, but the bounced back with a "disk quota exceeded" message. If there's another address I should use, let me know?

Haven't seen DJTony check in yet...
You blurking, DJT?

Good morning, Jeff - could you please do me a favor - run over to the Vicky Tisdial thread and provide a link- see my post over there- thanks - and doig this will get you off the hook for betraying my confidence last night *wink, wink* -

Hey blogchik, are you back in Russia yet? - I liked your (not you're) pictures in the calendar!
Too bad you can't see them, Mr. Fishair!

*senses she is being a little snotty this a.m.*
*passes out Krispy Kremes and coffee to overcome anyone's negative feelings towards her*

Eleanor, I fly back to Russia on the 10th. Which means I got to get T-shirts from America for my roommates. So much for my Christmas money!

Eleanor, thinks for the Krispy Kremes. I'll take mine without padding, please

sly - just read your link - is nothing sacred anymore??? I mean, if you can't trust a company that produces artery-clogging, high calorie (but delicious) products, what is there to say?!!

*have another one*

1) What world had the Guide recently moved to when Marvin and Ford were teleported there?
Wasn't it something like Ursa Minor? And the suicide rate skyrocketed when the newspapers said "when you're tired of Ursa Minor, you are tired of life"?

2) What was the name of the Heart of Gold's onboard computer?
Eddie? Probably not, though. I'm just thinking of "Eddie's in the space time continuum" joke. But Wurm, the drink machine was a separate component on the ship. It was the Nutrimatic Drink System thing and was created by the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation. It had an american accent or something.

3) What song did the computer sing when it thought they were going to be hit by nuclear missiles?
This is the one I don't really have any clue about. Something quasi-religious, right? Was there a valley in there?

And Blogchik, even American Tshirts are made in other countries, so does it really matter?

1. It was Ursa Minor something, and besides just being almost entirely subtropical beaches, it was always just after 5 pm.

2. Eddie the Shipboard Computer. He was way too cheerful and helpful. He was sort of the opposite of Marvin. At one point Zaphod reprogrammed him with a "back-up personality" much like a stern school marm. It wasn't an improvement.

3. He sang, "You'll Never Walk Alone."

Just got back from a training session. We are getting a new document management program.

During the session, the trainer me, "How do you repopulate your worklist with new versions of your document?"

I answered "You hit the kibby key."

Strangely, no one else knew which one that is.

They do now.

And Blogchik, even American Tshirts are made in other countries, so does it really matter?

Marvin - that is so beside the point - you have just proven beyond a reasonable doubt your (not you're) Androidness!

The following is a classified ad that was posted today on our firm's intranet.

Category: Miscellaneous
Title: Psychic
Description: A friend is looking for a good psychic. Any referrals You can give me to pass on are appreciated.
Price: Contact: x6042
Date Posted:
01/03/2005 Expires: 01/18/2005

I just find that hilarious. Wouldn't a good psychic KNOW someone was looking for her/him?

A few years ago, a co-worker hosted a Psychic Party. I did not go, being psychic myself and knowing I wouldn't enjoy it.

The next day, I asked her how it went and she shrugged. She said people left because the psychic was late, and after being an hour late, she called to say she was lost and needed directions. (!)

Sheesh, you'd think, being a psychic, she would have foreseen she would get lost and called you beforehand stating she was going to be late.

In Gene Weingarten's on-line chat in the Wash.Post today he posted Dave's letter from Vicky Tisdial and cited it as one of the wonderful reasons for being a humor columnist!

*may have posted this on wrong thread but will send psychic message to those over there to come over - oh, I don't think it works that way - well, I''m not deleting*
*could copy and paste, but I'm fast losing interest in my own poszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

Good Day everyone.

Sobe is still not eating but hanging in there. The vet says he might go on for a few weeks, but if he doesn't eat I should consider doing the humane thing. I don't think something not alowed to be done to humans can be humane. Maybe I should ask Vicki what she thinks?

1. Ursa Minor Beta is, some say, one of the most appalling places in the known Universe.

Although it is excruciatingly rich, horrifyingly sunny and more full of wonderfully exciting people than a pomegranate is of pips, it can hardly be insignificant that when a recent edition of Playbeing magazine headlined an article with the words "When you are tired of Ursa Minor Beta you are tired of life", the suicide rate quadrupled overnight.

Not that there are any nights on Ursa Minor Beta.

It is a West Zone planet which by an inexplicable and somewhat suspicious freak of topography consists almost entirely of sub- tropical coastline. By an equally suspicious freak of temporal relastatics, it is nearly always Saturday afternoon just before the beach bars close.

No adequate explanation for this has been forthcoming from the dominant lifeforms on Ursa Minor Beta, who spend most of their time attempting to achieve spiritual enlightenment by running round swimming pools, and inviting Investigation Officials form the Galactic Geo-Temporal Control Board to "have a nice diurnal anomaly".

2. Eddie, who sang...

3. When You Walk Through The Storm.

Mad, if Sobe is not in actual pain, I think you are right. Giving a beloved pet a few last days of comfort and ease can be a great thing to do. The difference between a human suffering pain and an animal suffering pain is that a human has some understanding of what is happening while an animal doesn't. It only knows that pain and instinct says it should find somewhere to hide. But animals bear discomfort well and appreciate all the love given to it.

Thanks Peri. It is all very emotional for me as my mom died after a very long battle with cancer - basically when her kidney's finally shut down. SoBe is in good spirits and doesn't seem to be in pain. He climbed into my lap and slept there for over an hour last night. I was glad ot have that time. As long as he seems awake and alert I will do what I can for him. He isn't eating the babyfood or anything I have tried though. He gets fluids everyday from the IV bag although just under his skin.

So while I don't believe in needless suffering I do believe in God and I believe he has a reason for all things. If he elects to keep sobe around I am not going to overstep that.

If anyone was wondering about the odd name SoBe it has nothing to do with the drink. It is short for South Beach (in Miami) one of my favorite places and because he is sandy colored. I considered Tybee (in GA) I guess if I had lived in CA at the time he might be named Malibu or Laguna.

Mad, I agree with Peri if the kitty is not in pain. But I have always envied house pets who can be put out of their misery rather than be forced to endure it. If he is suffering and you decide to end it out of love for him, I think that's a great decision. Sorry you have to be in that position-- and good luck.

Oh and in no way was I trying to equate the loss of my mother with that of a cat. They don't even compare.

Love, grief and the pain of loss don't have to be quantified, compared or defended. There is no measuring stick for how bad you feel. The feelings of loss and sadness that are happening now are the same feelings you had for your mother and perhaps only intensity varies. Maybe it feels even worse because it makes you remember the last time.

There have been a lot of pets in my life and I have been fond of them all. I'm just an animal sort of person. But, there have been 3 particular pets that I loved with a passion equal to that of a family member. It had nothing to do with the sort of animal it was, it was all in the personality. First was a rabbit that was the most wonderful character I ever met. I suddenly developed the most ferocious allergy to rabbits and he had to go before I even had time to get used to the idea. The next was a dog I had when I was married. When I left I moved into an apartment that did not allow dogs and then my ex gave him away. The last, believe it or not, was a hamster. There have been many many hamsters in my life since childhood but this last one was really something special. He was past his life expectancy when he developed a tumor on his eye. Eventually, the eyeball underneath collapsed and the tumor was half the size of his head. I had him euthanized and it broke my heart.

Mad - sorry the baby food didn't work. I guess Sobe knows best, and maybe he knows it's time to go...
*loves Mad some love*

Zooey Deschanel, who is playing Trillian in H2G2, was also in Big Trouble.

Of course he is! Or at least, he has been heard from on occasion...

I think he's posted on TLAPD related blog posts before.

No calendar yet... maybe today!

Joshkr - got my calendars in the mail! Way to go!!! They came out great!

Where do you stand on the funding situation?

Here's a photo of ol' chumbucket

He's the original very first inventor of TLAPD.

And I swear I saw somewhere that he joined in with RBR at one point or an other.

ya gotta scroll down a bit, or search for "chumbucket"

I just have to ask one question regarding the calendars:

Just HOW CUTE is that Bangi???!!!!

Wow! A dogsled team just pulled up outside my door. The malemute in the rear stuck his snout into a sack in the sled and came up with a large white envelope and dropped it at the front door. Just a tooth mark or two and some slobber on the outside--the calendars look terrific!

You're all really, really cute!

even me? :D

You look very fetching between the sheets, joshkr.

(was that begging for compliments or what?)

And yep, Bangi is gorgeous. As are all of the ladies. Next year we're having a swimsuit calendar!

But I'm already in a swimsuit!

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