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December 25, 2004


Merry Christmas to all.


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But only slightly.

12 Days of Christmas, right? You have plenty of time.

and to all a good night

Happy St. Stephen's Day then!

boxing day?

By my clock, we still have about 13 minutes of Christmas left. So Merry Christmas, Judi! And to the rest of the bloglitts!

Yes. Happy Boxing Day!! It's a great English tradition that we should import here. You go visit all your friends, leach Christmas leftovers, and swap gifts that you don't like for gifts they don't like. At the end of the day, everyone is fat and happy.

i like boxing day!! i dont have leftovers. time to go mooch.

As I just watched Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery again, Brad's comment immediately made me think of one of my favorite lines...

Whoo! That is one crazy get-up, mister... Are you in the show?

No, actually, I'm English.

Oh... sorry.

judi, it's never too late for you to say anything - so - a belated Merry Christmas back -

However, you could be the FIRST to say Happy New Year!!!

Maybe it's too early.

Happy Dec. 26th, Judi!

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