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December 11, 2004


This year, rather than give an electronic or new technological gadget for Christmas, try giving a gift that will challenge the imagination of the recipient.

For instance, this year I will be giving each member of my family a lump of wood. That way they can imagine what I would have given them if I was not a cheap bastard.

Fabian Marson


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Dang, I was gonna give my family members lumps of wood. Now I'll have to come up with something different.

How 'bout two lumps of wood?

Actually, a lump of coal would be better--then the recipient could use it to write on the sidewalk just how grateful they were for such a gift...

Or a rock, which would hurt much worse when the recipient threw it...

Lo-og, Lo-og, everyone loves a log!

"I tried to get you a lump of rich mahogany from the Mayan forest, but they were all out. Hope you like this lump of particle board instead. Merry Christmas!"

hope it doesnt get confused with fruitcake....

I can think of a few ladies that I would like to give wood for Xmas, but definitely not my family.



I don't know if any of you bloggers have had this problem,but;

For a number of years, we've been sending presents to grandchildren. Guess what? NO 'THANK YOUS' (periods) from most of them.

My husband keeps saying (by the way, the ones in remiss are 'his' grandchildren) "No thank yous, no presents". But every year, he says the same thing and then writes them a check!

I intend to give HIM the Blog for Christmas this year. He can like it, or lump it!!!!

Did you have any 'takers?'

I still think Luke's "Rock on a Stick" beats anything...
(see brat's efiction site for the story)

I'd love wood for Christmas, assuming it was being offered by the right person. ;)

The 'rock on a stick' story reminds me of the Easter that my mother and father took my sister and her two small children camping on a lake in Ar. My sister's husband was away in Viet Nam. My mother and sister forgot about bringing Easter eggs, so late on Saturday night, they found rocks and painted them with water colors to hide so that the Easter Bunny could visit the girls in the morning. Easter Rocks? AGNFARB?

My dog would LOVE a big stick for Christmas! "Huh, huh, throw the stick, are you gonna throw the stick, please please please please throw the stick, okay, okay okay???"

My kids? Not so much.

The story that MOTW was referring to about the young child on a previous blog (brat)told by Luke and now inspired by a poem from another kid.

"Sticks, and stones may break my bones,
But rocks alone won't do.
The stick is neccessary for the job,
It always takes the two.

Merry Christmas, everyone!
You see what you've just got!
A Christmas present full of me,
So you won't forget this tot!"

Wood comes in lumps?

I've only seen it in blocks, planks, and shavings.

Kat: My comment referred to the original post and Graz's earlier comment, not MOTW's. I have a dirty mind. ;)

My grandma has something called a Norwegian Exercise Block. It's a block of wood, just like the one Fabian mentioned. What you do is this:

1. Place the block on the floor.
2. Walk around it twice.
3. Take a seat.

Congratulations! you've just walked around the block twice.

Shannon I like the way u think ;)

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