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December 05, 2004


Snake Pain. Also, Jigging for Squid.


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that's all....

FIRSTLY....who volunteers to capture and "rescue" deadly snakes. These people have wayyyy too much time on their hands.

Second FIRST....Squid,Chum,etc...who eats this stuff????

Well darn it...where did you come from lucky? You weren't there a second ago!

just popped in after some squid jiggin'...


Squid tastes like.....chicken.

You mean I have to go to school to catch larger squids?

Why wasn't I told this before?

"Tiger snakes, the fourth most lethal of Australian land snakes, are common in Tasmania and represent the biggest threat. Copperhead and white-lipped snakes are also a danger."

Snakes have lips???

A New Version of the Virginia Reel:

Swing your Squid around the floor.
Doe see doe, and then once more.
Go to 10:00 O'clock, and through the door.
Hot pink, green and colors galore!

Swing your Squid,--just once more.
Don't be shy1 Just open that door.
Go back now and cast again.
Take your Squid to the ol Fishin' Den!

Coastal Clams-a poem-by kat aged 6

Coastal Clams are razor sharp.
Dommoic acid makes their mark.
Will we test them? Yes siree!
But on December 6th, our beaches will be free!

Reptile Rescue would be an even better nfarb. And The Squid Jiggers is better than Jigging for Squid, imho. But no to Snake Lips.

Joshkr lives in Seattle, I wonder if he's been squid jigging and not telling us about it - it sounds a little perverted to me....

which is why I think Joshkr would be up for it!

Snake Pain site says "Fawlty Towers for sale".
Apparently the original hotel is worth about 3 million.

crash, at first, I thought you were going to say Fawlty Towers is being sold on DVD or something. But it's the actual building, eh?

Rats, 3 mil is a little steep for me what with paying off 2 college tuitions.

Now the DVD, THAT I could handle.

are black-lipped snakes seeking reparations yet?

lindsay, I think you meant to say "body parts jiggling."

At least based on what I've seen of you.

Blah Blah Blah...

Sean, just what I was thinking.

Sean, that's exactly what I was thinking! How'd you know?

Toxic Threshold wbagnfarb

I like squid!
Yes, I do!
I like squid!
How 'bout you?

-More marinara please...

Having just cleaned a terrible mess out of my microwave, it occurred to me "Exploding Potatoes" wbagnfarb.


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With apologies to those that have already contributed:

There is a Dave’s Weekly Column Tribute and Farewell Card we are trying to get everyone to sign by the end of December.

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monsoon....ditto for Exploding Eggs.

pelagicsal, Would that be a "Wilio and Philio" reference? And if it isn't and you have no idea what I'm talking about, my apologies.

I think that Ms. Novy at 'Reptile Rescue' needs to check 'On Line Applications' for a new job thru 'Career One' rather than continue her present non-paying one. Government 'underfunding' seems to be quite popular these days, especially in America. (note Congress raiding the 'military budget' in order to fund their 'pork' projects)

(the scene is the conference roon of Don Vito Calamari, the Squidfather)

Il Consigliere: Squidfather, your boy Sushi, sleeps with the humans. Our attempts to poison them and generally gross them out have failed. What shall we do?

(suddenly a thousand lines appear in the water)

Squidfather: The jig is up !

(and... scene)

i agree with jeff about the band names... but how about EXPLODING reptile rescue as a gnfarb? just a thought.

Just remember when jigging for squid, after you catch it - you have to clean it! And we all remember how gross that was so it is probably better not to be jigging in the first place.

(Jimmy Fallon -idiot-DJ-impression):
And WE'RE BACK !!!!!

speaking of music, howcome on that 'Vertigo'
song, Bono says 'One... Two... Three... Fourteen'?
is it because 'Uno,dos,tres,cuatro' is a cliche?
(is counting cliched?)
*looks for other job*

Hi I'm Squid. Please Jiggle for me.

Oh, it's jigging. Nevermind.

Well, I mean, still jiggle and all.

Just a couple thoughts on Snake relocating . . .
If the @#%$ things keep showing up, maybe they should try moving them further away. And if they were really serious about keeping this program afloat, they should CHARGE for it!!! $50 to not have to deal with deadly snakes in my yard is a bargain. Places around me charge more than that to remove dead animals that get lodged in chimney vents, air ducts, etc. Dead animals, not venomous snakes!

News flash on Mtv:
Jigging for Squid has joined up with Bowling for Soup, Fountains of Wayne, System of a Down, and Queens of the Stone Age for the summer leg of the "Prepositional Phrases Tour"
More details to follow . . .

I've spent a lifetime looking for you
at the pier with cuttlefish lovers, never true
my rod at 10:00 o'clock, hoping to win
dangling that lure and losing again.

I was jigging for squid in all the wrong places
jigging for squid in too many spaces
Searching your waves, looking for traces
Of what.. I'm dreaming of...
Hopin' to find a ten-armed slimy treat
purple and white with a hard anal beak
Another heart, jigging for squid

The last time a potentially poisonous snake invaded my domicile, I very gently relocated it to the business end of a boomstick and laughed like a pirate.

*getting squiddy wit it*


I just received this email today;
"I hate when people forward too many warnings or virus alerts , but this
one is important! Send this warning to everyone on your e-mail list!

If someone comes to your front door saying they are conducting a survey on deer ticks and asks you to take your clothes off and jump around to
see how many fall off, do not do it! IT IS A SCAM!

They only want to see you naked.

I wish I'd gotten this yesterday. I feel so stupid now......."

Urban Squidboy wbagnfarb

That is why you shouldn't listen to anything that C-bol says F. Duck.

Yeah MzVette, the video camera and bottle of Vodka should have been my first clues.

The albino squirrel in my shower should have been the second clue.

That is not precisely true.

You should listen to EVERYTHING I say. But then you should ignore it.

can i say booger now?




he's been with the world -
I' tired of the soup du jour
he's been with the world
wanna end this prophylactic tour
'fraid that no-one around me
understands my potato
guess I'm just a squid-boy
looking for a real tomato

Policing the waterways of the Pacific Northwest...
It's the Squid Squad !! (a new drama series from the Field&Stream channel) In the opening episode, Vic "Vic" Piranha feeds the limbs of illegally obtained decapods into a Cuisinart to make flavored dog-water!
Vic: So long, suckers! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha !

See it! Or you'll be jigging by the watercooler alone tomorrow!

Ah alanboss,
How I wish I were aware enough to know Wilio & Philio...
No apologies needed.

I tried posting this last nite and something went worng, so now it's WAY out of sequence, let alone relatively germane ... oh well ... sorry it's so late.



there's (not theirs) a sea of opportunity under each and every dock,
so drop a line, have a good time,
and just ignore the clock.


there's (not theirs) an ocean of of chances
for squidly romances
if you'll simply adjust your riggin'

[hey, nobody said it was easy!]

[Or, necessarily ... good ...?]

[mayhap it shoulda STAYED late ... or NEVER?]

If someone comes to your front door saying they are conducting a survey on deer ticks and asks you to take your clothes off and jump around to
see how many fall off, do not do it! IT IS A SCAM!

They only want to see you naked.

I wish I'd gotten this yesterday. I feel so stupid now......."

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