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December 20, 2004



Update: The dead horse sale is born again.

(Thanks to Mahatma Kane Jeeves)


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Some people are just sick, sick, sick!!!

It's re-inforced with rebarb and double rebarb! I guess bobwahr is easier to come by than rebar out there in OK.

what is wrong here?????? pogo's comment was there when I posted, but now mine is before???
Computer morons (that would be me) want to know!!!

Eleanor, just because Christobol really really wanted to complete his set doesn't make him a sick man.

There is the matter of all that other madness, but that is totally a separate consideration.

...and now back to 'A Norman Bates Christmas'...

I just have one word for that woman...DISGUSTING!!!

MKJ - Judi got your name right. Woohoo!

I can't decide whether to cry hysterically or barf or laugh and barf at the same time--that photo of the cat with the poor baby is just so bizarre.

check her other auctions. it's back up for sale

We Newfies have Witless Bay, you Oaklahomians have stillborn animals whose hair you gel. Both obviously involved massive quantities of drinking.

Her: I sold my unborn baby stuffed horse so you get an eyeglass piercing!

Him: But I sold my eyeglasses so you could get a blanket for your unborn stuffed baby horse! Also so I'd never look at it again.

O. Henry lives !

Further on Christobol's theme, there is nowhere that it says there were 3 of them. So perhaps we should call them "Multiple Semi-Intelligent Persons which May Have Included George Bush"

Seems the English are weirder than the French these days.

C-bol, LOL !
What's worse, the Bible doesn't even say there were three ! (so it's just 'Some guys')

Well Hello Insomniac. Seems we're on the same theme here....

Christobol, I am laughing SO HARD right now. That song is HYSTERICAL!!!

And even worse, they actually showed up when Jesus was already living in a house not a barn and was probably around 2 so they didn't even make the birth. Funny - Church of England missed that.

But all I do with her is put hats on her to mach the holydays.

Does that mean it's an Easter horse or a Yom Kippur horse? And how does she "mach" them?

Get that woman some grammar lessons to go with her new brain!

C-bol - this is the first time that I actually sang OUT LOUD your lyrics...

My wife is very concerned about me...

Also, tears are streaming down my face. BRAVO!

Why do people who do things like stuff baby stillborn horses and have their play with them always have names like Lacy Dawn, Bobbi Jo, Candi Cane... Oh wait - that was the name of Mama Xmas who was thrown in jail on the other blog....

On the seller's other site for this item, she's cleaned her spelling and grammar, proving the old adage, "You don't sell the unborn, stuffed, equine, you sell the sizzle !"

Now she is for educational purposes. I can see the lesson now:

Mom: See Lucy? This is to teach you that even cute little baby horses DIE!

That should take a lot of therapy!

Somewhere North -
Maybe "But at times it can be overwhelming.." is PC for "We're now all in desperate need of therapy".

Bet she'd make a great fridge magnet.


Where did my post go? It wasn't funny or anything, but... ????

Somewhere North - you'd have to use an industrial strength magnet to hold 'er up on the fridge door ... right next to Bucky the Pissed Off Squirrel.

*trying to fit in with Southern Culture*

So if I gets me a dead possum and hangs it on my fridge, then gets me a dead horse for me kids and/or fridge, I can change my same to Vicky Jo and marry a nice long haired guy with missing teeth and a wife beater who drives a truck by day and has a lovely collection of used automobiles on his lawn?

*faints in anticipation*

Leetie - Marvin's posts have been disappearing too - on other threads - poltergeist??????

eww. just plain eww.

Anyone remember Roy Roger's horse? stuffed is stuffed and he a LOT bigger

Leetie's Disappearing Post might be kind of long for a rock band name. Kind of a mouthful, that.

(And notice d'art, that I restrained myself from tieing that it with your "mouthful" comment.)

Pam, and let's not forget Rasputin's (ahem) organ.
(which wbagnfarb)

In case you missed the story, Pam, here it is. Warning: WARNING: DO NOT OPEN AT WORK, OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G, especially if you don't want to look at a large preserved penis.

I can't believe those posts got reversed. Now the second (which is now first) loses its point (such as it was).

What a great gift! You can't beat a dead horse!


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Hey. C-bol's posts are gone!!

Heyyy! "Fear of Barry Manilow" wbagnfarb!

Re: the disappearing posts... I blame the FCC. Or fear of the FCC. Or fear of Barry Manilow.

r.e. disappearing posts:


It's all magic. Smoke and mirrors.

("Correct" (?) views on erotica? Who gets to decide?)

[Poisoned, shot, frozen ... but did they KILL him? And, who fished him out of the river to "save" his penis for posterity?]

Sounds like "poppycock" to me.

I'll be stuffed for Christmas
You can plan on me.
Please have polish for my toes,
A collar for my fleas.

Christmas Eve will find me
Underneath your tree.
I'll be stuffed for Christmas
Buy me on eBay, please!

Uncle Omar - nice to hear from you, except I was sleeping when you posted! Exactly what is it you do that prevents you from playing during the day? Are you with the CIA or some other top secret govt. agency??? You can tell me, I promise I won't tell -

hoping to get in sync sometime soon,
I remain, yours,

p.s. Uncle O - smoke and mirrors are what criminal defense attorneys specialize in when they have no facts to help them!

Eleanor -- Yah, really neato to see your posts -- means you're (not your, or yore) still hanging out with this classy bunch ...

I work during the day, and sometimes the days go fairly late and sometimes the work week includes Saturday and so on ...

Today was the last day of that however, until after New Year's passes. (Well, tomorrow is a light workday, but not the usual stuff, just getting equipment put away, and getting ready for a few days off.)

The boss flys everyone home for the holidays, but I'm staying out here this time, and going to Hawaii instead of Nodak ... very few volcanoes in ND, and quite a bit more snow there than on the Big Island, is the way I hear it ...


Besides which, what is it that you do that puts you on the blog at those times of the morning?

Or do you check it out early in the day ... so as to have the rest of the day for work/play/other ... ?

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