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December 09, 2004


You could be damaging your, um, data.

(Thanks to many people)


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Yeah, just damagine what could happen!

And no matter what site you may be viewing, do NOT try and misuse the CD-ROM drive . . .

(An no, NOT from experience do I know this)

Deez nuts roasting under an open laptop...

Deez nuts roasting under an open laptop...

Considering that my wife is currently pregnant with our fourth child, I don't think I have anything to worry about.

Shade, I no longer have to wonder about the "Mr. Incredible" part of your signature.

The guy who burned his ... data ... during a one-hour use of his laptop – I've gotta ask what sites he was viewing.

Is that what it means to have a huge hard drive?

Hey Chumbucket, after reading that article, I think he has a floppy disk.

Actually - I've had laptops that would have easily cooked an egg on it after a couple hours of use - couldn't imagine what that would do to a testicle!

And please, try not to describe it to me.

Joshkr should take note of this post. I think he's damaging his "hard drive" with all that surfing he's doing with Rachel's out of town...

Perhaps its God's special way of making sure geeks don't dip their...um...toes...back into the gene pool?

"A serious case of laptop burn was reported in a letter published in a medical journal two years ago after a 50-year-old man burned his penis while using a laptop balanced on his legs for an hour, despite wearing trousers and underpants."

Dear Lord Jesus.

Scrotal Temperature would be a good name for a rock band.

I can just see it....now guys everywhere will be abusing the natural maternal instincts of women by asking them to feel and see if they have a temperature.

Girlfriend: Okay, just drink your beaver testicle tea and then I'll *whisper, whisper* [CENSORED TO MAINTAIN PG13 RATING]...

Geek: Or, I could play Halo 2 on my laptop for a couple of hours first.

Girlfriend: You know, I don't think it's the birth control measures themselves that will prevent you from ever being in a position to have kids...

right. like they're gonna breed.

Did anyone else find it funny that the targeted ads included one for a book called:

The Spirit of Pregnancy with Other Goldberg, Bonni

And what exactly does that mean?


Chris (not Chris on the cbol) said, H1! He's still in Austin. A call would be nice.

I told Chris, (not Chris the blogger) but Chris in Austin to stop using his Dell laptop. He said it really didn't matter he had reached his limit, a boy and a girl.

"Scrotal" is just an intensely personal adjective! I can't believe the way it was thrown around in this article! Scrotal hyperthermia may be a legitimate medical term but all I can think about is MY scrotum, on a spit, roasting over an open fire or MY scrotum, sitting in a steaming hot cup of coffee, or... see how its such a personal thing? I'm not concerned with anyone else's scrotum. To hell with everybody else's scrotum, keep that laptop away from me!!!

This is so not news. They've known that hot tubs make sperm sterile for years. And now they say a LAPTOP is a risk? Bah. No lasting effects. Trust me because I have a degree in biology.

Hot Laptops wbagnafarb.

So would Overheated Scrotums.

In fact, any adjective paired with "scrotums" makes agnfarb.

Try it. Pick one at random . . . it makes a great drinking game.

*suddenly realizes the bad pun*

*chooses to ignore it and hope for the best*

*flips coin*


WOW! It looks like we missed the obvious one.

Scrotal Hyperthermia wbagnfarb.

Accidentally shutting the laptop lid on your hardware will put the system in a state of hibernation, if you know what I mean.

D'Artagnan, thanks! Now I have to go clean the Coka-Cola off my monitor!

Who's idea was it to measure "Scrotal tempature"? I'm glad I'm not on the reasearch team. I think I would start making the data up and keep my hands to myself :-)

"Hey baby, I got your hot scrotum right here. Wait, I mean, uh, scrotal hyperthermia is in the house."

When I tried to open the original story, the screen told me "msn does not support your [not you're, or yore] computer's operating system"
Just one more shortcoming (a la David Niven at the Oscars, when the streaker ran across the stage) of the P(iece) of C(rap) type of goober Bill Gates has foisted on the world.
Sorry. I'll get back to the thread ... yeah, right.

For moi ownself it's NBD, I'm past childbearing age anyway, and I still own my Case Western Reserve University Sweatshirt Contraceptive Device. (CWRUSCD wbagnfarb)

Besides which, if you KEEP your (not you're, or yore) LAPTOP ON YOUR LAP -- well, you simply have no conception of what might develop ...

Then I got to the "shield" item ... it says "Unhandled File type" and I'm too stoopid to know how to fix that, so I din't see it, but I seem to recall seeing something of that nature in hard copy awhile back, so mebbe I DID see it, and din't know (not no) it.

beck: Is that a new pickup line? "Trust me, I have a degree in Biology." (I agree with your ... information ... (almost said "data" there) however. I learned that kinda stuff back in college. Then it was "jockey shorts" and "hot baths instead of showers" that would help prevent ... accidents?

Jeff P.: HEY! There (not they're, or their) is NO SUCH THING as a "bad" pun.
Others groan and complain when you achieve such a bon mot, simply out of jealousy at not thinking of it first.

"Pun! Pun! Two-thirds P.U."

The question used to be, "Boxers or briefs?" Now it's "Laptop or desktop?" (If anyone cares, I'm a desktop man.)

Uncle Omar, Macs rule!




(Notice how I cleaned that up, so as to not get banned, or de-blogged, or whatever it's called.)

Besides which, I'm using a laptop here, but it sits on a desk.

Does that make it a desklap? Or a lapdesk? Or a toptop?

whatever ... the DT @ home is a PC, and the LT is MUCH easier to carry in and out of the hotel each am/pm and besides which again already, I don't have room for a lot of extra luggage in the truck and I'm bringing along the ESSENTIALS, since I'm likely to be gone from home for 2-4 months ...


MACS RULE! (Pick your own style.)

(Or, Pick your nose. We don't care.)

My PC using friends all say that PCs are better because all the good games are for PC. As one put it, "All you can do on a Mac is be productive." To which I replied, "I don't know. I find lots of ways to be unproductive on my Mac."

(pssst... Uncle Omar. Do you notice that we are in danger running yet another thread way off topic. Heh-heh. The evening bloglitt's revenge.)

I mean "blogglits." I think. Damn. The hamster is drunk again.

You say bloglitt, I say ...

no ...

You say blogglit, I say ...

no ...

I think there's (not theirs, or they'res) a song in there somewhere, but ...

Let me get back to you on that ...



We don' need no stinkin' topics!

The labs at one time used 'rabbits' to test for pregnancies. Do you think that they will ever use 'hamsters' to test for 'drunk impotent males?'

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