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December 17, 2004


We got yer Christmas gift right here.

(Thanks to Stanhy)


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made from ... oh, geez, that's disgusting!


What in the bloody h@ll was that?!?

Exactly Jeff P. that was Bloody H-E-L-L!

ok, that caused a scene, jeff p.

ok, that caused a scene, jeff p.

I'm stunned. I-I-I can't think of anything. Ever, anymore. I don't want to either. Pass the nog, pass the rum, pass out.

I may be a woman but that is taking women's lib waaaaaayyy too far.

Yuck and double yuck. How the h*ll did she collect it? Never mind... forget I asked that.

Eww. Just, eww.

This would be the downside of free speech, I'm afraid.

Trystan - I told you not to think about it. Now I have to NOT think about where she put the paintbrush.... get image out of head....

*beats brain with flashlight borrowed from LA officer....*

To "Somewhere North" and all --

Nevermind how she collected it. Where did she put the paint brush?!

This has to be one of the most disgusting things I have seen in my life.

Yeah, she has the right to do it and *I* have the right to puke.

Sorry 'bout the visceral response, Judi. Really, I'm glad you're (not your) still blogging. I will sit quietly and keep my hands to myself from now on, I promise.

*sits in corner trying to think about cookies and not the awful, terrible, horrible, icky paintings*

So elephant dung in art wasn't enough??? Now we have to have menstrual blood paintings?

'Scuse me *burp* I gotta go throw up....

Next on When Dirty Talk Goes Horribly, Horribly Awry

"Oh baby, I just want to ... um... take my... no wait ... you take ... ok, um.... hold on... you know your cycle?"



Where's the bleach, the brillo pad, the jack-hammer, I gotta get that out of my head, help, help, hhhhheeeeeellllllppppppp

Once you get past the what it's painted in, she really is quite creative....

Not that anyone should go back and look because you will always come back to "but she painted it in...."

Bad thoughts, bad thoughts.

Jeff M: You really know how to hurt someone when s/he is down and hurting.

What did klynn do to deserve that?

Even the LA police don't resort to that kind of abuse.

somewhere Georgia O'Keefe is thinking "damn, I wish I would have thought of that".

Well that settles it then Jeff. I am amazing. And I reinstate my previous title of unique.

As a person who went to college in Berkeley and is familiar with the San Francisco area I tell you: this would only happen in the Ashbury district of S.D. - she's obviously a left-over hippie--- I can't go on - I'm too nauseous EEEEWWWWWWWWWW! Yuk! Barf! Gross! Painting with your (not you're) - stop it Eleanor, stop!

*puts on Barry Manilow CD - Oh Mandy, you came and you gave without, etc*
*yes, I have one, so what???*

You mean that's really her...? I just assumed it was red paint and she was making some kind of tribute... I didn't read... *clunk*

*blank stare, mouth hanging open*

Here's what she used to "collect" her "paint."

Caution: collection vessel


ok, I have to say I know someone else who does this too and got into a world-famous MA program on the basis of her creations. This person actually incorporates tampons (yes, used) and pads into her sculptural work, along with painted pieces like these.

My first reaction was, so, do you only create art for 4-6 days per month? The answer is no, she collects her ...um...you know... and preserves it in *egg whites* in the refrigerator until creativity strikes... Can you imagine?

"Hi, Bob, make yourself at home. Grab a snack or something."
"Thanks, I'll just take a look in the fridge..."

This leads into the 'is this really art' thing for me. It's just so 'Unmade Bed'--get over yourself!

*apologizes for the rant*
*goes mumbling back to semi-productivity*

I will never, ever forgive you for that link.

oh, and--

that's awfully shiny, awfully red 'paint' in those images. Not to be too graphic, but personal experience would lead me to believe that is not the normal end result when ...um, you know... is smeared on a surface....

sorry, but the skepticism had to be expressed

Somewhere North, I was thinking the same thing.


Although it didn't nauseate me like the other day's poo post did.

cherry pie, what your friend does sounds even worse! used tampons? Grody grody gross...



oh god. i'm female and that's just beyond nasty. i hope she at least seals the pictures with something so they don't... erm, not even gonna venture down that line of thought.

and the cookies looked really good and i started wondering if there was a fallout version i could make until cookie and menstrual blood sorta juxtaposed themselves in my brain and now i can never eat cookies again, gee, thanks.

OK, what is it about human nature that made me go back and look again? Same thing with the colonblow site, I didn't look at the pictures for like three hours then I couldn't stand it any longer, I just had to look. WHY I ask you, WHY WHY WHY?

back to the bathroom to scrub my brain some more.

Thanks for the suggestion judi!

Maybe if I give these paintings to those two guys who are really complicating my life right now, they'll finally give up on me!

Nothing says "Get out of my life!" like artfully presented menstrual fluid.

Thanks leetie - now we know how she did it, now we just need to find out why -

Oh, maybe she sells them to menopausal women who are trying to get their (not there) youth back!?!?!?!?!?

all I gotta say is that it's a whole lot better than that rotting dress made of raw meat that was hanging in the National Art Gallery a few years ago. *puke*

Nothing spoils a trip to the gallery more than the smell of rotting flesh *shiver*

cherry pie -'The medium is the message -now with wings!'
Also, I could just say she was 'going with the flow' (if I had a deathwish).

*hangs blank canvas*

boyfriend: Umm ... there's nothing on it ... I thought you painted something using your menstrual blood

Punky: Ew! No way ... that takes forever to get out of the paintbrushes ...

boyfriend: so then, what did you paint and where is it?

Punky: This is it ... only I used the clear paint instead of the red ... remember the other night when you tried that new thing on me and sprained your tongue?

Boyfriend: Yeah, I remember! I'm just starting to talk normally again ...

Punky: Well, 'memeber when I ran into the bathroom mid "fun"? I collected my paint then. Isn't it cool?

Punky: Hey. Where are you going?

punky... I'm just guessing here, but somehow I don't think that would have the same impact as his very own artistically presented used tampon.

He: The gynecologist called today. He said we're going to be parents !

She: Now what will I paint with ??

He: Cheer up, I hear they're doing wonderful things with placentas..

There is a reason this stuff is called "bodily wastes"

witchiecoo ... true.

But my painting is made with invisble ink ... and glows under an infrared LED light ... how cool is that?

can u imagine the smell?...
*borrows flashlight*


[this was the funniest post ever!!]

It's such a shame that "boyfriend" does not appreciate the coolness of your master piece. You deserve so much better than that. And thus, you are better off without him.

There are a bunch of real cuties on any of the CIS shows who would real dig your artistic groove. And they have their very own LED light!

It just doesn't get better than that ;)

Dyslexia strikes again! That should read "CSI" not "CIS".

jeff p.: i just meant, it made me laugh so loud everybody looked.

Hmm I know what to get Mike for X-mas

Ladies are sometimes anxious to break up with the guy they've been seeing? Well, that is news to me, big time.




*projectile vomits*

I'm no physician, but isn't that stuff not only blood but also uterine lining (or something along those lines)? And to be fair... I think you'd see the same reaction to any artistic medium that was produced by below-the-waist orifices.

Uh. Usage of phrases like "below-the-waist orifices" is probably a sign that I need to stop talking.

And to think I've been wasting my menstrual blood writing angry letters to my ex-boyfriend. I could have creating ART!

Thanks, I was on my way to the kitchen for a late night snack before I saw that. Maybe I should just pin it to the refridgerator door.

Dance on, Superior People.

Feel taller when standing on others' toes?

Get a job, hippie. LOL It's crap like this why I dropped Art as a major.

Get a job, hippie.

Stuff like this almost makes me yearn for the good old days of snake encounter stories.

I know it's been said before, but I think this is one thing that really can't be overstated:


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