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December 13, 2004


We got yer exposure right here.

(Thanks to Wolfie)


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Great regular bm's, Batman!


How embar-ass-ing for that guy....

Quote: i showed my ass to you didnt i?....
(P.S. And I had to stop digestion of my lunch - that is, I kinda wish you hadn't)

Quote: IM NOT CHEAP dammit

...this says it all...

I don't get it - what's he selling???

Wow Judi - that must have been one h*ll of a weekend. There have been quite a few butt related posts this morning.

Whoops! Sorry Judi. Shoulda known you'd produce better looking butts than that.

Dave - anything you need to tell us about your weekend?

Great regular bm's, Batman!
Posted by: MOTW on December 13, 2004 02:55 PM

Are you sure you don't mean:
"Religious fecal matter Batman!"

Baby's got back!

Oh my. I'm appalled and amused at the same time. Out in the dating world, I have had a couple guys warn me they had tattoo's... I can't image my reaction if one of them had tattoo's like this guy's though. "Does this actually say Bob's Big Boy?!?" "Um, yeah, lemme explain..."

but (!) we did have the annual herald party (put on by dave and michelle) and it was quite a weekend. i'd give you a link to the band, union jack, but they don't have a web site, because they're too busy playing music to become dorks.


He is selling advertising space on his body (to the highest corporate bidder) so he can go to a drug-related anti-corporate party in the desert.

*drowning in irony*

... that would mean that because the RBRs have a website, they're ...

You would not believe how many people are offering their hides for tattoo advertising on ebaY

I'm too busy being a dork to play music...

Weasel I will tattoo your "advertisement" on my ass - no charge

Wolfie, I must say, you have quite the eye for finding um, exceptional advertising opportunities out there.

3 most important things in tattoo advertising:
Location, location, and clean needles

And by the looks of his "Art" he will be a starving artist for a very long time!

Am I the only one who thinks Simon has a really cute ass?

Check out the comments section at the bottom if you don't mind his mooning you each time you click on his auction . . .

yes, you are

Thanks, MKJ, I just now get it. I'm supposed to click on his 'auction'. Oh.

(immediately starts sketching the "weasel in a beaker")

For the ladies, here's another Simon on ebaY that might be in a bit better shape.

(BTW, a 'draught excluder' is something English people lay on the floor in front of a door to keep the cold air outside)

Oh my.

MKJ - No delivery outside the UK :(

Tattoos are "a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling" _ Jimmy Buffett

Or in this idiot's case, a permanent reminder of a possibly temporary lack of funds....

Sell plasma. Collect aluminum cans. Or _ God forbid _ get a real friggin' job.... Jesus....

On the other hand, he has 100% positive feedback on eBay.

Brings new meaning to "I own your a$$!"


So since I live in Florida, what good would he be to me? Well, these past few days have been chilly, so I guess I could use him 2-3 times a year... and the rest of the time he could be used as hurricane shutter?

So this moron's starving, has 4 children, and his priority is the Burning Man Festival every year?

I'd like to tattoo his ass, all right...

Oy, living in Rochester would be punishment enough. I couldn't leave there fast enough.

PeeJay - I'm not sure whether I want Peterson hanging around for 20 years of appeals (at our expense), or life with roo-roo without parole (at our expense). Capital cases usually cost us far more. Of course I'm not a California tax payer so I'll only be paying for the federal part of the appeals.

pogo (possum?), I think life with roo roo would be more benefitting.

I agree Pogo, but the S.O.B. is going to cost us money anyway; So death by Roo-roo is no more expensive than 3 hots and a cot for god knows how many years. Maybe the California correctional officers can take him for one last "fishing" trip.
The Governator can be the guide?

I see that he wrote "ass cheeks already sold" ... would have been funnier if he wrote "ass cheeks sold seperately".

Just sayin'.

I live in CA and I have mixed feelings aboout the verdict as well - we hardly ever kill anyone, there are 682 people on death row, and appeals take about 20 years and it is way more expensive than a LWOP (lawyer talk) - but I'd rather be here that in Texas where they execute on the average of one person a week!

I don't think I have mxed feelings about the fact that I think he deserves to die - I think I'm getting way too serious so...


ok I am so sorry for my ignorance but WTF is Roo-roo???....can someone enlighten me???


Since everyone else jumped the rails and started talking about Scott Peterson, I can just follow along ... and it's not my fault this time ... !

So, I posted a question for you on an old one, but I'll ask it here, Peterson brings new ramifications ...

I got an email telling me I could earn my Law Degree online!

Whattaya think? Sounds like a heckuva deal to me!

Then I could rake in a bunch of those buck on Peterson's appeals ...

I should live so long ...


I could post the email here ... if I know how ... then you could ALL enjoy it !!!

(Bet that'd get me banned, huh?)

Punky wrote: I see that he wrote "ass cheeks already sold" ... would have been funnier if he wrote "ass cheeks sold seperately".

How much are your consulting fees? You just made a complete loser funny. There should be something in that (beyond getting to look at unattractive buttucks) for you.

Here's a question: Do people with extremely large asses have higher earning potential in this market, since they can sport larger and more ads?

Yes, that whole post was contrived to use the words "sport", "adds", "earning", and the perpendicular gerund phrase "extremely large asses" in one sentence in order to win a bet. What of it?

Isnt this just another type of prostitution??? selling ones body for money... what a hoe

umm.. ewwww.. my virgin eyes!

All right...show of hands. How many in favor of a permanent "roo-roo tattoo" for Mr/Ms bodazhang?

what's he going to wear? i mean..is he going to have a special 'backless' undie made or let 'everything' hang out in the cold?

"Merry Christmas!"
"Thanks.... what is it?"
"They're backless undies!"
"You sure they're not just a set of washcloths with tape on two corners?"
"Like I said, backless undies."

Backless undies ... cause some guys aren't lazy enough ... now they can sit on the toilet without having to pull down their undies ...

Now, if they could just get a portable toilet for their living room

With all of this crass exploitation of peoples' bodies on ebaY, I find it quite refreshing to find someone who is offering merely a little friendship and conversation.

(Not for work?)

I feel kindof ripped off. She's getting MY condescension and mockery for FREE.

Well Christobol, whr's the entrepreneurial ( check out all those VOWELS!) spirit?
I'm sure if u took a picture with a backless undie, and offered ur condescension and mockery, u'd have loads of... trouble explaining things to ur wife.
*thunks deeply*
no, i didnt have a point.

"Backless undies"= thong

OMG! Pass the mental-floss!


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