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December 06, 2004


Pumpkin Bombing

Key Quote: The target disappeared in a maelstrom of goo, seeds, and contorted rind.

(Thanks to Mike Leone)


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LOL.. darn.. it was my first try

"I love the smell of pumpkins in the morning.. to me it smells like victory"-Col. Kilgore

Wow. I thought an incident during my junior year of college that involved my roommate's boyfriend, his frat brother, the fortuitously unlocked door to the roof of our dorm, and a very large, very squishy pumpkin was complex. Apparently that was small-time.


Can anyone else just sense the admiration and envy Dave was feeling when he posted this story?

Pumkin envy?

It was obvious that Dave was very jealous - and also misspelled "pumpkin" on the link!
*tee, hee*

Sometimes, on a particularly bumpy flight, I'll "drop a pumpkin"

That was a cool story! And needless to say, Contorted Rind WBAGNFARB.

The Smashing Pumpkins wbagnfarb, and let the records show that I thought of it first.

Once again, I'm proud to be a guy....

Now I'm proud to be a guy wishing he had a plane, some pumpkins and a lot of beer....

My sister said that skunks are attracted to the smell of pumpkins, so you should get rid of them before they rot/squish.

So I said, "Is that why the 'Smashing Pumpkins*' stink?"

Federal Duck, I hate to break it to you, but I said this over 10 days ago.

*patent pending

I happen to have a Smashing Pumpkins CD - they have one good song - something about the sun, I think -
*too lazy to go and look*

Used to do something similar back when I went skydiving all the time. 4 of us would get out at 7500 feet with a pumpkin, make a formation and then pass it around the circle. At 2500 feet we would open our canopies and then joyfully watch the pumpkin continue down until it turned into "whamburger".

How to change pumpkin into squash.

(I personally think they're out of their gourds.)

Wow! A B-25 dropping pumpkins on a target must be something to see! For those of you that don't get it, a B-25 is a WWII/Korean War bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons. As a matter of fact, the Enola Gay (bomber that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima) is a B-25.

Bottom line is that you can get a $hit load of pumpkins into the belly of a B-25. Something around 2500 pounds of pumpkins!! Must have made a rather large orange mess on the ground.

O Pumpkin Bomb, O Pumpkin Bomb
Contorted are your riiinds...

I e-mailed the address for the page to a friend of ours who was a bombadier during WW11. He will in all probability want to enlist in the Squadron of old 'Fa-ts.'
Today, a really great pumpkin soup was served at Francisco's in the Dog Town. I didn't askk Paco where the pumpkin came from.

So, I'm reading this thinking it's a real article in a newspaper or something and come to the line:

"Nervous anticipation hung over the assembled crews like an unclaimed bean fart."

Then, I realized this wasn't your normal garden variety news story.

It was something even better.

Huh? What? Oh.


Of course Maelstrom Of Goo wbagnfarb.

I hear Contorted Rinds has a new album...Maelstrom Of Goo.

Awww :) My first double post!

psst, Megan, we don't count it as a 'double' post unless they have around 100% the same content. So, I guess you can still be a double-post virgin. Or maybe I just wanted to say that phrase.

Like a semi-virgin

Yes, that'll do. It's much better for marketing if you say 'double-posting (semi-)virgin' instead of 'double-posting tramp (hehe, I mean "hoochie mamma")'

SteveB: The Boeing B-29 "Superfortress," not the B-25 "Mitchell," dropped Enola Gay as well as most of the other bombs that rained down on Japan during WW II.

A B-25 was a WW2 medium bomber and was not capable of carrying a nuclear bomb, at least not those that existed at the time. If you want to see exactly what the B25 looks like watch the movie Catch 22. In real life Joseph Heller (the author of catch 22) was a navigator on B25's.

The Enola Gay was a B-29, a much bigger bomber that usually carried watermelons.

Poop - Enola Gay was the name of the B-29, not the bomb. The bombs were "Little Boy" (dropped by EG) and "Fat Man."

Just for the record:
I am a woman.
I would gladly learn to fly if I was guaranteed a chance to participate in pumpkin bombing.

My Aunt Lockie (you remember, the 'little' person that was so remarkable during her life and even after her death when she called me three weeks after her funeral) Well, during WW11, she went to work at Boeing Aircraft Co. in Marietta, Ga. They ran an add in the paper stating that they were looking for 'little' people to work at the aircraft factory. Aunt Lockie was either 4'9" or 10". Anyhow, she answered the advertisement and was hired to work inside of the wings of the B29s putting the bolts on the back side of the rivets. When the pilots were flying the planes and heard noises from the vibrations, they said that it was the "Gremalins" at work. (i.e. Aunt Lockie and the 'little ' people) That B25 that flew over the field in Iowa that day, could Aunt Lockie have been on board, do you think? Since it came out of nowhere, it's a possibility. Well, anyway, "Hi!Aunt Lockie! Keep your flaps up, and your lipstick on!"

Great story! My laugh of the day. (Before checking the blogs, that is.)

Several beat me to the B-25/B-29 clarification. NBD.

The whole stack (of blogs) just brightened my day.

tnx gang

Saturday night I worked at the registration desk for Texas Public Radio at the Nimitz Museum in Fredricksburg, TX that features historical memoribilia and historical representations of events and secquences of the war in the Pacific during WW11. They had a number of planes in the exhibition, and the reconstruction of an aircraft carrier. The original part of the museum was an old hotel in downtown Fredricksburg, where Adm. Nimitz first lived before he moved to Kerrville to go to school. They extended the building and grounds. It covers a city block. There is also a 'battle zone' located several blocks away. I didn't see any 'pumpkins' dropping out of the sky that night.

Billy Corrigan: Billy Corrigan, Smashing Pumpkins

Homer: Homer Simpson, smiling politely

(not on post, but still funny)

The B-52 move is cool. But a real guy would tie balloons to a lawnchair and drop the pumpkins from there.

Editor's note: ... All pumpkins used in the making of this story now provide winter fodder for endangered field mice.

Except for the ones that got brained by the pumpkin bombs.

This is excellent!

I wish I could do that. (and I am a chick!)

Actually, I used to want to be a pilot. Then I discovered you need perfect vision and also math skills. On to plan B! :)

Also, bangi- he said "goo"! Goo. Ha ha!

i'm sorry that so many people have had trouble posting lately, and hope that some of you will pass on to some of them that they (you know, "they") are working on the problem, but there are some even more pressing matters they've had to attend to recently, so it may take a little more time. please do understand we know that it's happening, and if you have any specifics to report, please feel free; i'll forward them all to nava and try to get them taken care of.

This sounds like the fledgling beginning of an extreme sport. Especially if they merged the skeet shooting with the pumpkin dropping! After reading this, I have the overwelming urge to take a trip to the grocery store and buy the extra strong Hefty bags, fill one up with tomato soup, and drop it from an airplane. Why? Well, why not??

ditto blogchik!

But who's standing up for the poor sailboat?

And I think we have movie material here!

... now just to get a plot line ...

Thank you, judi -

That is all.


* fwump *

kat - My family has been to that museum! There is so much to see there. The first time, we spent the night in Fredericksburg on Saturday and spent Sunday morning at the museum until it was time to take our daughter to Lion's Camp in Kerrville.

Oh, do you think Dave could be invited to next years festivities? It'll go right along with his G2G movie.


Once again, Steve discovers that the combination of an empty stomach, 5 beers and the internet really don't go well together.

Sorry about that folks. You are all correct, the B-25 Mitchell could only carry a limited number of pumpkins. Still, it must have been a hell of a show!

"Bangi and the Blog Captives" wbagnfarb!

Now THAT museum sounds like one I'd like to visit. Too bad my job doesn't take me quite that far east/south of home. (I was in Texas for about 15 minutes once a couple of years ago, but it didn't last.)
Heck tho, I don't have time enuf to visit the museums around here yet. Busy with work and then when resting, spending time at the blog and preparing for the Xmas trip to Hawaii.

Mebbe later.

SteveB: Don't let it bother you too much. I once saw the same error in a puzzle in Games magazine. I wrote them about it, hoping to win a T-shirt, but I don't think anyone admitted the mistake. I think it's sort of a dyslexic thing, transposing those munbers (see what I mean?) and letters.

I do it all the time.

The B-25 Mitchell was the type used to bomb Tokyo in WWII tho, and it saw widespread use in the ETO as well. Isn't the B-25 the one Mel Gibson flew in "Forever Young"?

However: Define "limited number of pumpkins" [which, by the way, wbagnfarb], please.

I gotta think that even one 20-30 pounder would hurt. Not to mention what it did to the mice.

The Lion's are really terrific! I know one of the Charter members that started that camp 50 odd years ago. He is about 98yrs. of age. Did your daughter have a good time?

Lion's are terrific folks and that camp is world-class.
She has the best memories from that camp. At camp, she's like every other kid there. They have two diabetes camps at the end of each summer and they are always booked solid. Everyone has to test their blood sugar, everyone has to get insulin. And whenever somebody has an episode, nobody stares like they're a freak. She loves the pool horses best.

I meant, swimming pool and horses.

Swimming Pool Horses wbagnfarb.

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