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December 15, 2004


Peter Turns to Squid


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No way! First?

Would Warrnambool Trewartha bagnforb?

Would Warrnambool Trewartha bagnfarb?

Mr Trewartha said his four-man crew had to be careful to avoid pirates when they came past Bougainville.

But FIRST, the Roo Roo!!

Peter pictured in Port Fairy?

I loved the end of the article: an investment for his eldest son. No! Really? Can't you just see it on high school graduation day:
Peter: "Well, Son, I know this is a big day for you! I want you to know how proud I am of you. Here are the keys to the Squid Boat."
Son: "Gee, THANKS, Dad!"

a nightmare to be sure
like something out of Kafka

lest a fouler fate befall me
I'll be good ever after

it was surely divine justice
for something that I did

the day that I dropped trou and saw
that Peter turned to squid

That is why the terrorists HATE us!!

In related news, I haven't got anything to say.

In other news, I think Dig 'Em stole his catchphrase from the Kool-Aid pitcher.


"peter turns to squid"

wbagnfavd (venerial disease)

wbagnfasp (sexual preference)

wbagnfagm (genetic mutation)

wbagnfastpatsc (sequal to Peter and the Star Catchers)

Oh, I got it.
DJ Clumsy Bullet

I was going to say 'Peter and the SquidCatchers' but random thunking beat me to it. In many alternate universes, this post never occurred.
(So maybe this isn't the best of all possible worlds!)

"Peter turns to squid to make a quid" while making a bid to buy the vid of "El Cid" while being well hid from his oldest kid for wearing his lid (of which he later got rid)....

Peter.....Port Fairy.....

Dave, You ARE making this stuff up. I bet this is a chapter Ridley would't let you put in the book.

I was off Port Fairy
The way I always do.us
How was I to know
Pirates like 'roo roo'?

'Cause fishing in Australia
Is not like fishing in Japan
There's pirates, storms, and trouble,
The squid have hit the fan !

(with huge apologies to WZ)

Oh, @#$%^! make the first line 'boating off Port Fairy' and I don't know what that .us is in the 2nd line. Perhaps the hauntings have already started.
*looks over shoulder for headless Thompson gunners*

Bet it gets all slippery-like when that happens

Still funny, insomniac! Had me laughing!

"Lights Out in Rough Weather" wbagnfarCD by Peter and the Squids (gnfa60'srb)

'Scuse me, does his wife know about this? Or is she finding out for the 1st time here in the paper?

(Good work, insomniac. What are you doing still up?)

On the long trip home, wonder if Peter contemplated those "things to eat" he was given in Japan..."Fuku Sushi" anyone??

This has got me thinking...
This could be a huge business for Dave to get into during his year off. Are there squid off the coast of Miami?

Actually, as an American college graduate, I was wondering: Is Miami anywhere near Japan?

insomniac: LOL on "Lawyers, Guns & Money" riff

I keep getting spam from people that want to sell me drugs to prevent my peter from turning to squid.

Squid Quid Pro Quo

(I dunno. I just thought it sounded neat-o.)

Hey, I was working today and saw a store on Beach Blvd. in Stanton, CA, and the sign said "SQUID MUSIC" ...

Anyone checked it out? (I'm a stranger here myself.)

I mean, do you blow on them? or get CDs they recorded? or pick them like a guitar? or pick them like your nose? or ...

I'm just impressed that there is a place in the world where it counts as a major news story that a guy bought a boat.

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