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December 07, 2004


We have been informed that this blog is having technical problems. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, and you have our personal assurance that we have no idea what its going on, or what is being done about it. Thank you.


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furst? sorry, couldnt help myself

No, somebody is at fault; there MUST be blame assesed!!

I blame Big Tobacco. & the Fast Food Industry. Them too.

Well, as long as we know that somebody, or possibly nobody, is doing something, or possibly nothing about it, i'm relieved, or p***ed off.

Dave...do this and the techs will love you for helping them find the problem. Sneak back into the Herald's server room and switch off every on/off switch you can find. Not only will it fix the blog problems, it'll probably get the blog clock set right.

it's Bush's fault!

phil, what part of texas are you in anyway?

I'm in the hill country.


I don't know if I can live with the blog clock being correct!

I've just called up a friend of mine in Africa. We've been working together on a project over there on the streets of a small village regarding 'doody' problems. I think that we have come up with a possible solution.
"Curses on you!!! You spammer, Virus &*%$###$@turd-&%($> and againwesay,$%#&**POOTOTIY!!!YOUARENOWAREALSICKFLU!!!!AWAYWITHYOU!

(Dave, everything is AOK now. We work on a voluntary basis, so you don't have to pay us. HAve a good day! Oh, by the way, Happpy Hanukkah! (first!)

Hey Dave, sometimes when I post, large wads of cash shoot out of my CDROM / DVD / Dave's Blog Cash Dispenser Unit Thingy.

My question is, if money and time are no object, how much exploding fruit cakes in malls is "too much"?

Looks like Dave/Judi have same IT tech guys we have.

what? i dont notice anything. seems ok to me dave. it is dave, right?

testing testing one, two, three...

Whose fault? My other brother Darrell.

Hiya Rayne!! Still posting from the tub?

Has anyone noticed the blog's been acting funny?

Wait, that's just us.


The blog has to stop and regurgatate every once in a while. Too much food in and not enough out. Constipation problem. Yes, doctor! Call for George. (Clooney) He knows his 'dooty!'

I didn't see that cash dispensing thingy in the official gift guide. Where can I get one?

Jessica - mine just came with the laptop. If you don't have one, try plugging a bisexual goat into your USB port (Windows XP should announce that it recognizes some new "hard"ware).

I don't know if you'll end up getting any money, but you should.

Hooray, you gave us HTML back!!!! *smooches to all the technical people*

(Too bad we threw away our HTML badges. Didn't Slyeyes sew them togeter to make something?)

Damn, Walmart was all out of bisexual goats. They did have one lesbian goat; do you think it will work?

(crap, I'm out of USB cable...)

Hey look, italics!


I just lo-o-o-o-ove italics!

...and bold too.

Our WalMart has bi goats, so nanny-nanny-nanny ram-a-lama!!

Hmmm... There is something wrong. The blog clock is correct.

no, it's still horridly innacurate, alanboss. The drugs we gave you during the hub-bub must not have worn off yet.

Somebody posted x's and o's on another thread - that is what began all this LASTing nonsense.

Thanks Christobol,
I will go and google search the bisexual goat now, but I don't own a laptop. Think it will work on my PC? If not, I'll just hope that the bi-sexual goat is female. Regardless of her preferences, goats' milk makes great cheese and should net me some cash anyway.

Damn time zones! I'm so confused. Actually, the blog clock has never been a burning issue for me, since I seem to post about 12 hours after everyone else does.

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