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November 29, 2004


It is completely out of control.

(Thanks to Alberto Mengoni)


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Susan.. you forgot the soda pop.

{{{Kaf and dad}}}

What timing with the simulpost...

*hugs again*

Kaf, I just said I was stopping...I wasn't going to stop anyone else from popping...

And, yes, soda pop wasn't one I thought of...

Well, I knew that. Tony is nowhere near 62.

60, maybe.


(just teasing)

Boy, that full moon is really bright out there tonight.

And Kaf, so sorry to hear about your dad's friend. The older I get the younger ages like "62" seem.

And it really annoys me A LOT when local news does a story like, "an elderly woman was killed in a hit & run accident" and you find out she was 67.


Jeff.. you're gonna be in sooooooo much trouble when Tony gets back. So much for the ATM work giving him more time to perv here.. I think we've seen him even less than usual lately!

If you say so Jeff...you must be getting all the brightness. Clouds here.



Jeff.. they were discussing that in church today (the whole "when are you a senior citizen" debate) The preacher (who's closing in fast on 70) said he only had a few more years to go, but he wasn't there yet.

popsicles and cough drops?

Susan, yesterday was totally overcast and today started out cloudy but cleared up mid-afternoon. It's pretty clear tonight and the moon is really bright.

And the wind has died down a lot. Last night we were FREEZING!

Haven't you heard, 70 is the New 50.

Dinner is over (steak, fresh greenbeans, corn on the cob, salad, applie pie and icecream). Mom and Dad have left, Meghan is over on the other couch working on her homework and pretending that she's NOT coming down with a cold. She is though.

Dinner conversation included:

How my parents met. In college, Dad threw a snowball at Mom, hitting her in the butt. She made another snowball and threw it back, hitting him. He thought "She's got a pretty good arm, as well as other parts."

Meghan disclosed that her Grandpa is a Jordon Almond Snitch. After she got settled into school, she opened a care package from her grandparents. Included was a bag of Jordon Almonds, which contained a number of small slips of paper in them. Her Grandma had bought the almonds in June and kept them until Meghan left for school. The notes were from Grandpa,

"6/12/06, took 2 almonds. They were good. Love, Grandpa."

"6/16/06, took 3, 4, ok, 7 almonds and enjoyed them. Love Grandpa."

"6/22/06, took 3 more almonds. Love, do I really need to say?";

"7/10/06, It's me again. 2"

and so on and so forth. Meghan did say that there were more almonds than there were notes.

Another great story, Sly and The Family. :)

aawww... at least he was honest about it! Meghan probably loved the notes as much as the remaining almonds!

Fo'shizzle, Kaf! :)

*zips out*

Okay, I'm going to do some minor (but very worthy) sp@mming.

It's for Operation Christmas Child - a charity that delivers a shoebox full of Christmas gifts to children in impoverished countries. It's a Christian ministry run by Samaritans Purse, but anyone can pack a shoebox and take part.. I've just been filling one today, and it's totally worthwhile, and so much fun. If anyone wants more info, the linky is here and it will have details for drop off points near you.

please edit my previous post to add "each" between the words gift and to. Otherwise, the children will have to get very good at sharing their toys.

not much to say, but since it's been a couple of weeks... here are some pictures of Kylie


I think I caught Marie's cold. I can't breathe, and it's only getting worse :(
I need to sleep!

*gets out the dreaded Afrin*

Omigosh, Insom, she just gets cuter each day! You must be so proud... all the male Moatbabies are going to be fighting over her in a few years!

Sarah.. if you caught it from Marie, does that make it a computer virus?

*sprays disinfectant on keyboard*

Hey! This keaybroad is tyipung funnee ....

Good morning, Yanbkee haters. I don't know why you can't just cheer for your own team without celebrating another's misfortune, but so be it.

"We woke up this morning -- so we feel great," said one senior citizen.

I know a lot of people who say that, sly and that any day above ground is a good day. ( certainly believe that one myself.) I've also heard:

60 is the new 40
50 is the new 30
40 is the new 25

So I can believe (maybe?) that 70 is the new 50.

Sly, loved the "borrowed" almonds story from your dad. My mother is also a big Jordan almonds lover.

Kylie is still a doll, and she's getting so big!

As for the "how they met" story. I did mention how my parents met (Christmas Eve party, 1941). Jackie's parents met after the war (WWII, The Big One) at a dance. We were floored to hear after he died that he's gone over to her and told her that he was a professional dancer. NOT! Also, that night he told her best friend he was going to marry her. Six weeks later he moved into her parents' house.

he'd gone over to her...

8:00, checked at 9:00, now 10:13...


MiK, this one's for you:

Lady #1: This stuff is really good. It has antidotes in it. It's good for your skin.
Lady #2: You mean ANTIOXIDANTS. An ANTIDOTE is a short story.

--Barnes & Noble


Cable susscribers check your system: Showtime is having a Free Weekend Preview through tomorrow.

/end cable update

My condolences, Kaf. {{Kaf}} A friend of my Nonna is like that to me as well - more of an aunt than a friend of my grandmother's. I will be very sad when she passes away, and will probably try to get to Argie to attend her funeral.

Kylie is all kinds of cuteness, Insom. I love how she seems to be wearing pink in all the pictures you've linked to so far. Another "Pink Princess" like my baby sister!

I think old is all in the mind... Not much to do with chronological age, except for calculating tax and other boring reasons.

Sarah... Sorry to hear that. But remember, it's not a mere cold, it's the Martian Death Flu, and you'll have it for at least 4 miserable days, with headaches and sensitivity to light for a few more. All you can do is stay in bed and watch daytime television until the headaches subside a bit, when you can read.

Cute story, Sly. I had no idea what Jordan almonds were, though, so Wiki to the rescue... They are called dragées in France.

Good morning! Out on the porch again with chocolate/almond rocca capppucino and fresh berries n yogurt. Keeping a wary eye out on the neighbor guy. He's a tad busy this morning, though. They got heavily TP'd last night. I did not do it; I have an alibi. I was rubbing Meghan's back and trying to help her get to sleep while her cold/allergy was trying to keep her awake.

insom; Kylie is a sweetie!!

Busy day today; laundry and watching The Game; then going to the Best of Missouri Art Show at the Botanical Garden; then attending a fundraiser for the Dreamer Center located in Antigua, Guatemala. Carol Buck is the featured speaker (widow of Jack, mother of Joe). But she's not why I'm going. It's a wonderful cause and the annual event is hosted by a number of my friends.

The neighbor guy and daughters are making rapid progress on cleaning up the mess over there.

Jeff, thanks for the cable info. I had just gotten satellite and was noticing I was getting some Showtime movies; which isn't part of my subscription. It says something about "hope you are enjoying this preview" and I thought it was because I was a new subscriber and they were trying to entice me to upgrade.

I'm getting new neighbors; not in the duplex; but the duplex next door. It sold and both tenants moved out. The new owners are "elderly" sisters who will be moving in soon. HOWEVER, an ugly black Dodge Magnum with black tinted windows and blue flames painted on the bottom just pulled into the driveway and drove around to the back. I cannot envision two "elderly" women driving that. Perhaps in their case, 70 is the new 20.

sly, which The Game are you talking about?

Cards/Padres aren't on til tonight, the same time the Charger game is on.... The Rams are playing the early game today.

Modding cars is popular down here. There are lots of awful examples of painted flames and the like. The ugliest one, at least to me, is a green (almost lime, but not quite) car with "ninja" and other random words plastered all over it. And there's another one, all purple with purple-tinted windows, belonging to someone a couple of blocks away.

Should Everest be closed?

The best British, Irish, or Commonwealth novels of the past 25 years.

Any list that includes the Barrytown Trilogy is fine by me.

eeek. El, I just found out that the Cards are playing tonight. I had been given bad information yesterday that they were playing at noon.

This means I'll be at the dinner during the game. Darn. I'll have to find my Walkman.

sly. , they actually changed the brodcast time from afternoon to night, when another series ended...

MiK- I've only read "Earthly Powers" from that list... someone (Kaf?) once blogged that a perfect opening line should include s*x, religion and violence, the opening line to "Earthly Powers" is

It was the afternoon of my eighty-first birthday, and I was in bed with my catamite when Ali announced that the archbishop had come to see me. which has 2 out of 3, anyway!

OK, I wasn't alone in confusion about the game time.

Yes. Last night CG argued with me about the time for the game.

I was right! HAH!

For those that don't know about Operation Christmas Child (OCC), I want to make sure that you are informed. OCC is a tool used by an organization called Samaritan's Purse to proselytize children, spreading their fundamentalist beliefs. It's not about giving gifts to children.

I've read several books from that list: "A Suitable Boy" (which is hernia-inducing size, and very good), "Midnight's Children" (the only Rushdie I like), "The Remains of the Day" (and "When We Were Orphans," which I find is just as good), "The Handmaid's Tale" (which terrified me more than any horror movie ever could), "A Fine Balance" (very good, but not as good as Seth - though I am partial to longgggg novels), "The Enigma of Arrival" (not a favorite), the His Dark Materials Trilogy, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," and "The God of Small Things".

But I've not yet read "Beloved".

A note... It was nice to see children's books in the list. It would have been rather dull indeed without His Dark Materials.

Lab.. you aren't allowed to put in anything remotely, let alone overtly Christian in the box.
Yes, it's run by a Christian organisation, and they do encourage you to pray for the child to whom the box goes, but you don't know who that will be, and as I said, you can't put anything "proselytic" in your gift (they won't let you seal the box, they check it before it goes), they can't make you pray, and they simply don't have the power to enforce their will on 7.6 million or so people (that's how many boxes went out last year in 90 countries.)

Jeff.. I love those sort of "meeting" stories. The idea that you just know that you know straight away is lovely. There's a few stories like that in my family, too, and it always cheers me to hear them!

But Kaf, that doesn't mean that they don't proselytize when they hand out the shoeboxes, does it?

Have you tried to proselytise to a clearing full of several hundred kids all with a box of presents to open? So far as I know, they don't, and I've seen a few videos of the kids in different countries receiving and opening their presents. It's totally possible they make them sit through a two hour lecture on the evils of the world and why all the little heathen children are going to hell in a very large handbasket before they turn on the video cameras and hand out the boxes. I'll let you know sometime after Christmas. Since our church got involved over the last couple or three years, this year they're going to try and send someone over with a video camera when the OCC team go to distribute the boxes this year.

Ooh, I almost forgot to mention that I started reading "The Fatal Shore" yesterday night. It's an amazing book. I got sucked into it right away and kept on reading until 3:30 AM (while Giant Frog watched the Tokyo GP). There's still plenty more pages to read, too!

I marked many pages with bits of paper ripped off an envelope, and now there's so much I want to share that I can't choose what to quote.

The great thing about the book is that it doesn't just start with the landing of the First Fleet; Hughes takes the time to explain Georgian views of crime and the abominable gaols and public hangings in England, the state of exploration in the Pacific, England's relationship with France and Holland, the customs of the Ioras (the first aboriginal tribe the whites had to deal with), and so on... Very clearly, as well.

Anyway, a random interesting/funny quote:

"De Quiros [a Portuguese explorer in the Pacific] decided without any further evidence that this must be the southland and, fast succumbing to religious mania, named it Austrialia del Espiritu Santo, created an order of nobility, distributed taffeta crosses for almost every man-jack on his fleet to wear, christened the stream that ran through the bay the Jordan, and announced in a prophetic ecstasy that the New Jerusalem would be built there among the coral reefs - which, in his feverishly optimistic mind, were already turning into quarries of porphyry and agate."

The bit about the taffeta crosses added that extra snorkable touch, I think. (The island De Quiros was on was one of the New Hebrides group.)

Also, Hughes has written an excellent book on the history of one of my fair cities, Barcelona. My aunt and I love it.

Insom, the "best short story" joke I heard involved having the story include religion, sexuality, and mystery. The winning story?

"Good God, I'm pregnant; I wonder who did it."

MiK: nice book list. I was going to say I've read exactly zero of them, but that isn't true. Besides the Harry Potter I've read Roddy Doyle's Barrytown trilogy and Pat Barker's "Regeneration" trilogy, set during WWI.

Several others are on my "read someday if the mood ever strikes me" list.

But I haven't read Toni Morrison's "Beloved" either, nor do I intend to.

MiK: since you like fat books, have you ever read James Clavell's Shogun?

I loved it. It was one of my favorite books ever.

It's possible that Saritan's Purse has changed since my church stopped being involved with them.

Lab, was that "Samaritan's Purse," or "Satan's Purse" you were trying to type? It ended up about half way in between.

a hooded figure creeps into the moat and looks around. Seeing that Moaties are sleeping, reading or watching sport on TV, it motions for others to join. More hooded figures sneak in, carrying crates of various sizes. On a signal from the first hooded figure, the crates are opened, releasing monkeys, goats, parrots and one very confused looking kangaroo. As hilarity and insanity ensue, the gang of hooded figures make their escape undetected and retire to a pub for moataritas being served by Isaac..

Anybody here see Beyond the Sea, the Bobby Darin biopic by Kevin Spacey? Jackie watched it today. She was surprised by how well he sang Darin's songs, but he was 45 playing 21 opposite Kate Bosworth's Sandra Dee, and Kate was 21 when she made it.

JAckie found that rather jarring.

*sticks parrot feather in her hair*

Goats! I've missed the goats!

Didn't see it, but I recall thinking the same thing when it came out. I generally like Kevin Spacey, so I think I could get past it.

neo, I was ignoring the goats.

Kaf, my kids have stuffed shoe boxes for four years for Operation Christmas Child. The kids pay for the gifts with their own money, and it is a very tangible way for my kids to understand giving to people less fortunate than themselves.

But OCC never told us not to put in anything related to Christ; in fact, one year we were encouraged to include Witness Wear.

They make no bones about the fact that they are trying to convert people and put the Gospel into children's hands. In fact, they are up front about it, which I appreciate. This came from their site:

This program of Samaritan’s Purse provides an opportunity for people of all ages to be involved in a simple, hands-on missions project while focusing on the true meaning of Christmas – Jesus Christ, God’s greatest gift. Along with shoe box gifts, millions of children are given Gospel booklets in their own language.

The goats were around when I first found this place.

There is nothing else in the world like the smell of a wet goat drying by a campfire.

...thank goodness.

Of course you've heard the story of the guy who bought a goat and brought it back to his apartment to keep as a pet. His wife asked him what they would do about the smell. He replied: "Don't worry, the goat'll get used to it."


This abomination is on TV now. There's a really creepy little robot/clone/whatever girl whose face and movements give me the heebie-jeebies.

oh, it wasn't that bad...

The problem I have with Franklin Graham is the same one I have with his father: both are pious and "Christian" but beneath the surface there lurks some ugly things. I'm not saying we all don't have less than admirable thoughts at times, but most don't put ourselves up as Crusaders.

When a man says, as Billy Graham did, things like the following it is hard to forget: that Jews control the American media, calling it a "stranglehold" during a 1972 conversation with Nixon. "This stranglehold has got to be broken or the country's going down the drain," said Graham, agreeing with Nixon's comments about Jews and their influence in American life. Later, Graham mentions that he has friends in the media who are Jewish, saying they "swarm around me and are friendly to me." But, he confides to Nixon, "They don't know how I really feel about what they're doing to this country."

franklin graham is a clone... and i should know; i've seen him at the meetings!

Giant Frog baked a birthday cake. A big sweet one, with chocolate and walnuts. Yum! And 23 candles, because I think that buying two number candles is cheating.

Let's Go Padres!

Jeff, I loved Shogun too! I love fat books; they take longer to read.

((((Kaf and Kaf's dad)))

OK, I have to stop procrastinating and get my paper written now. It's due tomorrow. At least I got my printer all set up so I don't have to email it to myself and print it at the library. That's a pain in the tuchus.

Apparently the blog does not wish you to know about my l*v life since it won't even robot me through, won't let me post at all. GRRR.

L*v is the new CAR!

The L*v Int*rest is interested in ballroom dancing. :) 2 weeks til I meet him!

I hope this posts.

*carefully steps over monkey doots, goat doots, parrot doots*


*high-fives a bewildered-looking kangaroo, dances a little jig with her and shuffles off to bed.*

*alone, without the kangaroo who doesn't need to look anymore bewildered than she already does*

*tucks the bewildered kangaroo into a spare hammock near Lucy*

*fetches them both a drink of water*
(for crying out loud, there is whole moat to drink right there!)

*shushes the monkeys*

I'm bewildered because I seem to have a monkey in my pouch.

And by the way, that emu's breath reeks.

Here ya go, Roo. Clean him up.

Follow up with this!

*leers at Kanga Roo*

Is that a monkey in your pouch, or are you just glad to see me?

60 is the new 40
50 is the new 30
40 is the new 25

so 23 is the new...16.5 ?


Trust Insom to actually figure out a formula and apply the math! *grins*

I wonder, does a tooth brush work on an Emu? What exactly would one be brushing?

I'm going housesitting at the parents' place tomorrow until Sunday. They're flying up to Napier for Tony's funeral (which is on Thursday) and staying a few days either side.

Neo.. OCC in New Zealand specifically said no tracts or gospel info. Maybe they put their own in, I don't know..


*grabs goat and races around the outter perimeter of the Moat, leaving pants on the lawn outside Eadn's condo*

Happy Birthday to Jamie, Peri's little girl who is no longer so little!

*goes to store to stock up on stilton & roquefort for Moldy Cheese day*

Moldy Cheese Day will NOT help the emu's breath.

Its moldy cheese day?

*doubles up on allergy pills*



Too late.

Emu's Breath WBAGNFARB

*wonders who left this sleeping kangaroo here*

MiK's article about the Russian murder - she used to report for us.

Leetie! Good conversation with P-nut! YAY!


Carol Buck gave a good speech last night at the fundraiser AND stayed for the entire envent. We thought she'd cut out early and head to the Stadium. She spoke on volunteerism and giving back; and said that was important to Jack because he felt that luck had a large part to do with his accomplishments. On his being inducted into the BAseball Hall of Fame he said, "I'm being inducted into the Hall of Fame? I'm a kid from (wherever) Massachusetts who batted 15th, played right field and only played a full game when there was a flu epidemic."

I wanted to get some pictures of Carol, but our table was ringside in a crowded restaurant and I would have blinded her with the flash. And she was on a raised dais and the picture would have shown the inside of her nose.

My phone has internet, and during her speach, she did catch me sneaking a peak to check on the game. She just smiled and winked at me.

23 better not be the new 16.5, because I was miserable at that age.

But hey! Don't look at me! I'm not the youngest one here! *points at Sarah J*

Kibby, it's a sad thing, isn't it? I remember reading some of Politkovskaya's articles on Chechnya, and seeing her in the news on many websites.

Kaf... I learned from "The Fatal Shore" (and isn't that a great title for a history book?) that the English were interested in using NZ as a prison colony as well, but abandoned the thought soon after due to the rather more difficult terrain and the fact that the Maori would sooner throw spears through the white guys' foreheads than let them land.

Yesterday's birthday cake was a galette basque, heavily modified because the original recipe calls for vanilla, which I do not like very much. It turned out lovely, with a cold chocolate-walnut cream in between thin layers of plain crust.

An interesting little article on underground nuclear testing for those of you who, like me, had no idea how it worked.


And Happy Anniversary to me and JU! 13 years today.

*throws confetti*

WAHOO'ski for both Leets & JU and Higgy & TCMH! YAY!

Kids no longer drunk at school thanks to teacher...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you all, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Peri's Jamie!

Good morning! More hard labor for us yesterday. We moved the last 2 tons of rocks to the side of the house and cleaned off the driveway. It was icky.

THEN, we dug another trench! T2: The BRANCH. Oye.

Then we drank huge mango strawberry daiquiris. :)

When I got up this morning, there was a bouquet of flowers and a card on the kitchen table. :) When the heck did he do that????!!!

He's gonna come home early today so we can finish up the drain. The only thing left will be to lay down some sod. Yay! for finishing up!

And thanks DDi!

New poll shows America's #1 fear.

He's gonna come home early today so we can finish up the drain. The only thing left will be to lay down some sod. Yay! for finishing up!

Now that's how to celebrate an anniversary!

*rips up tickets to Vegas*

Seriously, Happy ANniversary to Leetie & Ju and to Higgy & TCMH.

Many, many more happy years to all of you, from someone with a few years on you both.

*peering into pouch*

Who put the moldy cheese in here?


You don't know what you're missing! ;)

(We'll probably put off our romantic dinner until next weekend. )

The Guardian is holding a contest to win every Booker Prize winner in print, and it's open to readers living outside the UK and the US. I just entered. *rubs hands with glee* Oooh, all the lovely lovely books!

*zips in*

Happy Anniversary to Leetie and JU
and to
Higgy and TCMH!
And a cheery Monday morning from Maxine to everyone else.
Let's have champagne!

*tosses some ibuprofen and Ben Gay(NTTAWWT) to Leetie and JU, along with good wishes on their anniversary -- woot -- have fun with that drain*

*tosses good wishes on anniversary to Higgy and TCMH as well -- woo hoo*

*tosses earplugs to everyone in the event there is anymore underground nuclear testing*

*tosses Monistat 7 (tm thingie) to Kanga*

*heads off to work*

HAPPY happies!

How many Orthodox Jewish criminal defense lawyers in New York have a carriage horse in Central Park named after them?

Answer: one.

Cute story.

Ah! I'm so glad to be back at work! Vacation was wearing me out!

*sets out tray of donuts*

On second thought, I haven't eaten since noon or so yesterday.

*consumes donuts with gusto*

Happy Anniversary, Leetie. And many more happy years to come. *smooch*

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