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November 29, 2004


It is completely out of control.

(Thanks to Alberto Mengoni)


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I just totally ****ed up an online test. I hit "submit" instead of "save." It looks like the test accepted about half of my answers.


neo call the teacher or email him

neo call the teacher or email him

neo call the teacher or email him

neo, what Mad and boom boom said

Damn that PypeTard!

Call him/her, neo.

I was so busy tring to fill 3 WR slots that I didn't even look at my kickers.

I read: "...didn't even look at my knickers." Makes the next sentence about filling her roster sound dirty. ;)

Call the teacher Neo!


I had finally gotten the penis song out of my head...and it is back.

For Susan

It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small, small, small, small world

You're welcome. :)

Guy: He's kind of cute.
Girl: No he's not, I do not approve.
Guy: Whatever, I think he's a really interesting person.
Girl: Of course he's interesting. He's addicted to coke and he's a gay porn star and we know all of this about him and we've only known him for 5 minutes.

--no idea bar 20th St & 5th Ave

duelling alma maters

(b.s, f.i.u., 1978, ph.d, u. of miami, 1983)

oh, ...and neo, call the prof., it's not likely you're the first person this has happened to, and if it is the first time this has happened, make them name the mistake after you!

*sticks fingers in ears*

La la la la lalalala la la la...

Of course, El, that one is slightly more permissable to sing in public...

He's addicted to coke and he's a gay porn star ...

but what he really wants to do is direct!

OK, I'm so excited about getting my wine table assembled (pictures on my blog), and of course excited about The Cardinals that I've decided to combine both excitements and I've invited friends over to watch the game tomorrow night.

One problem. Now I've got to figure out what to serve.

ANYway, something I just learned today: One big reason Scott Spiezio was so thrilled about being a Cardinal was because his Dad, Ed Spiezio played for the Cardinals for 5 years, starting in 1964; and made appearances with the Cards in the 1967 and 1968 World Series. The 1968 World Series, was of course, against the Detroit Tigers. Hopefully, Spiezio Junior will go up against the Tigers this year in the Series.

With different outcome, of course.

that was a nasty brawl insomniac. I thought UM had finally gotten past the dirty boy image, but I guess they want that image back. It isn't like it was a close game what were they thinkin?

Florida International sounds more like an airport than a university.

sly, you are right more than you know...from the FIU website Perry recruited the three co-founders - Butler Waugh, Donald McDowell and Nick Sileo - who came to abandoned Tamiami Airport in the summer of 1969 and launched the monumental task of creating a new university... I distinctly remember some of their classes being held in old airplane hangars... of course when I went there, there wasn't a football team...or a freshman or sophomore class!

Sly, 1968 was a favorite World Series for me. Sorry about that. But what a comeback! Down 3-1 they beat the great Gibson in game 7.

I loved that Tigers team. Al Kaline was a favorite and fat Mickey Lolich won three games.

Mets aren't done yet, you know.

*zips in*


From my local newspaper today:
The Food Pyramid of Death.

Most disturbing item for MOATies: the turkey sammich!!

Oh no, now what do we do???

OMG... I don't think I can live without my #33 on wheat toast. I think I'll brave the listeria monocytogenes. After all, it sounds like listerine, so it may leave me with fresh breath!

OINY? Why?
Posted by: Marie in Kourou | 04:43 PM on October 15, 2006

Because it's such an important part of your life. It would be a secret message! It would be... AN HOMAGE!

Bangi don't do it a cheater is a cheater. I really don't believe they can change. Sorry. I think you can do better.

Kaf have you ever tried geoduck. I have had it for sashimi and deep fried. If you were lost in the wild and found on eyou would never try it but it is reallygood. I don't think it is too different than abalone.

*waves hi to kingw*

Nice to see you here - how's the BDE? :)

It's a bad sports day in St. Louis but a good one for New York.

*wonders why some people don't answer their e-mail*

Well, I have finally succumbed to watching a reality show.:( I was going to get a movie last night from Entertainment On Demand, but it was broken, or so the sign that came up said.

So this is really the fault of Cox Cable.
The show: Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (DCC): Making The Team.

I tell you, it was really something. They narrow down the field from about 500 to 50 and then put them through a boot camp. With a drill sargent (sp?). Dressed as one, too. Think Louis Gosset in Officer and a Gentleman, seriously. He measures their body fat, told them all they were too heavy - these are the finalists! - and said to one, I don't think we have a DCC uniform in your size!!!! She cried.

They have to cut more before the first game.

I think they were having some kind of DCC marathon because I saw about 3 episodes, but it's not on again - a new one - until next Friday.

OH, and the ones who were DCCs last year have to go through the whole tryout thingy again - brutal! (But fun to watch.)

Jeff, CLOSE football game; Rams lost in the final seconds. It was a good game.

And the top of the 6th sucked; but two HR for us in the bottom. Sadly, single runs both of them. We'll see.

And, the Blues didn't lose today.

OK OK, so they didn't play either. Here lately, that's how they don't lose.

*places order for turkey sandwich, spinach, and carrot juice to be delivered to Beltran in the Mets' dugout*

Bon Appetit!!

(check out El's link if you are wondering why I'm doing that.)

am i the only one to find it somewhat ironic that El's choice for her very first reality show was the cheerleader one?

I think the concept of a cheerleader reality show is ironic in and of itself; if not an oxymoron.


Well, the Tigers certainly are getting a nice long rest.

Doesn't Alanis Morrissette have a song about "Isn't it Ironic?"

Speaking of Alanic Morrisette, I double dog dare anyone to go over to the main blog and ask CJRun how he REALLY feels about her.

Sheesh, sly!

I just went to the MB to read about the Gizmo thingy and saw CJRun's epic post re Alanis Morrisette, and several other really long posts about some stuff he was very serious about!!

Do you think he likes her?

*zips out*


Blogchik, Mutant Hairs WBAGNFARB. My eyebrows tend to sprout hairs like that.

Yes they would! I have one on the corner of my upper lip. It's annoying. It's transparent--I only notice it when it gets all mutanty long. The other one is on my chest. I don't worry about that one so much. /TMI

I had a nice talk with IG tonight! (IG seems to be the blog consensus for the abbreviation.) I could talk to this guy for hours and hours...I really like this guy! We talked about meeting up on Saturday. The general outlines of the day are set, I think. We're sort of negotiating it as we go along.

I have butterflies in my stomach! I love it! I haven't had butterflies in, I have no idea how long. I'm in suspense! If my life were a novel I'd already have skipped to page 300 to see where this went. Cause I do that.

Blogchik.. try reading three books at once.. it balances the tension nicely.

Marie.. if your mother had had bad morning sickness, you would have heard about it. You would still be hearing about it 32 years later. Even though you're only 23.

Tomorrow (17th) is Jon's birthday. He'll be 20. I asked him (tomorrow is his scheduled day off work, anyway) if he was going out to celebrate his last night of being a teenager. He said "Yeah.. the big 2-0 tomorrow" I said "Now you have to be a responsible adult. Boy, that sucks." He said "Yeah.. I hassle one of my mates because he's 21. I call him Grandad. I think it's quite funny. He doesn't."
Grandad.. at 21. Sheesh kids are starting early thesee days.

Laynie.. I'll make the turkey sammiches. The turkey here is just fine (I had some for dinner the other night) and I'll express post them over.

Just a lil ol' FYI, the links for past MOATs on the ReMOAT stop after LVI. I think this should be MOAT LX or so.

This is my one post for the month of October. Adieu.

ooh.. did you find the link for this one on the main page?

Marie.. if your mother had had bad morning sickness, you would have heard about it. You would still be hearing about it 32 years later. Even though you're only 23.

Kaf, that is so true. If the subject ever comes up I still hear how long my mother was in labor and that was about 100 years ago or so.

Good Monday Morning!!!

I'm going to need my snorkle, mask and fins to get to work today. There's a real good chance tonight's NLCS game will be a swim meet.

*does half-gainer into Moat, swims to onramp and on to work*

Well, then... My mother must have had the shortest, least painful labor in the world, because she's never breathed a word about my birth or my sister's.

*waves at the Beach Eyeball Guy*

Be back soon... I'm not fully awake, so I think a shower is in order.

Wasn't Beltran one of the coneheads?

Sly, it was a good game (The Rams); I just meant the result wasn't good for St. Louisans. (That doesn't look right.)

Weather is gorgeous here. They don't expect your rain to arrive until tomorrow afternoon. Wednesday should be the rainiest day, so even if they do get the game in tonight, game 6 could be a problem.

I've always wondered who is better off, the team with a week off to rest (and possibly lose their momentum) or the team fighting to the last minute to get into the World Series.

In 2003 the Yankees clearly used up every ounce of emotion to fight off the Dead Sox in 7 games and had little left for the Series. Game 1 was a gimme for Florida as they'd had to use Mussina in relief in game 7.

But sometimes the fighting team rides in on sheer emotion that carries them straight through, like the Sox over the Cards two years ago.

To me it's been Delgado who has been the killer so far, as he did to the Yankees so often when he was in Toronto.

Leetie: *snork* at Conehead line.

Spectacular new orchids found in the Papuan rainforest. Wow.

My friend George lives halfway between Buff@lo & Ni@gara Falls. I just got this:

My greatest fear came to pass: we had a catastrophic power failure Thursday night, my sump filled with water, overflowed despite Diane and I bailing for hours, and things rapidly got worse. 400,000 people were without power from the storm. The phones went out. Cable, too, which means no Internet with my laptop. The news radio station said that power might not be restored for a week!

Diane, her Mom, and I decided finally to abandon ship on Friday night. My idea was to head to the Seneca Ni@gara C@sino because they have a huge new hotel. But everyone else must have had the same idea because when we got there all the rooms were taken. We cruised the hotel/motel corridor in Ni@gara Falls and all we found was NO VACANCY. So we went back to our dead home and slept in 50 degree temperatures. I was close to despair.

But everything turned around on Saturday. My brother showed up at my door in the morning and we borrowed a portable generator from a friend. We were able to pump out my basement (6 inches of water). Then, miraculously, the power was restored.

Today, Diane and I removed the soggy carpeting Patrick had brought into the basement last summer. And, cable and the Internet just came back on. So, still no phones (other than Diane's cell phone). Now I know how a Katrina victim feels.

Now I know how a Katrina victim feels.

I don't know about that.

he shoulda headed east. we had sunny skies and no snow. some interesting lightning tho.


MiK, those are gorgeous photos! I bought a couple of orchid plants years ago and my cat annoyed them till they died.

Just can't have anything nice when there's a cat around.

It's been freakin' cold here since Thursday. I am so ready for summer.

*zips in*

I'll be blurking today with wolfie if anyone needs me, but why would they.:(


pssst, El's "blurking" with Wolfie!

wolfie always needs el

'*blurks*' with el

I mean to say, maybe he has a slightly better perspective on what it is like, but to compare his 3-day inconvenience to what the Katrina victims have been through?

Glad you liked the orchid photos, Rita. I think my favorite is the star-shaped one, or the delicate bunches of orchids in, I think, the 6th photo.

The cat is resting in the bathroom sink. I can't take a picture, though, because I think Giant Frog took our camera to work.

Another friend is nearer to wolfie and he said he had almost no problem.

Yeah, I thought that Katrina line was over the top too, Trillian, even though I'm sure it was quite upsetting.

Sounds like the kind of carpet problems Leetie had with her flooding.

Tillian, we went down to S.Fla. 2 days after Andrew. You cannot compare the heat and humidity after a hurricane to a simple winter storm. We were without power in the "blizzard of '93" for 3 days - it was a walk in the park compared to post Andrew Fla.

Giant Frog just e-mailed me. Apparently he doesn't feel well and suspects it's because he ate too much pecan pie yesterday night.

Ah gee, ya think?

This is odd.
A man on his morning walk is cleaning up the street in front of my house. When the "green" trash people came by, there was a lot of yard stuff that was bundled as per trash regulations and I guess when the trash guy picked it up some fell out and this guy is picking it up. And now my neighbor across the street (the one who looks in my mailbox if her mail isn't there at the time she thinks it should be) is talking to him while he works.
Maybe I should go outside with coffee and donuts?


El always needs wolfie too. :)

For me this MOAT is LV.

*channels kibby*

in munich and unable to get to internet but maybe tomorrow. now is time for weisbier! and they are having beautiful weather to boot.

*climbs outta kibby skin*
*hopes he doesnt notice what she did to it whilst she was there*

ps ~ my duckie died.


Re: El's comments way up ↑ ↑, my daughter tried out for the Redskinnettes (they're the only big team around here; none of us are sports fans) about 10 or 12 years ago and made it to the cut that left 30 or so. The woman she carpooled with didn't make it, and Jennifer for some reason (maybe she got a life) didn't go back. She probably would have made the squad.

Or something like that.

*loves wolfie a nice, soft, fluffy yellow duckie*

Oh Kibby! You're so lucky! I absolutely love Munich and cannot wait to go back there!

Ever have one of those moments where you share something with a group of acquaintences, and then realize you shouldn't have? Well, seems some people lack that ability to realize they shouldn't have.

RIP wolfie's ducky.

(((El and wolfie and everyone else who needs a hug)))

Water in the basement is no picnic. I would compare it to... somebody else with water in the basement.

{{{for El too}}}

*unblurks to receive hugs*


I have decided to name my lawn gnome Mr. Wrinklybottom.

Is he turned around with his pants pulled down, mooning the neighborhood, wolfie. Cause that would be cool.

*peers around*

This may be a very very long week.

Blogchik, yay for butterflies!

Sometimes I wish my life was a novel too...There are things that I'd like to get an idea on of how they turn out...

One right now...but...I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

El- I think the DCC bootcamp guy was one of the participants in the Wife swap show awhile back. Yes I watch too much TV.

An actor, Mad? This isn't what really happens in Dallas?? I thought it was called a "reality" show. If you can't believe what you see on TV, what hope is there??
Devastated in su.so.ca.

Wolfie.. can you put a new battery or light in the duckie? Or do you have duckie á l'orange for dinner and buy a new one now? Just curious.

If the subject ever comes up I still hear how long my mother was in labor and that was about 100 years ago or so.
Jeff.. 23 hours.. or so I've heard. I think she's just bitter because both times her sister was pregnant, she barely made it to the hospital on time. That's kinda what I want.. less than a one hour labour sounds excellent.

Dear Devastated,
Reality shows are some of the most unreal television out there.. Have a Kleenex and some Oreos (double-stuffed). The transfatty goodness may kill you, but it's definitely goodness.
Aunty Kaf

Have you ever had a burning desire to just walk up to some totally hot stranger and lick them?
They make wierd noises when you do.

*digs up her duckies behind (but not a fed duckies behind) to find a battery*

Hey! Jeff got posted again! wOOt!

*hears the sound of blogfeet running to MB*

Are you kidding me? Reality shows are staged? Come on. Maybe they are in New Zeelund, but here in the States? No way. I can't believe it.

I'm stunned too, Lab.

Isn't everything on TV real anyway? My gosh, next you'll have me thinking movies aren't all documentaries...

Oh, and...


Higgy.. of course it is, honey. I was just messing with ya.

NZ Idol finals are next week. Hallelujah! Not that I'm watching. I usually catch the end of the elimination show on Monday because it runs over time and I'm waiting for ER to start. ER is not what it used to be, yet I still watch.

Kaf, that's funny, my mother says 23 hours too. I guess that's the "mother's labor time" of choice.

Apparently when my father was born his mother had one of the quickie deliveries you were talking about. She was rushed to the nearest hospital to where they were at the time - St. Joseph's - which is how my father got his name.

Jackie was watching "the crying show" (Extreme Makeover) last week (not yesterday) and crying as usual. The family's house was destroyed by a tornado and the woman had her back broken in protecting her kids. She's in a wheelchair now, the house was gone, and they gave them a huge new one. (Dad is a firefighter, by the way.) This one has a "safe room" in case another big one hits.

ER is better so far this year. And it is on Thursday night at 10:00 here.

El- well his family participated in the wife swap and I remember him being a drill instructor for some NFL cheerleaders and I think it was DCC. I wouldnt say that makes him an actor just a guy who likes to supplement his income with reality TV shows.

Windows geeks can you please email me regarding how to set administrative privleges in XP. Thanks

It's early in the season here, Jeff.. and I'm not quite sure I'm liking some of the new characters. Interesting stuff is beginning to happen though, so I won't give up on it yet. 8:30pm Mondays here(give or take.. I've seen Idol run over by 10 minutes or so). Fortunately, that should be fixed by next week.

{{{{{Bangi}}}}}} Sometimes they change, sometimes they don't. One problem is, you guys are long distance; it's too easy for him to get away with it again.


Instead of watching ER, I just go hang out in the ER waiting room. I like to moan a lot. It's fun.


Whew! Thank you so much Mad. So, since you kind of know him you should really watch this show - it's great. Friday night.
OH, Mad, guess what's finally coming back - Las Vegas!!!
On Friday night. Let me know if you run into James Caan while you're there. :)

El - I don't have cable so I don't think I would be able to watch the DCC. I probably won't watch Vegas on Friday since we will be in Vegas hopefully consuming many moataritas by that time of night.

Teacher #1: I think I should just become a hooker.
Teacher #2: Yeah, but think of all the washing you would have to do.

New Zealand


Hey, look who thinks he's divine!

he thinks he's Divine?

Mad, go into control panel>user accounts>(select user name)>properties

BB-but this has to do with our network some how. The IT person finally agreed to help me and hopefully will be here soon. Our IT doesn't want to support it because it is a Vendor computer (attached to a piece of equipment) adn the vendor says it is a network issue so they refuse to deal with it. I was just grasping at straws hoping someone would be able to help me fix things. Thanks for your suggestion. If he doesn't show up soon I will try this but I think I would then have to set up everyone in the lab as a user on the machine and that would be painful.

As it stands now if we login using our network ID we cannot open the sotware that runs the machine. So we can run the machine and not be on the network or be on the network and not run the machine but not both.

Mad, It sounds like maybe the software you're using might modify some windows system files on the workstations and therefore unless you have admin privileges on the work station it won't let you run it. (I'm assuming you're running XP Pro.) Or it could be something totally different. Your IT guy will probably be able to figure it out pretty easily.

BB-yes xp pro and yes if we login as admin to the local computer all is well. The IT guy still has not come and I missed lunch and have samples waiting. I'm getting grumpier by the second.

Where is everyone? Why is the moat so quiet today.


I'm in mourning because of the Yankees and FF. It's so bad that I'm listening to an old CD of Donna Summer....


*peeks in before leaving work*

I'm just in a bit of a mood...nothing new for a Monday. It shall pass...

The playlist...since I forgot earlier...

Monday 10-16-06 All Request Lunch Hour
“Commotion” Creedence Clearwater Revival
“Footloose” Kenny Loggins
“Say You Love Me” Fleetwood Mac
“Wasted Days and Wasted Nights” Freddy Fender---Jeff
“Peace Train” Cat Stevens
“I Ran” A Flock of Seagulls
“Only Wanna Be With You” Hootie and the Blowfish
“Mockingbird” Carly Simon and James Taylor---Eleanor
“I’ve Had The Time Of My Life” Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
“Rosalita” Bruce Springsteen
“Can’t Fight This Feeling” REO Speedwagon
“Love The One You’re With” Stephen Stills


I'm in mourning because of the Yankees and something else that I can't remember. It's so bad that I'm listening to an old 8-track of Edgar Winter....


Mad, if you login locally as admin, change your network user account to admin, then logout and login to your network, will it work?

Or you could just let your IT guy handle it.

*unblurks with MOAT news*

Channeling Mr. Fisher:
Tell the MOATies I miss everyone much, very much , like a flaming hemorrhoid ……………. Hell, maybe I just to change the water in my fish tank. Anyhoo, Feel free to have someone use my name in a booger joke or some such. I would be honored.

*decides to stay unblurked because going back and forth is just too much work*

*kicks a puppy or a kitten or some other poor defenseless furry creature*

Ouch! Hey what was that for?

*smooches*BB Thanks for all your help and support. I just went into admin and gave EVERYONE permission. Yes I am throwing caution to the wind, but I don't feel like entering 30 individuals. Anyway the IT guy is here doing the backup and restore!! Yipee! I'm sure it is the highlight of his day watching files copy over for hours on end.

Still didn't eat any lunch :-( oh well.

El- what happened in FF? There is still Monday nights game. And don't be bummed about the Yankees. They will be back in the post season next year and maybe the Tigers won't be.

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