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October 05, 2004


Well, it's all installed, and so far everything seems to b


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HA! You should have heeded the warnings. Wish I had.

This will allow me to post first now on all your blog comments.. Muahahahahha!

Don't be nervous about SP2 download. Be nervous about the fact that before you downloaded it, North Korea might have already detected that you are on line, don't have a firewall, and look capitalist enough to infect with hijacking software.

I won't write a book here about how I know about this, but I suspect I know why the DHS cyber security dude resigned so suddenly.

"Would you like to restart your computer?"

WOULD I?! Heck yes! I'd hate to have to continue what I was doing without interruption!

does the any key work?

You don't have permission to access /cgi-bin/mt/mt-comments.cgi on this server.
Apache/1.3.29 Server at weblog.herald.com Port 80


The only computer in my house that gets viruses is my teenaged son's, because he downloads from Kazaa night and day. His computer is always coming down with weird little bugs that I, naturally, have to get rid of. Neither McAfee, Spybot, or Adaware catches them all.

My spybot attempted to prevent the installation of parts of SP2.

That was fun.

I HATE the XP Service Pack 2. It totally messed up my computer. Things weren't right again until we uninstalled the thing.

My advice is to get rid of that crap as soon as you can. Nothing good can come of it.

HEY! What's wrong with the Bangles? That lead singer was danged cute! Walk Like An Egyptian! (I actually heard that song today at lunch!)

Oh Elle, I LOVE it when you type dirty...

Microsoft SP-2 Uninstall Memorandum

Dear User,

So, you've decided SP-2 isn't for you? We're very sorry to hear this, but we here at Microsoft know that not everyone enjoys secure computing in a safe environment. Perhaps you've lost access to your porn, or can no longer steal from the music industry? Maybe you don't like that none of your applications work, and that your personal information has been posted at www.makemeyourbeyatch.com Whatever your reasons, far be it from Microsoft to prevent you, the customer, from exercising your rights.

Say, speaking of rights, do you remember when you clicked the "I Agree" button? You probably don't remember, because it was way back when you turned your computer on for the very first time. And we've been having you click it ever since. Just like a rat waiting for a cheese pellet, you click it. We just wanted to say "Thanks."

Thanks, because if you uninstall SP-2 we can legally eat your dog at your kitchen table while you refill our glass of wine AND clean up afterwards. Thanks, because, it will actually be OUR dog, OUR table, OUR house, OUR kids, and OUR you, for that matter.

Don't be alarmed, and don't kick yourself for uninstalling. Fact is, all those things are true either way. Just like seeing you realize it.

Your Friend, and the Owner of Your Soul,

Lucifer Mephistopheles
North American OverLord
Microsoft, Inc.

elle, you've got to stop taunting the geeks. It's just plain cruel and it leads to things... well, let's just say that acne and drolling are involved.

Elle: I would love to, but my mom, er . . . the Apache Port 80, won't let me come over and play.

elle Have your laugh at us tech guys. We hate when the cute ones ask for help, then when we get there decide to go to lunch. You may have noticed a certain eagerness for us to come to your desk to fix a problem that you could have fixed with a little instruction. So anyway be warned that when you leave we are forced to go through your desk, wouldn't have to if you stayed.
Just saying

drooling. Damnit, I meant to type *drooling*!!! I'm not certain what drolling is but I think it involves snooty old-money types from the Hamptons.

Told ya!

Don't worry Dave,
I installed the XP Service Pack 2 and everything is work@#4 &*443 just fine and *}['#% stupid comp#$%';/.,/
System Error 404

the computer guys at work told us to not install it when the notification came up, and that's enough for me. not at home, not at work. gonna wait till its safe.....microsoft . . the true terrorists.

Every day when I see "Windows is starting up ..." I think, that can't be right . . .

Thanks Shadie. When can we come over?

You guys need to do what I did...

Marry a computer engineer...

That way when something goes wrong, you can just say, "Well, honey, you always said I was too stupid to touch the computer. It must have been something you did."

SHADEBOY- GREAT JOB!! And I was so proud of myself for refinishing a dresser!

No good can come of this... sorta like a Bangles Reunion Tour.

I resemble that remark! We still rock! AND we sold out the House of Blues every night! So there!

And I'm pretty, so you all have to like me!

ummmm...i hate to tell you this, but i was @ a certain major geekfest in august where a microsoft bigwig representative type had his powerpoint freeze up (can you say sweet!), muttered some darning words, and said (and i quote) "whatever you do, don't install [XP]service pack 2 yet. my computer hasn't worked right since i did."

.....maybe it's better now? i wouldn't know since we're still on w2k

That's why you get a Mac :) No one bothers to make viruses for macs, so they never get infected. And they won't freeze on you either! Hooray Apple :) (PS, my PC runs on XP... I feel your pain)

MKJ-Anytime. We're ready whenever you are.

Peter - Thanks. I'm quite proud of it myself, to be honest. Turned out better than I'd hoped.

Good one, Tina.

And queensbee gave the only slogan for this campaign year that is true no matter what your political affiliation:

"microsoft . . the true terrorists."

I installed it and then it kept me from getting on the internet. Even with Windows Firewall off.
I uninstalled it, naturally.

ps: It's "microcrap," not microsoft.

"Operating system throttling does not work"

Man, I'm glad my service pack fixed that. No more throttling for MY Operating System.


When I clicked on the update... it wanted 9 hours to download. Requested the CD that was supposed to take 4-6 weeks and it only took a week.

I'm planning on installing the update when I'm at church in the hopes that hallowed ground will offset other potential events.

The computer on my desk is the latest and greatest Pentium with the newest Windows (and everything else) automatically updated every night by those talented young men in the IS department. It crashes at least twice a day.

When I travel (and when I post on the blog) I use a beat up old laptop running Windows 95 and a dial up connection. It hasn't crashed in seven years and I don't let the IS guys anywhere near it.

And nice work Schade.

This is certainly not a place to be arguing this, but I can tell it's dwindling to that point, anyway. But I dare anyone here to give me an operating system that works perfectly. Linux has it's problems and can be just as frustrating for people as Windows. I know. I've tried many linux distros and have yet to find one that works perfectly the way I want it to.

All modern operating systems are complex pieces of software, and there's no way that they can be made perfect.

As much as you may or may not agree, Microsoft has actually done a lot of good for the computing industry. First and foremost, they've made it possible for a computer to be as common in a home as a television, telephone, or automobile. Second, they've made it possible for the IT industry to exist in the way it does today. Microsoft may not be the true innovator of technology, but they've made it accessible to the masses. Since when can Linux say that?

Most computer users look at their computers in much the same way they look at their cars. All they care about is the they turn it on and it goes. Most people don't know much about what's under the hood. But they do know how to drive, and that's all they care about. Just as car enthusiasts are the only ones who care about what's under the hood, computer geeks (at whatever level) tend to be the only ones who care what's making their computers work.

That's my soapbox...

I never let IT people near any machine I use. If it takes me 2 days to fix something, so it takes 2 days. Last time an IS person touched my laptop, it took several days and some cursing and advil to get it working again.

Sign for IT department door: "If it ain't broke, break it"

Thank you, Slowlayne.

I never let IT people near any machine I use. If it takes me 2 days to fix something, so it takes 2 days. Last time an IT person touched my laptop, it took several days and some cursing and advil to get it working again.

Sign for IT department door: "If it ain't broke, break it"


New Microsoft Ad campaign:

"Don't sue me because I'm beautiful"

[makes popcorn to watch the upcoming operating system brawl. Imagines WWF announcer narration. Wonders what would happen if the VP debate *yawn* was replaced with a MS vs. MAC cage-match]

All you silly youngster "IT" guys babbling on about your configuration problems. When I was a boy, we didn't have configurations. Or programs. We physically wrestled our 4-ton computers into submission using large sticks. The first program I wrote in was before binary. You and your fancy 1s and 0s. I once wrote an entire database program using nothing but zeros because there was a depression going on dag nabbit and we carried our laptops 10 miles to and from school in the snow, uphill both ways and furthermore *smack*
Ah, got carried away again.

Duck, one of the rods in my abacus broke about a year ago. I've been posting on this blog using nothing but punch cards ever since.

I tell you, getting a 403 Forbidden after carving out all those little holes with a nail clipper of mass destruction is a real bear.


I'm posting all this using an Etch-O-Sketch, and I've got Parkinson's!

PETER, that sort of buggery is illegal here in south carolina

FedDuck, work w/ many a geek who will argue for VMS til your ears fall off. me, i'm working on a sub-bit computing project (you don't need a whole 0 to see that it's round) that originated when our vp shaved down his 1's for carrying to everest's peak

I was wondering why your typing looked so messy, cbol.

That explains it.

Okay, so NOW Dave Barry is not just a liar but also a Person Who Abbreviates The Word "Be." Wonderful.


My iBook G4 has never crashed on me, and I've yet to see the frowny Mac face (except on old skool early version Macs). I've run as many as 10 programs at once... And my band and I do all our recording, mixing and mastering through the Mac. I'm no computer whiz though. Like I said, I do both OSes. Right now I'm on my PC, but my paper is waiting for me to finish writing it on my laptop. I just know my Mac has given me a MUCH easier time than this PC. As for software, the only thing I've heard people complain about Mac not having enough of is games (perhaps where your tcp/ip setup went awry?) but I'm no gamer except for random productivity boosts here and there. Anyway, yay for apple still :) My PC's done me well, but Apple seems to do me better. That doesn't sound wrong, does it?

Oh, C-bol has Parkinsons...I thought it was Tourette.

Is Parkinsons' contagious? When I read C-Bol, sometimes I shake. Should I see a doctor?

You're right, Deon, I have that pissfartsh*&fu*& kind of Parkinson's.

And it's catching.

I guess I've just been lucky then. Yeah, I had to buy my ibook for the education program I'm in - I'm en route to becoming a secondary social studies teacher. It seems like the schools I've taught at recently have started integrating both Macs and PCs (Dells - I'm in Austin TX so Dell's are donated left and right). Again, I'm not one of those religious Mac user types... just haven't had any problems with my iBook meanwhile my desktop (XP operated) has been quite quirky (to put it lightly). :)

Oh My God.....I thought I was the only one...Service Pack 2 has completely screwed my computer, my local "wizard" has been here three nights in a row so my kids can get on the internet to do "homework". I'm going with you and uninstalling asap!

Somebody is high, I'll avouch that.

There's got to be some evil nerd somewhere in the universe capable of taking Bill Gates out with a new Windows application. If you are out there give us a sign!

There's got to be some evil nerd somewhere in the universe capable of taking Bill Gates out with a new Windows application. If you are out there give us a sign!

Need help uninstalling service pack 2. I have tried everything Microsoft has suggested however non of it works. SP hidden uninstaller in windows only uninstalls Service Pack 1 which i'm sure is important. Add and remove just doesn't work AT ALL. My computer will not boot into normal mode and can only go into safe mode which is obviously highly annoying. I really want to completly uninstall it so my system works but i don't want to uninstall something important and ruin my computer. please help.

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