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October 11, 2004


Even if you're a priest.

(Thanks to Peter Gregory)


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I picture their robes getting all tangled up during the brawl and their bare bottoms sticking out... am I going to hell?

can I be first?


Nice example, fellas. Organized religion, you gotta love it.

Probably, Leetie, especially after those Red Headed Sluts.


mee, you can be first next time, as long as you post a comment that does not concern being first.

Priest No.1: "Did you open that door?"

Priest No. 2: "Soitenly!"

Priest No. 3: "Oh, a wise guy!"

Priest No. 1: "Why I oughtta..." (Pokes Priest No. 2 in the eye)

Priest No. 2: "Ow ow ow ow!" "Ruff!"

etc. and so forth

o/~ When you're a Priest, you're a Priest all the way
You can hear a confession and make people pray...o/~

Ah, those men of peace ...

History buffs take note: a similar feud between the Jerusalem clergy is what started the Crimean War back in the 1840s. France came to protect the rights of the Catholic priests and Russia came to protect the rights of the Orthodox priests.

Seems one group of priests wouldn't share the key to one of the shrines with the other group.

Talk about not being able to play in the same sandbox!

Anyone else remember the MP sketch: The Vicar!

When you're a priest
you're a priest all the way,
From you're first alter boy
to the last mass you say. . .

I think Leetie is assuming that the priest(s) in question are Scottish and, therefore, like their countrymen, opt for letting their boys dangle free whether it be under a kilt or a priestly garment. Am I right, McWeasel?

Sorry, I can't think of a fitting joke about haggis just now. A little help.

That's ok, haggis is one of those words (like "weasel") that are just funny if you say it.

*shaking his head*

God: Jesus...

(Warning - serious comment ahead. Sorry, I won't do it again)

As someone who lives in Jerusalem (a.k.a 'The only city in the world that has its own mental syndrom'), that church is a mad mad place. It's divided between pretty much all the different sects of Christianity, and they're always fighting about which bits exactly belong to whom. There's a ladder on a little balcony on the front that has been there for years because they couldn't agree whose balcony this is, and therefore whose responsibility it was to take it away.

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

If you can't expect any better from priests, how can there be any hope that my kids will learn to share and get along?


"Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends..."

Oh, any word on who won the fight? I'd love to see the "my priest gave your priest the smackdown last night" remarks afterward.

Club-wielding Israeli riot police broke up the fight

/Oy vey

I can only say that this is definitely not what Jesus preached. You know, He didn't give a hoot about which religion someone was when He was around. He was here for everyone, and His message was meant for everyone. He preached peace, love, and good will among men.

This doesn't exactly show that these major Christian churches are getting the picture.

Ooh, I missed the bit about the riot police... they've got horses, you know?

And I'm sure dear old Yeshu'a, who is famous for throwing benches around not far away from where the brawl has taken place, would have loved to join in. And being the son of a carpenter I bet he could throw a good punch too.


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