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October 11, 2004


Never mind. They already can.

(Thanks to Karl Mazurak)


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Damn filthy APES!!!

Bear declares voting fraud monkey business

Hey guys, if you want a few laughs, go to


ROCK paper scissors the VOTE!

Several suave systems supers support simian sabotage supposing stupid selection system selection.

Not only can they vote...they apparently can get elected.

*ha igwanna!*

Theveral thauve thythtemth thuperth thupport thimian thabotage thuppothing thtupid thelection thythem thelection.

Everyone already knew Bonzo was a republican.

"Bear noted that elections are not just the machines, but also the people who work the elections." ...Does this mean the people who run the elections are machines?

i'm sure the chimp could easily figure out the butterfly ballot too.

and we can always hire apes to count chads, if necessary.

Working with Diebold systems on a daily basis, I can say without the slightest bit of reservation that a monkey cannot hack one of their machines.

A retarded squirrel can do it quite nicely.

And here's more sunny news: Did you know most ATM machines are controlled by Diebold software and systems??

Computer security is an oxymoron....

The Hacking Baxters wbagnfarb. Also:
The Voting Chimps and Diebold Simian Control.

Thank you, Matt.

"Toots the Dead Dog" also wbagnfarb

Fed.. I was thinking Baxter and the Monkey Hackers, but you're right too...

Now... before I closed the link, I could swear I saw a link on the page that said "Bush and Dick unusually good" but when I went back to find it, there was nothing like that.. so do I have a dirty mind or are they playing with my head? or both?

Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle.

Kat: both.

Dave, Dave, Dave, don't you see? This means you've got the election in the bag. The monkey hackers are your biggest fans, as this blog so
aptly demonstrates.

Don't worry, guys. I've already assembled a "hack team" of fellow monkeys to put Dave Barry on top in the Diebold states. Now you have to do your part and win the written ballots for us.

LOL, Megan. I was wondering when someone would say that.

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